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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Helena’s soldiers lits fireplace on arrows and throws it on palace, palace catches hearth, chaos is created in palace, Bindu is perplexed, primary minister says looks like all gates are closed, soldier claims we can get burned listed here. Raj comes to Helena, he talk to in which is Agni and Justin? Helena claims Agni has gone to seek out Ahenkara and Justin observed noor, Nicator claims palace is catching fire, we have to leave, Raj claims but Agni and Ahenkara is here as well, Nicator claims i dont want to be burned down, lets go away, Helena suggests what about Justin? Nicator states allows look forward to them around dungeon.
All are jogging in palace, Bindu question Subhrasi and Drupat to stand even now. Chanakya suggests to Ashok you have to protect royal household, Ashok suggests I’ll go to shield them, Dharma states no you will not go wherever, Ashok says no this is my duty, you’ll want to bless me, if anything happens to Chanakya then i wont have the ability to forgive myself, Chanakya states to Ashok that discover the way from which enemies will head out of palace and bear in mind dont transfer back again that can help anyone, its your responsibility to finish all enemies, You must be inform to seek out them and complete them, if you can do it then accept it? Ashok says i acknowledge this obligation and i will do anything at all to meet my duties, he touches Dharma’s toes, she blesses him, Chanakya blesses him and question him to go, Ashok leaves, Dharma cries.

Scene two
all are working, soldier says We are going to burned right here, Key minister says it will never take place, he attempts to obtain wat out, Helena’s troopers are killing individuals with arrows also, Drupat faints resulting from heat, Bindu inquire charu and Subhrasi to hide driving pillars due to arrows hitting them, Charu hides guiding pillar and claims where by is sushim? Aakramak claims to Vasu that if we dont prevent these troopers from attacking then our troopers wont be ale to guard Bindu’s relatives. a person soldier is about to destroy dasi, Ashok stops him and ties him with curtain, he usually takes his sword and starts combating with Helena’s soldier. one particular soldier attack Sushim but he fights with him, Ahenkara finds dagger there, she requires and leaves from there, Sushim is stunned to search out her gone, he fumes in anger.
Noor and Siamak are operating to go out of palace, Noor says i wont let something come about for you Siamak, she finds Helena’s soldiers there, they surround them, Noor beats them, snatches sword from them, siamak also struggle with them, Khurasan sees them and it is going to visit them, soldier attacks him and is also going to eliminate him but Justin will save him by killing soldier.
Agni satisfies Ahenkara and claims i was finding you, We have now to depart from in this article, Ahenkara claims you knew relating to this compiracy? Agni claims this revenge for my father’s Dying, Ahenkara states he died even though safeguarding his land and if you required revenge Then you really could have attacked from entrance, will you manage to forgive oneself for undertaking all this? whats fault of Bindu’s family and sons in all this? Agni suggests We’ll die in this article, allows go away, Ahenkara states its better to die then run like cowards, she leaves from there.
Khurasan request Justin to avoid wasting Siamak and Noor, Justin concerns them and fights with soldiers. soldier attacks noor on head, she faints in Justin’s arms.
Ashok is trying to determine way out, he recollects solutions to go out from dungeon, he suggests i entered dungeon from left aspect so outdoors way might be on still left facet.

Scene three
Bindu is combating with troopers too. Justin tends to make Noor lie on flooring, he goes to seek out Siamak. Nicator says to Raj till when We’ll wait in this article? Raj states i will not likely go devoid of Agni and Ahenkara, Helena states i is not going to go without my son, i didnt give him beginning to check out him die listed here, Nicator states he is dying to his appreciate and you simply are caring about him, Helena states i cant Permit my son die in this article, she goes to discover Justin, Nicator suggests to Raj that there needs to be someone remaining to delight in deaths of mauryas, if you want to watch for your daughters then continue to be and watch for Demise I’m likely, he leaves, Raj also operates from there.
Agni comes and finds Noor lying on flooring unconscious, she recollects how justin confessed that he loves Noor alot, she recalls how Noor accustomed to taunt her, she details dagger at Noor. otherside Helena’s soldier catches drupat and points sword at him, Bindu is stunned. Ashok can also be caught by soldier.

PRECAP- Nicator points dagger at Raj and says you are betrayer, you conspired everything, i will kill you now, Raj is shocked to see Nicator betraying him. bindu orders soldiers to break the gate of palace, Khurasan comes and says if you do this then whole palace will breakdown and we will be crushed. Radha says to Chanakya and Dharma that we cant wait for Ashok, we have to leave from here, Dharma is tensed.

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