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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd September 2015 Written Update

Scene one
Ashok claims because now we are combating with swords now we will see with words. The assault of equally can’t be taken back again. I hope i dont harm anyone with my text specifically my brother. Sushim says every little thing is good in love and war.
Sushim stops ahenkara and suggests where will you be likely at the moment? She say i read ashok.. sushim suggests dont concern yourself with him a lot of that you just ignore your boundaries. If i had been in your house i would’ve treatment about my sibling than a colleague. You improved go and pray for my acquire. At the time i grow to be samrat i is likely to make almost everything alright. Will you pray for me? She claims yes. He shoves her and suggests now go towards your space.
Charu says to sushim i will take care of ahenkara and ashok you focus on your mission. You need to focus on profitable. You need to sit on that throne.

Sushim states I will demonstrate what my target is and how i strike it. Ashok claims its not a target any time you overlook it. They start sword combat. Chanayaka claims ashok sushim, combat just isn’t the answer. Thoughts in the answer to every little thing.
Mahamat suggests educate ashok the things of royal dwelling. He doesn’t know everything nonetheless. Chanayaka states there’s nothing royal to knowledge. Its about how smart you will be. And Ashok will get all his checks. Mahamaat suggests states I’m waiting to find out all this.
Chanakya claims ashok has to tutorial himself and that is how he will manual Other people.

Khurasan asks noor who tried to poison ashok? Noor states i dont care if ashok dies or life. I treatment about siyamak. Bindu kept him out currently. .. states you need to go and satisfy dastaan. She says how can i. I wasn’t faithful to bindu because he hardly ever cherished me. I fell in adore with justin because he gave me really like. Justin has just long gone and its now you are inquiring me to.. Khurasan suggests we are helpless and that’s why I’m inquiring you to check out dastaan. He ought to not havfe overlooked what i did to him. But we need his support. You may head to him a mom if not as a girl. Cant you do that for the son?

Sushim is Studying his lesson. Charu mom and mahamaat are coming in. she claims i am so happy with you. Just how you are Operating tricky you will conquer ashok. He claims at the time i sit within the throne i wont get down. Mahamaat claims not one person ought to know that I gave you inquiries for now’s take a look at beforehand.
Maharaj shri vinjendar will ask you inquiries in to start with round. He is sensible and seasoned.
Up coming is going to be krinath. He will talk to you issues that could Ensure that you didn’t only rote master however, you understood it way too.
Akhandanand is definitely the 3rd and toughest one. No-one is aware of whats happening in his head. Sushim’s mom states the moment ashok loses, dharma will reduce will way too. I won’t ever Permit her gain once again.

Dharma states to ashok don’t think about get and lose. All moms are equal. Sushim is like a son to me. Ashok claims when i obtained to know He’s my brother i needed to forget about every thing. I assumed that his brain would change way too. He doesn’t want to look at me his brother. Dharma claims you’ll want to like him even when he doesn’t really like you. I am aware you’re keen on him, you’ve got respect as part of your heart for him. You aren’t carrying out this for you personally ego.

Dharma sees sushim threatening ahenkara about killing her sister. Charu comes and says sushim loves ahenkara. When Sushim saw ashok and ahenkara hugging he got mad. Ashhok doesn’t know manners of royals. He must realize that ahenkara is his brother’s wife being. Dharma suggests i have have confidence in in the teachings i have supplied him. He will never cross his restrictions. She states i hope thats real truth.
Sushim says i wont kill her conveniently. I need you until i come to be king following that I’ll lock you in cage.

Precap- Sushim is being questioned hows should really the wrongdoers be dealt with. Sushim states they must be punished. Once they’re punished rest are going to be afraid. Ashok states i disagree to at least one point. Bindu says ashok sure wil become the king at some point. 

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