Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th July 2016 Written Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th July 2016 Written Update

Shankuntala couldn’t wait anymore. She decided to bring her love back into her life. She went directly in Raja Dushyant’s court. Shakuntala’s mother and friends bring her to Raja Dushyant’s court. Shakuntala’s mother requests Raja Dushyant to accept his wife but he cannot recall even seeing or meeting her.

Mahamatya comes out from the main hall. Nayak stops him. Don’t you like it? Mahamatya says it is good. I couldn’t hear it from far so I was going to change seats. Nayak offers to get him a seat in the first row. Mahamatya recalls that the blast will kill the people sitting in front rows too. Nayak wonders as to why Mahamatya must be doing this. He is unable to listen to it but he does not wish to sit in the front row. There is some danger there. Is Samrat and Rani Dharma’s life in some kind of danger?

Shakuntala’s friends try to remind Raja Dushyant about his wedding with Shakuntala. Ashoka thinks of his wedding with Kaurvaki in his childhood. He speaks Raja Dushyant’s dialogue. She is beautiful but she is stranger to me. How can I accept her? Shakuntala tries to show him her ring but it isn’t there. Her friend says you might have forgotten it while going to riverside in the morning. Raja Dushyant taunts her on love. Kaurvaki sadly looks at him. Bindu and Dharma look sad.

Acharya RG advises Nayak to stay near the stage till the play continues.

Kaurvaki goes back on stage against the play. Anindini wonders what Padmavati / Kaurvaki is doing. She had to take exit from the stage as per the play. What is she doing? Vit tells them that their role is over. Kaurvaki tells Ashoka she came here to ask for her rights. Ashoka tells her to return. These rights are only boundations. Forget whatever happened. Kaurvaki stays put and so does Ashoka. Enemies are all around me. I will die by their hands but wont let any harm come to you. Everyone looks on in surprise and confusion. Kaurvaki says we were together even when we dint even know what love is and we were unaware of each other. I became your shield and you saved my respect before everyone. We have won fights together. Nayak realises that she is Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki continues talking. Dint you love me back then? Devi is in happy tears. Kaurvaki says it is true that the situation isn’t favourable. We went away from one another but could we really be away from each other? It is true. I wont be able to live without you. I will die here itself if you wont accept me. She shows him the bottle of poison. She is about to drink poison when Ashoka hits at her hand, calling her Kaurvaki. He hugs her emotionally. Everyone is taken aback to know her real identity. Dharma, Vit and Devi are all smiles.

Sushim thinks Kaurvaki played with his feelings intentionally. She wanted to make Ashoka jealous. He leaves from there.

Bindu calls it an impossible alliance. No relation can be made with the enemy state (Kalinga). Dharma speaks in Kaurvaki’s favour. I have seen her, tested her. There can be no other woman better than her for Ashoka. Bindu calls Kaurvaki a liar. She lied to us to be here. Dharma agrees. I too hid my identity to save you. It was important. Life becomes meaningless when you are away from your loved one. Who can understand it better than us? We are their parents. We must understand this. Only Kaurvaki can complete Ashoka. Bindu refuses to buy any of her logics but Dharma has full faith that Kaurvaki will be Ashoka’s shield. Trust me.

Outside, Sushim puts his plan into action.

Nayak is happy that God has finally united Ashoka and Kaurvaki.

Charu, Mahamatya, Siamak and Sushim quietly leave from there. Nayak sees them thus. He also notices the fire trail and rushes to douse it.

Bindu goes on stage. Ashoka and Kaurvaki are still hugging each other closely. Nayak shouts at everyone to step away from the stage. he picks up the bag of explosives and runs out. They hear the sound of a blast and run out to see. Ashoka finds Nayak dead. Everyone is stunned. Ashoka breaks down for a while but then looks angry.

They have done last rites of Nayak. Ashoka stands there all sad.

Kaurvaki is crying in her room. She thinks of how Nayak had saved her when she was sent to the brothel. Devi pats at her shoulder. Kaurvaki shares that she would have lost everything if it wasn’t for Nayak. He was a loyal person. He sacrificed his life for everyone. If I am so affected by his loss then don’t know what Ashoka will be going through.

Bindu says Nayak’s death has shaken Ashoka badly. He dint say a word. Dharma is in tears. This is the silence before the storm of Chand. He has not just lost his bodyguard but his best friend, his well wisher. Bindu wants to punish the culprits asap or the situation will be dangerous if Ashoka gets down to it. It is written clearly in his fate that he will have to go against his loved ones if he becomes Samrat. I can feel that that time isn’t far.

Ashoka is thinking about Nayak. He looks at his ashes. There will be justice now, without fail! He touches the ash and picks some in his hands. He looks determined.

Acharya RG explains about the reason behind the explosion and explosives. Bindu does not wish to waste time this time. I want the culprits to be caught asap. Acharya RG says we had a doubt on Sushim’s soldiers but they killed themselves instead of opening their mouths. Everyone gets surprised. Sushim acts to be unaware of anything. You cannot trust anyone these days. I am sure someone tempted them for something. It is a well planned thing. Motive was to hurt us all. Only enemy state can be behind it. We all know who the biggest enemy of Magadh is (I think he is hinting at Kalinga). Kaurvaki says I wouldn’t have been on stage if I had wished for it. Sushim speaks of how low Kalinga can stoop to to fulfil his motive. Charu adds that this is why Kaurvaki hid her truth from them. She is Jagnnath’s daughter after all. She came here with an intention to take revenge. Dharma says Kaurvaki cannot do it. She can sacrifice her life for Ashoka but not take anyone’s. Bindu wonders who it can be then. Ashoka takes Gondna’s name. It is Rajmata Helena. Bindu calls it pointless. Your query has been put rest to. Sushim tells his father to let Ashoka prove it that Kaurvaki isn’t behind it. She had the motive and resources too. She has come with this mission only. I think we should investigate this angle. Ashoka says enough. There will be no proof or investigation this time. There will be only justice now! People wont be misguided. Truth is bent and broken here. This way even Samrat will be put in doubt one day. People will be in terror as well. Charu asks him how he can show his disinterest for Magadh’s laws. Justice looks injustice to the other. One needs proof for it. She turns to Samrat. You should create an investigation team for it. We should be stress free. The princesses are worried too. We should choose wives for our sons. We are lucky that only a soldier lost his life in this incident. Ashoka corrects her. we have lost a saviour. He wasn’t just a soldier. This motherland has lost her son. I know Rajmata is alive. I will get her from anywhere. There wont be any celebration in the palace till the truth is brought out. I have given enough chance to everyone but not anymore. The enemies should listen and understand that they will meet a very bad fate now. this is my promise to them, even if they are my own people or strangers!

Precap: Helena says Ashoka has laid a trap to catch me. He hasn’t left any option for me. Ashoka appoints his spies and soldiers on duty. Helena has sent a letter to Unan to ask for help. Ashoka instructs his soldiers to get him info asap.

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