Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online
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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Kaurvi is successful in freeing Ashoka. She hugs him as the lightning strikes. He hugs her back. They both go up.

The people on the ship throw down everything they are carrying in the sea. The ship keeps on swaying. Ashoka asks Kaurvi to get all the people assembled at one point. It can be harmful to stay at the edges. I will check up with the sailor in case he needs help.

Amadhya Raakshas does not want to die like this. I did not live till date in jail to see this day. A man shares about a big wave that is heading towards their ship. The ship will be finished as soon as it strikes. All the people on board the ship are having a hard time staying on the ship. A kid is about to fall down in the sea. He hangs by the railing. Ashoka holds his hand in the nick of the time. He manages to pull the kid back up safely. The kid hugs his mother. Kaurvi looks happily at Ashoka. Ashoka looks at the kid hugging his mother. The lady blesses Ashoka. You have returned my life to you. Ashoka tells the kid to never leave his mother. He thinks of his mother. He looks at the people in the ship. Please show me a way mother. I want to save the life of everyone here. The lightning strikes. He closes his eyes.

Dharma can sense Ashoka is in some trouble. I know you are calling out to me. I believe it you can hear me. You used to hug me tight when you heard the sound of lightning. I used to sing this song to calm you down. She sings that song. Ashoka has his eyes closed till now. He is all calm when he opens his eyes. I will fulfil your dream certainly mother!

Ashoka stops the sailor from killing himself. The sailor rues he cannot see his own ship getting destroyed like that. Ashoka speaks about what Acharya wrote. We should never be scared when the situation is against us. We should try to find a way out. Don’t kill yourself. Everyone has hopes on you. The guy declines. Even God cannot save us now. Ashoka refuses to believe it. He encourages everyone to work together. He gives an example of how Chandragupta Maurya’s army won over Unanis. Amadhya Raakshas asks him what he wants to do. Ashoka gives a solution. If we are united then we can overcome any problem. Everyone agrees with him.

Ashoka cuts off a sail. We need that much air with which we can go past that big wave. Everone looks scared. They all hold onto a rope or another. Ashoka announces they will go in the opposite direction of the wind. You all have to do it with the sails. People start doing the same thing. Ashoka takes holds of the steering wheel. Everyone says Jai Janani to boost each other’s morale. Ashoka pulls them out of the story weather / waves. Everyone smiles in relief.

People cheer for Ashoka. Kaurvi is happy for him. Amadhya Raakshas is in thoughts. This cannot be an ordinary kid.

Next morning, Helena receives a letter from Amadhya Raakshas. He is at the port where Nicator is. I wont meet him too. I will try to reach Takshshila and speak to Kichak. I am sure Bindu wont be in any rush to send Sushim to Takshshila after what happened with Ashoka. I hope I will speak to Kichak in the meanwhile. It will give us to time to plan how to get Sushim out of our way.

Sushim snatches a letter from Helena’s hands.

The sailor says sorry to Ashoka for misbehaving with him. Ashoka does not mind it. Everyone can make mistakes. I too did one. The sailor is all the more indebted to him for teaching him to fight with situations and live. Ashoka replies nicely. Amadhya Raakshas thinks Ashoka can help him in his plan. I will be happy if you will help me in Takshshila.

Sushim commences to read the letter. Helena demands it back. He refuses to return it. What’s in it that her face went pale? Now I will have to examine it. He’s struggling to read it because of the liquor. Siamak shoots at arrow at it. The letter burns due to the exact same given that the arrow had hearth. Helena looks happily at him. Sushim gets angry. They both have interaction in sword battle. Siamak manages to help keep his sword at Sushim’s neck. Should you dare to accomplish one thing such as this yet again Then you really wont be left alive. Hope you will rmemeber it till your hangover is long gone. Sushim details out that he wont be able to acquire above him by that Unani’s steerage. Siamak replies I’m not that naive Siamak who will encounter every little thing quietly. I have killed Chanakya. Now I worry almost nothing. I will probably be joyful to find out your blood on my sword. Sushim walks away angrily. Helena claps for Siamak as Sushim leaves. Siamak asks him regarding the letter. Helena shares it is one of her Good friend who would like to assistance him in gaining the throne.

Precap: SIamak asks a man what he can see in future. Will someone else take over after me? The guy predicts about a kid who will take over the throne after him. He will become an example for India in future.

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