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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one

Drupat opens his mouth looking at pot, Bindu places laddo in his mouth and smiles, Charu wishes Janmashtmi to Niharika, she states i pray that on this occasion magdh and Ujjain’s relation get more powerful, Helena and Noor see this, Noor claims she thinks almost everything is happening as per her but it’s not the situation, Helena states although Bindu agrees for Ahenkara and Sushim’s marriage, it will likely not take place as we will eliminate sushim and put allegation on Niharika, Noor suggests then my son Siamak will turn into Samrat, Sushim suggests to Ahenkara that You mostly wished me competitions, will you not desire me currently? Ahenkara states it doesnt issue as the person who can provide you with hard time is just not right here, your earn will not be total without the need of profitable in excess of Ashok, sushim goes and check with his Pal where by is AShok?

Khurasan places product on Ashok’s wound and claims you should not hurry, we should initial obtain reality then will check out Bindu, Ashok suggests why you dont wanna inform Bindu? Khurasan states you are a child, you dont fully grasp challenges, i am Military head, whoever is enemy of magdh is enemy of Magdh, if i see any enemy then i dont run to that i have witnessed enemy, i consider to solve troubles why way, Once i finish my enemy then i head to Bindu and tell him that i solved difficulty, its our get the job done to produce Bindu’s life uncomplicated, Ashok states i agree along with you, i will likely not visit Bindu but i is not going to acquire your enable as Dharma and her son can question you are with me, Khurasan claims they will not know that i’m along with you, Ashok suggests Alright I’ll attempt to contact them yet again but this time you can do what I’ll say, Khurasan agrees, Ashok says then lets head to palace, i wanna appreciate event, they go away.

Just one dasi states to other Dasi that Bindu have yet one more wife so see destiny that 4th pot has hanged, Dharma is stunned to find out 4th pot and thinks that its my pot, dasi claims that wives didnt would like to put 4th pot but Bindu requested to help keep it hanging, Dharma thinks only Ashok understands that this pot is mine then the way it is hanged? does Ashok know that i am Bindu’s wife, Chanakya involves him and talk to why you will be tensed? she check with where by is Ashok? Chanakya states dont get worried, God is there to deal with him, Ashok will arrive before long.

Scene 2

Khalatak suggests to palace individuals that nobody is aware which pot is whose spouse, all price ranges have to reach there an split one pot then wives will convey to whose pot it absolutely was that spouse are going to be winner, Dharma waits for Ashok, Bindua thinks that Dharma really should be below, i would like my son was along with his brothers, Siamak inquire Sushim where by is Ashok? Sushim sys he is your Mate not mine, Siamak thinks that if Ashok was listed here then he would have served me to create human mountain and access pot, Ashok and Khurasan comes in palace, Dharma is pleased observing Ashok, Ahenkara greets AShok, Ashok comes to Siamak, both smile, Ashok stares Sushim, Drupat says to subhrasi that i want to break pot too, Subhrasi suggests no you are really tiny, yu might get damage, this 12 months just take pleasure in it, future yr I’ll send out you, he agrees, Sushim request Charu silently which can be her pot? she says first just one, Sushim check with left aspect or correct facet, Noor sees this and inquire Charu are you currently telling some thing to Sushim? Charu suggests no, noor suggests its your behavior to cheat, Charu sys absolutely nothing like that, Charu stealthily tells Sushim that its correct aspect, Sushim suggests I’ll split my mom’s pot and make her win, Sushim says i will split pot which have crimson fabric, Siamak ask why you chose that? Sushim says I’m elder so I am able to selected it, Ashok states I believed you’re elder so you will commit to crack pot that’s most greater but you chose to split pot that’s decreased, you have to be afraid viewing peak, Siamak claims then split pot hanging highest, Sushim suggests i will not likely alter my final decision, i will split pot with crimson fabric only. Ashok ask Are you aware of whose pot is this? Sushim says how i will comprehend it, Siamak claims then its crystal clear that you are afraid of peak, Sushim thinks that if i say Indeed for pot hanging maximum then Charu will drop, whose respect ought to i chose? mine or Charu’s? he states ok i will split pot hanging optimum, Ashok thinks that whoever breaks pot now, only my mom will earn as her pot is maximum, Ashok states to Siamak that i am injured, i cant get component but my ideal wishes are along with you, Sushim and Siamak’s group starts off building human mountain, Sushim and Siamak climbs to interrupt pot, siamak loses balances and is particularly going to tumble but Ashok holds him, all are tensed but then relieves seeing Ashok, Siamak says I’m worried, Ashok suggests dont worry, i will help you, Ashok helps make Siamak sit on his back, Ashok starts off climbing human mountain with Siamak on his back again, Bindu says great, three brothers split exact jointly which happens to be hanging highest, they get down, Charu, Subhrasi and Noor are dissatisfied, Ashok thinks that how can i be so selfish that to interrupt my mom’s pot i didnt think of other wives of Bindu that are like my mom way too, he says to Sushim that we broke only one pot but three are still remaining, we should always split it so that all mothers win, nobody remains powering, Siamak suggests only you may Believe similar to this, Ashok states all sons Believe like that, sushim suggests we broke that pot which didnt belong to any spouse of Bindu so that every one moms really feel winning, a few wives smile at this, they once again make human mountain, Sushim, Siamak and Ashok break other pots also, all smile.

PRECAP- Radha says to Chanakya that its very late, we must always depart, Chanakya see Ashok coming, throws letter there and leaves, Ashok will come and normally takes letter, he is going to read through but Khurasan snatches it from him and reads, He’s bewildered, AShok is tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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