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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Acharaya says to Sushim and Ashok that you just equally are supplying very pleasant answers, Ashok is probably not educated but his answers have enlightening information, Acharaya claims past problem is how important it is to divide individuals in numerous castes to peace in country? Sushim states if we dont know exactly what is the use of our eyes or other body elements then they will be ineffective and to not make our nation useless we should know our do the job thats why we divide men and women in castes so which they understand what their position and duty is, we’ve been divided in 4 classes, first is Brahmin, their do the job is worship, to indicate route, they teach folks about faith, 2nd is Chatris, they safeguard our queens, 3rd are Vish, they do organization, They’re economic spine, then arrives Shudrh they provide Brahmins, Chatris and Vish. all of these know with regards to their get the job done, there is no confusion so no fights, using this method they comply with all rules of ruler, Ashok states what if son of Brahmin hopes to do organization? what if a Chatri’s daughter go away almost everything and wish to provide her lifetime by worshiping God then will she be called Brahmin?is human now allowed to decide on what he wishes to be identified as, Sushim suggests concern was not to search out issues in lessons, Ashok suggests I’m telling about wrong interpretation of classes, creating courses is essential but to create dependent on ancestors or start, This is often Incorrect, Sushim states Chanakya have composed that ruler’s duty is to discover if each and every course is Performing the things they are assigned for, Ashok suggests my issue is why somebody is referred to as Brahmin if he is born in Brahmin property? Karn experienced picked out his path, he grew to become warrior, i have also labored in stable of Bindu, then I’m Shudr way too, what i imply is the fact courses are important but no one is under others, like all overall body parts are dependent on one another, sameway we all are depending on each other, we should not place anybody down by stating he belongs to lessen class, the king who does that goes versus nature, that kind of king just isn’t in favor of humanity and his kingdom might be destroyed, all Acharayas are amazed by him.

Scene 2
Host states this spherical is finished, now 2nd spherical will start off in which alongwith understanding, cleverness might be tested far too, a prototype is revealed which troopers are placed, they to generate war approach. in courtroom, soldier informs that Ashok and Sushim need to make war strategy, Charu suggests sushim likes it alot, Bindu states dharma doesnt like war and violence so it wil be exciting what strategy Ashok can make.
Acharaya question Sushim what on earth is very best way to prevent attack of enemies? Sushim recalls how Khalatak explained to him respond to beforehand, he says soldiers must soak in their assault, as enemies are usually not in A lot selection so they can do attack as soon as only which our soldiers will bear then We are going to assault them, Acharaya says but that way a lot of troopers will die, isnt there no other way? Sushim suggests no, and its delight for troopers to die for their land, other Acharaya states Sushim is right, there is not any other way to avoid wasting troopers, Ashok says if there is absolutely no other way then We have now to make way, like troopers are dependable to guard their king and country, king has duty to protect his soldiers, he has got to do everything to make sure his troopers are safe, Chanakya ask him to elucidate, Ashok states we make strategy As outlined by enemies, Sushim have instructed us that enemies technique to attack us initially by which our troopers will die, what if we shock them? we dont fight them, permit them to assault but dotn soak within their assault, dont allow for our troopers to die, Sushim says this way our defense are going to be damaged, Ashok suggests Of course but they are going to squander time initially by attacking us As well as in meantime We’ll mail our soldiers to otherside that’s near enemies, Sushim thinks how Ashok is familiar with this much, Acharaya states fantastic this way they can runaway, Acharaya suggests this kid has fantastic considering, ohter Acharaya states i dont concur with him, by his system enemies can enter palace, Ashok says a lot more important is preserving soldiers existence, they are going to belief and may be loyal to their king when they their king defending them, Acharaya claims That is just theoretical detail but in true we need to shield royal palace and when some troopers die in that then its not an enormous thing, other Acharaya suggests once we are not able to help you save our troopers, whenever we put their life at risk for us then we will lose their faiths in us then these palaces will not be of any use, host says we must always go continue Competitiveness.
Bindu claims to Dharma which i don’t forget how I had been amazed by your views Once i met you very first, I’m feeling AShok will gain everyone’s coronary heart wit his imagining. Ahenkara thinks that i’m feeling Ashok will earn, she states Ashok defeat Sushim which acquire this.
Last round of Opposition starts off, Sushim and Ashok really have to take cart from a single side to a different side, Sushim thinks whats so difficult in it, Khalatak thinks which i experienced previously warned Sushim relating to this Competitors, Khalatak claims Sushim will consider cart first, Sushim can take cart and commences relocating cart, some wild canine can be found in his way, all glimpse on, Sushim thinks tips on how to move them.

PRECAP- In court, host says that all will put coins in Ashok or Sushim’s bag as per their liking, the one who will get more coins will win this competition, Radha comes forward to put coin.

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