Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat written update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th May 2016 Written Update

Dharma prays for Ashoka’s safety. He went to take part in the wrestling competition. He has gone to get a mother justice for her son’s death. Even a patient guy loses his patience in such a situation. Hope Chand does not do so. Vit says I have lost my patience. She looks at him in surprise. What happened to you? He straight away asks her who Bindusar is. She is stunned by his question.

Ashoka wears his necklace. All the participants are busy practising. Ashoka takes out his mother’s cloth. I got lost in a tunnel in these 10 years. I could only hear my mother and Guru’s pain. I have waited for this moment all along. I have waited to begin the end of the enemies of my mother and motherland. That day is here! He ties is around his waist. Till now mother’s swear had stopped me but Sushim will have to die now. Whoever tries to come in between will also have to die! People mock Ashoka for challenging Mallu. They panic as soon as they Sushim. Ashoka hears them talking about Sushim in fear. He looks at Sushim as well. His angrily breaks the pots of water. A guy tells him to show his aggression in the competition. If I see this behaviour again then you will be dismissed from the competition. He goes. Another guy tells everyone to get ready. It is time.

Sushim hugs Bindu. The next fight is between Mallu and Chakravartin Chand. Bindu hears it. Sushim says I am surprised to see you here today. My fight isn’t due today. I have made all arrangements for your rest. Please come. Bindu says I don’t need to rest. I feel like I should see this competition. I don’t know why I feel so restless. He heads towards the wresting area. Sushim remarks he has no time to see such losers.

Acharya pats at Ashoka’s back. Ashoka wonders how he comes whenever he goes to do something good. Acharya says I am your well-wisher. I have come to advise you as I care about you. You have to win this fight if you really want to fight with Sushim. But remember that your opponent is too strong. Do anything but don’t get caught by him. Try to make him fall down on the ground. Only then will you be able to defeat him. The door is opened. Ashoka goes in.

Mahamatya announces Chakravartin Chand’s name. Ashoka comes there. Mahamatya talks about Bhupal dying by Sushim’s hands. We will have to see now if the second participant from Rajgir meets the same fate or not. Ashoka touches the dirt on his head. Jai Janani! Acharya smiles. Mahamatya introduces Mallu next. Ashoka looks at Mallu. Mahamatya shares that there is only one rule of this competition that there is no rule. You don’t have to stop yourself from doing anything. One is free to go to any extent to win. You only have two choices after entering in this competition. You must either kill your opponent or surrender. If the competition starts and a participant wishes to surrender then the decision will be taken by his opponent. Only the best should succeed!

The competition starts. Acharya is also there. Ashoka fails in hitting and hurting Mallu but is quick to jump around and save himself. Someone asks his name. Acharya says he is Chakravarti Chand. People cheer for Chand. Mallu has an upper hand. Acharya thinks he told Chand but still! Mallu beats Ashoka badly. Mahamatya is enjoying it all. Ashoka falls down on the ground. People begin to cheer for Mallu now. Mahamatya announces that Mallu will be declared the winner if Chand does not get up till the count of 10. It will be up to Mallu then. He can do whatever he wishes to do with Chand then. He can kill him or spare his life! Mahamatya begins to count. Bindu enters at the count of 6 along with his soldiers. Ashoka notices him coming. Everyone gets busy in greeting Bindu. Ashoka recalls how his father punished him wrongly and then banished him from Magadh thereby breaking all ties with him. Bindu sits on the throne. Mahamatya has reached the count of 9. Ashoka gets up at once surprising everyone.

Mahamatya says seems like Chakravarti Chand has called death upon himself. We will see how long he will last. Mallu tries to hurt Ashoka but he holds his hand. He looks at his father. My Guru’s killers are roaming free and getting respect from you. My mother is running around since 10 years even when she has a home and family. I became Chand from Ashoka! You only are responsible for it Samrat Bindusar! He beats Mallu. Mallu folds his hands before him as he is badly bruised. Ashoka stops his fist there itself. People cheer for Chand. Mahamatya looks shocked. He announced Chand as the winner. Bindu looks happy. Ashoka looks at Bindu with contempt. Mahamatya asks Chand to greet Samrat with a bowed head. Ashoka refuses. This head does not bend. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Bindu asks Ashoka if he does not bend his head before his father. Where is he? Ashoka replies that he is dead. Mahamatya tells Sushim he is here. He calls himself CHakravarti Chand. Ashoka is in the ring. He looks at Sushim angrily.

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