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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Palace is burning, Agni claims Justin is mine, she’s going to attack Noor but Noor wakes up and moves absent, Agni claims i didnt want get my arms filthy together with your blood but you’ve not left any option for me, equally girls start fighting with each other, Noor beats Agni.
Soldier states to Ashok that now you happen to be caught, Ashok thinks that if gate of dungeon will get closed then i wont be capable of finding enemies as well as we will be caught in this article, he begins fighting with soldier, he usually takes sword from him and leaves.
Raj and Nicator get out of dungeon and so are closing gate, Ashok comes there, he stops closing of gate together with his sword, he finds soldier and suggests you will be betrayer, you cant gain towards Magdh, Solider suggests to start with get over me then say All of this, other troopers appear there too, subaho and Vasu will come there and fights with them, troopers runaway, Ashok suggests I’ll provide all here, you each keep listed here, Vasu talk to how will you don’t forget way until below again? Ashok cuts his hand and suggests my blood drops will hold me aware about approach to here, he leaves to carry Bindu and family.
Helena is acquiring Justin, she suggests why he doesnt realize priorities of his lifetime, lots of noor can are available his everyday living, justin comes in corridor and finds soldier Placing sword on Drupat’s neck, he says to Soldier that depart Drupat, He’s harmless child, Helena sees this and suggests i have prepared everything to get rid of them and Justin is saving them only, He’s a idiot, Subhrasi talk to soldier to leave Drupat, Justin claims to Soldier that if you leave drupat then i guarantee you, you won’t get punishment, we will totally free you, soldier claims we dont want flexibility, we wan close of Maurya dynasty, he is about to eliminate Drupat, Bindu attacks soldier, he is useless, Justin and Aakramak commences preventing with other troopers, Bindu states right before seeking to finish Mauryas, initial see their electricity, you can Magdh’s samrat? he kills troopers, he claims to other soldiers that you attempted to get rid of my spouse and children, made an effort to kill royal spouse and children, you’re going to get Dying, its on you ways you’d like your death? soldiers get afraid of him and kills them selves, Bindu hugs Drupat, He hugs Subhrasi, siamak comes and hugs him too, palace is burning, Helena claims to justin that come with me, i have dome all this for you personally, Justin states this my lousy luck, Helena states if you dont go then i will not likely go much too, Justin is stunned.

Scene 2
Noor suggests to Agni that justin is mine only, i am not simply his adore but also mom of his and Justin loves his son Siamak alot, Agni is stunned, Noor throws away Agni, she falls on floor and stone that is burning falls on her, Agni is burned in fire.
Radha states to Chanakya and Dharma that we should leave from listed here, dont know when Ashok will arrive, Ashok arrives and suggests i have found way out of the palace, I’ve marked way with my blood drops, Dharma ties cloth on his wound, he suggests you individuals head out of palace, i will carry bindu and his loved ones, Dharma states I’ll look forward to you outside the house gate, Ashok claims I’ll arrive obviously, Chanakya says to Ashok that drop by bindu, this palace can slide down Anytime.
Helena is using Justin out, she finds Ashok operating, she suggests this means Ashok bought to learn about our system, why did i contact him right here? Justin finds Noor standing in corridor, he goes and hugs her, he states i wont let nearly anything transpire to you personally, Helena is stunned to view him hugging Noor, justin requires Noor with him.
Bindu suggests to soldiers that crack gate of palace, Khurasan says no, if we split it then whole palace will fall down, Ashok comes there and claims i have discovered way out of palace, all get joyful listening this, he usually takes Every person with him, Bindy finds Helena in corridor and requires her too, charu finds Sushim and check with him to feature her, Sushim request the place is Ahenkara? he finds her standing close to pillar and claims i wont Allow just about anything transpire for you, he requires ahenkara and Charu with him.
Soldier informs Nicator that royal relatives have to have acquired to grasp regarding your conspiracy, Nicator kills troopers, Nicator hurts himself, PRECap, Raj states you betrayed me and its commencing of our animosity, Nicator operates from there.
Ashok delivers Absolutely everyone to top secret gate of palace, he will take off sword from it and gates commences closing again, Ashok holds gate, siamak and sushim aids him to hold gate so that it doesnt close, Ahenkara will come and can help too, sushim talk to her to go out, all are going from gate, bindu goes out far too, all comes away from gate and its get shut, all customers are going through dim way in dungeon to return out.
Chanakya says to Radha that we cant wait now, Radha states what about defense of royal relatives? Chanakya claims i trust Ashok, he will preserve them, Dharma claims i will not leave with no using Ashok, chanakya claims Khurasan can see you below so allows leave, Ashok delivers out Everybody away from palace, he stops, Vasu question him to come out much too, Ashok says i come to feel like a person is still in palace, Vasu claims all have absent out, palace is slipping down, lets go, Ashok states no you go, I’ll occur later on, Vasu and subaho leaves.
nicator is hurt, Helena meets him, she check with justin that can help Nicator, justin doesnt allows first but then gives him assistance and can take him from there. Ashok goes in dungeon and inquire if anybody is remaining? Ashok finds crown of Bindu on ground and is also stunned, he finds Bindu unconscious there, he check with Bindu to acquire up, he cries and says I’ve constantly hated my father but i have always cherished you as my father and now you’re leaving me far too.

PRECAP- Dharma says to Chanakya i will not leave without Ashok, Radha says Bindu have not come out too. justin says to helena that Nicator have betrayed Raj and he will not trust us now. in Palace, Prime minister says that Raj have conspired everything, he ask Chanakya whom you doubt? Chanakya says i doubt you, i can doubt Nicator, Justin, or Helena, all are stunned.

Written Update By Prince


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