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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Dhananjay enjoys watching the ladies dance.

The kids wonder how they will go iniside when the security is so tight. Ashoka says one has to become a mouse when they have to go somewhere stealthily. They smear black (coal or color) on their faces and bodies.

Nayak instructs the soldiers about their placement positions.

Ashoka asks the kids to wait for him at a corner. I will check the security around the storage room. Ashoka diverts the attention of the soldiers by making some noise. The kids come to take grains from the storage room as soon as Ashoka signals them.

Dhananjay hears some strange sound from outside.

The kids empty the storage room. They gather the entire load of grain sacks at one corner.

A soldier notices the empty drums outside. He gets suspicious and calls out for his comrades. Something is wrong here. I will have to inform Nayak. Ashoka thinks to stop them somehow. He asks the kids to wait for him at the same place. The kids are scared but Ashoka advises him not to lose out to his fear.

The soldier updates Nayak about what he has seen. Nayak immediately calls out for more soldiers. Search every corner. They must be around only. Close the main door. Ashoka gets thinking. He hits Nayak on his head using a barrel. Ashoka runs in the opposite direction. Nayak chases him. The kids get worried for Ashoka. Arjun wants to look for him but other kids stop him. The soldiers would have been celebrating if anything had happened to Ashoka BHaiya. We have to send these sacks out where others are waiting. We will help Ashoka BHaiya this way. The kids climb up a tree. They signal the other men, who are already waiting with a cart. The kids throw the sacks down one by one. The men load it in the cart.

A soldier informs Dhananjay about finding empty drums at one corner. Quite possibly, Ashoka and his friends came to steal the grains. Nayak has ordered everyone to check every corner to look for them. Dhananjay angrily holds the neck of the main dancer. You helped Ashoka gain entrance inside? He stabs her. The other two ladies are arrested as well.

Outside, Ashoka fights with the soldiers. He is happy to see the kids already doing their work. Splendid job! The kids finish their work. Ashoka joins them. We have to leave now.

Nayak thinks to find Ashoka at any cost today. It will be an insult to my ancestors’ vow. He notices Ashoka climbing up the tree. He throws his sword at him but Ashoka jumps to the other side safely. Dhananjay gets to know that it was Ashoka only. Nayak vows to find Ashoka today itself. He would not have gone too far.

The cart containing the food supply leaves. Ashoka and his men put a huge stone outside the main door. Nayak tries to push open the door but in vain.

Dhananjay is shocked to see his store room empty. He finds a letter from Ashoka there. I term everyone, who helps Kichak, a traitor. Because of the same reason, Dhananjay will be punished! Dhananjay and Nayak are angry.

Dharma and her Daasi discuss about who could be the possible culprit. Maybe Radha Gupta knows who the enemies were. Dharma recalls someone who might help them. Charu overhears their convo.

Everyone cheers happily for Ashoka. Ashoka gives credit to the kids who accompanied him. With the same devotion and bravery, we will defeat Kichak too. A mother of one of the kids happily hugs her son. Ashoka misses his mother. The lady lovingly pats at Ashoka’s face as well. He gets emotional.

Charu notices Dharma sitting alone in her room. She blows out one diya and drops the oil on the floor. Dharma rushes in that direction upon hearning some noise. She slips down because of the spilled oil and screams in pain. Charu looks on from a distance.

Precap: Kichak is about to hurt Dhananjay but Nayak stops him. I am to be blamed. I failed in doing my job. Kichak asks him if he is supporting Ashoka. Amatya advises Kichak not to waste his efforts and energy on small things. He is very sensitive. That is his weakness. We have to hurt him on that front only. His letter has paved way of his downfall.

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