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 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st May 2015 Written Update By Waqas

Scene one

Noor claims what Siamak and Ashok are doing with Chanakya. Bindu claims to Chanakya which you arrived on proper time, Chankaya states when its about Magdh then ideal time is vital and when its about picking Samrat then you shouldn’t hurry, Bindu states we are performing every thing on ideal time, Chanakya says need to we give great importance to time or to basic safety of Magdh? Chanakya suggests i announced Sushim as my heir yesterday only, Sushim is my elder son, Chanakya says so its all to be heir? from competition, we could Look at kid’s competencies although not his strategy, its about future of Magdh, think before you take choice, Bindu says When you have any difficulty then convey to me, Chanakya states i just arrived to tell you that you have another son who should be heir of magdh, all understand about his intelligence, power and good coronary heart, Dharma panics, chanakya says to Bindu that I do think you must take into consideration your decision and give thought to your son, by not thinking of his capabilities we have been insulting him, Bindu claims i respect you but can i can request you a little something? you’ve got doubt on my choice? Chanakya suggests no but i dont want you to definitely neglect your past and do another slip-up, heritage has witnessed that its not important to be elder, to become from same blood to be king, Bindu suggests you have got bewildered me, chanakya says just respond to my dilemma, he check with about Nand dynasty and tells tha its heir was not elder son, no, Chanakya says then Dhanand was son but was not deserving, bindu says Then you definately fought with him, chanakya says it was impossible with out your father Chandragupt, he was easy child but i could see expertise in him to rule entire India, Bindu states my heir may have expertise to rule like him, why you believe that Sushim is not able to it? Chanakya says king is pillar of energy of nation, King must have justice, humanity, valor, bravery, broad considering, persistence and top quality to help keep men and women united are need to, its not like that Sushim will not have these characteristics but presently Sushim doesnt have these traits today and devoid of these traits, It will probably be hard fro Sushim to take care of regard of throne so you’ll want to see that which son can have these qualities essentially the most, all appears on, Chanakya states will or not it’s in Sushim or in Siamak? Dharma have sigh of reduction, Sushim claims Chanakya.. dont fail to remember that I’ve gained more than Siamak, Chanakya says he shed mainly because he bought wounded and only he can tell how he acquired wounds, if he might have not wounded then he would have won, he made an effort to be in Competitors even immediately after successful and not just this, this prevalent person Ashok confirmed these kinds of fantastic effectiveness that he surprised all, these wounds have taken Siamak’s get but these wounds can never ever just take goodness from him, ignoring these Youngsters is like disregarding Magdh and also injustice to Magdh, Noor says i concur with Chanakya, my son really should get a chance, Justin sys i concur with him too, Charu suggests just because my son didnt get injured, you might get chance from him, will it be justice? primary minister claims it absolutely was decided that who will earn Competitiveness, will grow to be heir, entire country have accepted Sushim as heir and it will deliver unrest if we dont announce him as heir, chanakya says however, if we hurry in deciding on heir then there’ll be unrest in magdh in upcoming, Chanakya states regardless of whether we really have to wait to get correct heir then its right, sushim states this is injustice, i am having insulted her, Charu ask him to calm down, Chanakya claims when we are referring to Magdh then you shouldn’t contemplate you, Sushim gets offended and puts royal sword on Chanakya’s neck, he suggests who have you been end All of this, Ashok and Siamak have manufactured you versus me, i will not Permit you to acquire, Bindu receives indignant on him, and slaps, royal sword falls from Sushim hands but Ashok retains it in time, Bindu states He’s chanakya, how dare you check with him similar to this, you cant Management you anger and wanna Manage full country? Ashok presents sword to Ashok, Bindu claims does one even know my father used to place this sword in Chanakya’s feet prior to boosting it in war and you simply elevated it on him? Maurya dynasty arrived into existence because of him only, if he was there Then you definately wouldnt be prince, you might have insulted him and royal sword, you doesnt should have it, place this sword in his feet and say sorry, Sushim suggests but.. Bindu says you’ve misplaced proper to mention anything at all, comply with buy only, Sushim normally takes sword, looks at Chanakya angrily and puts sword in his feet, he claims forgive me, Bindu suggests getting sword fom you is not sufficient, you deserve a punishment and Chanakya will come to a decision, he inquire Sushim to leaves, Sushim leaves, Charu goes driving him, Noor smirks, Bindu folds his hand and says to chanakya i am sorry on my son’s behalf, you are right, Sushim doesnt deserve to be heir at the moment, i really need to rethink about it, Chanakya claims i am certain you will find a right heir for Magdh.

Scene two
Sushim is available in his space, he split matters about, beats troopers, he burns his dresses, Charu comes and does of fire, she slaps him really hard, Sushim cries and hugs her, Charu pushes him away and states that you are coward, you dropped as soon as and commenced crying? no, you got dropped for your ego and anger, dont present tears for the reason that i misplaced everything nowadays, am i crying? no, what chanakya did, he must purchase it, I’ll insult him in entire court.

PRECAP- Chanakya says to Bindu that we should start finding deserving heir, Bindu says i have one name and you will agree to it that is Ashok, Ashok is stunned. Chanakya says to Ashok that by becoming head, you will protect your land, Ashok thinks how can i decide without asking my mother, dharma comes there.


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