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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Khalatak thinks that is Sushim tries to move cart like this then he may harm animals and plants. Sushim brings out his sword to kill animal, Acharaya stops him and ask what are you doing? Sushim says removing dog from my way, Acharaya says this way you are hurting him, Sushim suggests i am saving crops much too, Acharaya claims i just wished to know very well what solution you have got, comeback, sushim moves back. Ashok comes ahead, he provokes Doggy and jumps away from him, he frees her Little ones from bushes, Pet leaves from there with her Youngsters, Acharaya says Sushim couldnt discover that Pet dog was woman and there have been her Youngsters below thats why she was standing in this article, Ashok states we should always uncover The rationale behind anger of animals, she was protecting her Youngsters and was offended if any individual hurts them, Acharaya request how will you progress cart now as it is going to damage crops, Ashok suggests I’ll nto damage any plant, he can take issues from cart and commences using points from a single finish to a different end on his again without having hurting vegetation, Sushim says This can be cheating, we had to maneuver things alongwith cart, Ashok moves all items, then he raises cart on his shoulder and moves it to otherside much too, Acharaya claims this is remarkable general performance, i have not see such genius child in a long time, all are amazed by Ashok, Ashoka hai Ashoka plays.
Soldier informs almost everything to Bindu, He’s pleased and states to Dharma that you ended up right, our union was accomplished on humanity foundation, currently Ashok have proved it, I’m proud of Ashok that he’s our son, all other queens doesnt like it, Charu concerns Subhrasi and says dont know the way you’re experience but the way Bindu is exhibiting love for Dharma and Ashok, i truly feel if Ashok wins then Dharma will snatch every thing from us, she can make us dasies from queens, Bindu talk to overlooked about Noor thoroughly, he didnt ask about Noor, Siamak or Drupat as soon as, Susbhrasi feels insecure.
Host claims that the performance we have observed, we cant say that’s in advance, previous round will very clear that’s genuine winner. Sushim thinks i wont depart past likelihood. very last round starts, Acharaya suggests in final spherical you will be offered a condition and you’ve got to accomplish justice like a king, he says scenario is that there’s a son, he kills some individuals from his land, he gets arrested, to punish him, his mom decides to get rid of him, by carrying out this can mom turn into criminal? must she be punished much too? Sushim seems at Khalatak who nods that he doesnt know answer, Acahraya check with Sushim to reply, Sushim suggests crime is criminal offense and one shouldn’t take justice in palms, if mother has carried out murder then she must be punished, Ashok says no she shouldn’t be punished, Khalatak claims Exactly what are you declaring? killing an individual is criminal offense and when she has accomplished that then she needs to be punished, AShok suggests right before calling her killer, try to remember she’s a women, she is mother, this mom has carried out what a soldier or king would do, there isn’t any personal cause of killing a son, she’s pained as well by killing her son, Khalatak states but even then killing is killing and punishment need to be very same for everybody, Ashok suggests condition of murder must be thought of too, Khalatak states principles are equivalent for everyone, or you are trying to express that the rules which we have been pursuing for years are Erroneous much too? Ashok states you might be saying policies and punishment ought to be equivalent for everyone then why Brahmins have immunity from particular punishments? Shudr might be punished for compact mistakes although not Brahmins, there are lots of punishments which happen to be 50 percent for Females then men, i am not towards procedures or punishments but i am stating that we must always make a decision punishments after analyzing situation through which crime was completed, Acharayas are bewildered and states Chanakya will notify whose response is right, Khalatak says but his interference will likely not br proper, Acharaya suggests we want to know his views, Chanakya will come ahead and says i agree with Ashok fully the Girls who’s got killed her son has supplied herself punishment way too but i dont concur together with his respond to, if Ashok starts off doing justice like this then persons is going to be perplexed about justice for everybody, punishment ought to be offered unconditionally only this way king might be justified, the Ladies whose circumstance was presented here, she didnt present her felony son to king but she took justice in her hands and killed her son, and killing an individual is punishment in almost any case, not a soul might take regulations in his fingers thats why this Ladies is criminal and he or she has damaged procedures, she justifies punishment as Sushim explained, Ashok have assumed from heart but not considered for a king, king’s justice is no cost from feelings and its must be like that only and if he doesnt punish mom similar to this then men and women’s religion from justice will fade away, all Acharayas praise him, host says now all Acharayas will discuss scores then winner are going to be declared, Ashok is harm and leaves from there, Khalatak suggests to Chanakya which i never assumed you are going to take Sushim’s aspect, Chanakya says i have taken facet of truth not Sushim, Khalatak states Ashok appears to be serious about throne which he doenst present, Chanakya claims Sunlight doesnt need mild to shine, it is going to often glow, in some cases eclipse comes infront of it but it’ll disappear and Sunlight will shine once more, Khaltak claims We’ll see that.
Subaho and Vasu relates to Ashok and states you are long term king, what attractive answers you gave in Competitors, will you overlook us right after becomign king? AShok claims i is not going to alter, they say you’re king for us, they hug each other, Sushim comes and claims you might delight in let me come to be king then i will see you all, Ashok says you have got not recognized me, i want to provide my nation and for that i dont have to have throne.

PRECAP- Acharaya says i am going to give this coin to the one who is ready to accept throne now. Khalatak says without doubt, Sushim is vice Samrat, he is winner, Bindu hugs Sushim and congratulates him, Ashok is sad.

Written Update By Sahir


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