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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th April 2016 Written Update

26th updates are
Helena told ashok abr chanakya’s assasination mystery… She told all assasin names was incl. In.
And then we all hv seen new angry look of ashoka ever had. He came in sabhaa and what a dialogues he said was like climax scene of hit movie. Ashoka beat shushim by sword. Bt then ashoka get arrested.
But in 27th epi. Helena get reversed gear abt what she said ashoka in frnt of bindusar and again ashok is in trouble, he has barred from patliputra area…he will be in forest agin.

The epi strts with kaurawaki being in a maid’s attire. She is determined to meet ashoka at any cost. Ashoka is in jail. Helena asks him to promise her that he won’t hurt siamak. But ashoka denies. In the rajsabha khallatak, charumitra and sushim want ashok to be punished for attempting to kill bindusara. Sushim wants ashoka to be given death sentence. Dharma interrupts and reminds bindu of the miserable situations Ashok had to face in his life such as chanakyas death, dhrupads death, Helena’s conspiracies, sushim’s hatred etc. Radhagupta asks bindu to give him a chance to change ashok into a better person. Helena praises ashok. She cuts her wrist and tells a dying person never lies. He tells. Chanakya’s murderers’ names. Ashoka fumes. He screams in fury and breaks the jail gate open. He beats up several soldiers on the way. He comes to sabha screaming like a wild animal. He threatens to kill all the rajdrohis of magadh starting with sushim. He holds sushims neck tightly. Then he hits him with bindus sword. Dharma screams but ashoka is adamant. Soldiers tie him up in chains. Ashok’s nose is bleeding in anger. All r shocked!!!

Precap: bindu orders ashoka to go out of magadh and tells that if he is seen nearby he will be killed. Bindu goes to Helena.Helena says she has not told anything as such about chanakya’s murderers.ashoka is stunned!

here is updatd of ashok samarat 26 april …the episode starts from conversation between helena and ashoka and helena was asking to pardon siamak for his deeds but ashoka was not ready to hear about siamak and not agree with helena to leave him but helena stops him by saying about acharya chanakya death, but ashoka had no believe on helena but she cut her vein of fist and told to him that i have no much time remaining then ashoka started paying attention on her and asked about murders of chanakya death and then she gave name of khalayatak,charuand sushim accept her and siamak and after that ashoka lost his control and broke the lock up in which he was kept and with a rod bearing fully wild face he left for raj sabha and started beating all soldiers who were coming in his way and then few soldiers stoped him in his path but he told not to stop him today because he is going to take revenge of his guru then all soldiers come aside and he leaves he enter in sabha one soldier was trying to stop him but he attaks on soldier by rod than he declares that he will today not leave any of of guilty persons who are here(charu,khalyatak,shushim;siamak) after that everyone was afraid of his wild avatar then he catched shushim’s neck and says him, you did’nt do good to kill his guru after that soldirs try to stop him but in vain at last he takes samarat’s sword and attacks on shusim but samarat stops him after he hurts shushim.(to be continued article………the samarat declares to keep away ashoka from raj bhawan and magadh too and also declares that if he will try come near boader of magadh then he will be killed.)

Kaurawaki being in a maid’s attire. She is determined to meet ashoka at any cost. Ashoka is in jail.Helena said to Ashoka that i will say you the truth about Acharya Chanakya’s death and the killer’s name but you first promise me that you will not do anything to Siamak.Ashoka said i cant believe you and also i cant promise you,i will surely punish Siamak for his guilty.
In courtroom Khalatak said to Bindusar that Ashoka is totally out of control,today he attacked on his father.After this,magadhs every son will not hestitate to kill their own father.Just then Dharma came and said to Bindu that there is no fault of Ashoka.No one is there to shape him rightly after Acharya Chanakya’s death.
Sushim said that he attacked on Magadhs Samrat,his only punishment should be death penalty.Acharya Radhagupt said to Bindu that give me one chance,i will shape Ashoka.
Bindu said this is must needed,his behaviour is changing day by day.,he cant control his anger,he can even break out from jail.He cant be change in jail rightly.
Siamak said you choose first whom you want to see alive,me or Ashoka !! Because if Ashoka will alive then my life will be in danger and also brother Sushim’s life.
In jail helena said to Ashoka that i know you cant believe but you will believe to the person who is going to die.Then Helena slit her wrist,Ashoka shocked and shouted for help.Helena said this is Kalkothari,here no one can listen you except the walls.You promise me or not ,i will tell you the truth of Acharya Chanakya’s death.
Then a flashback shown that Khalatak,Charumitra,Sushim stabbbed Acharya Chanakya one by one.(flashback end)
Helena said Sushim is the mastermind behind this.
Ashoka got very angry and pulled the rods of jail.After a heavy kick he breaked out from jail.He was on his way to the courtroom with a rod in his hand.He beat every soldiers who came in his way.Then a group of soldiers came to stop him.Ashoka said dont stop me today,i am out for justice and to punish the killers of Acharya Chanakya,who will stop me today will become my enemy.The soldiers step aside.
He came to the courtroom where some soldiers caught him,then he threw soldiers backward at a time.
Ashoka angrily said i will punish every culprits.Khalatak,who take Acharya Chanakya to a secret place and Siamak,Charumitra,Sushim all involved in this.Its all only for throne.Dharma said to stop but he said not to stop him.He angrily take the name of Sushim and gave a punch on his face.Them Bindu came to stop him but he pushed Bindu away.Ashoka hold the neck of Sushim tightly from backside and said you killed Acharya Chanakya,you know !! he was not only my teacher,also my God.Some soldiers came and pulled Ashoka,also Bindu pulled the hand of Ashoka to free Sushim.Then Ashoka beat the soldiers,take the sword of Bindu and attacked Sushim on his chest.Sushim fell down unconciously.Everyone shocked.Ashoka said one gone,there will be turn of every culprits.He was going to attack Charumitra,Bindu stopped him and soldiers tied him with chain.

Precap:-Bindu,siamak and Ashoka with Helana in jail,she was in her last phase.Bindu asked her that whatever you said to Ashoka is true !! Helena said i didnt tell anything about this to Ashoka.Hearing this,Ashoka shocked.In courtroom Bindu decide to banish Ashoka from Magadh.From after this,if you will seen in Magadh,you will be killed.

Written Update by ak, cutiepie, rahul, Mahesh

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