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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th November 2015 Written Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Scene 1
All are present in court, a king’s head is shown, Chanakya says he was head on one state Dakshsheela, soldier says this king did what others didnt dare to do it, soldier says our city is being attacked by some foreigners and its very difficult to face them as they are cruel and violent, they have no rules and are not afraid of death, Chanakya says i got to know about it and i told this to Khalatak too but dont think he took any action, Khalatak says i sent letter there but didnt get any reply, Bindu says i will go to that city, Helena says i can ask help from my father as his state is near Dakshsheela, Bindu says no as people will think that Magadh’s army is weak that need someone else’s assistance, i will go there, Chanakya says you have returned to Magadh after much time, you are needed here, Bindu ask then who will go there? Chanakya says your elder son sushim, this way Sushim will learn something and will also get tested, its better to send him, Khalatak says i dont agree with him, this is not time to make him learn something or test him, Sushim is very young and he has no experience, Chanakya says if Sushim can become temporary Samrat then why cant he lead his army in war? Khalatak says this way we can send Ashok too as he wanted to become temporary Samrat too., and Sushim have got one chance so we should give chance to Ashok now as this way both brothers will respect each other too, Chanakya says whatever happened till now it proves that Ashok took decisions with heart, he is emotional, he had put his life in danger to save girl’s life, the one who is so emotional, cannot handle war, he has to work on his leadership skill, Khalatak says but we all know Ashok’s fighting skills, he has protected royal family, he has leadership skills thats why he made Niharika to have peace talk, chanakya says i am not saying Ashok isnt capable but i feel its better to send Sushim, Bindua says my both sons are capable, whatever happened till now, i have to test both of them then i will announce who is more capable to go to Dakshsheela, he leaves, Helena thinks that they dont know what is going to happen in palace.
Radha ask Chanakya why he didnt allow Ashok to go to Dakshsheela? sushim wont be able to do anything there, chanakya says i want AShok to spend time with Bindu, we can handle Dakshsheela but if Sushim becomes king then whole india will be divided, thats why i want him to go there and show his skills to everyone, Ashok can give his life to protect his land but cant kill anyone, but sushim can kill anyone to protect himself, Ashok need his father’s support, its very important to remove space between Bindu and Ashok, Ashok have to learn that we cant take decisions by getting emotional, Ashok’s learning will start now, time coming is very crucial.

Scene 2
Sushim comes to Bindu and says i know what i did with Ahenkara, you are sad with that, but whenever i used to see her, her father’s betrayal used to come in my mind bnut i cant forget that her parents tried to kill my parents, how can i trust her when she is betrayer’s daughter, Bindu says if you didnt want to marry her then you could have talked to me but you shouldnt have been violent to her, Sushim says i wanted to talk to you but you had no time for me, i thought you had time for Ashok only, Bindu says i am always available to listen your problems. Sushim ask him to give one chance to him to become good son, Bindu says i will give you one chance, some enemies have attacked our city, we have to stop them, my wish that you go there and stop those enemies, Sushim says me? i can believe you have chosen me for such big work, i will definitely go there, he touches Bindu’s feet and i will fulfill your hopes from me, Bindu blesses him, Sushim leaves.
Khalatak says to Sushim that you have done mistake, Charu says its good that Sushim got this opportunity not Ashok, this way he can prove his skills, Khalatak says i gave Ashok’s name for this fight as going to Dakshsheela(where fight is going on) is like getting into mess, there is so much chaos there, so much violence is going on there and only one person is behind all this, that is their new king who is very cruel, Charu says then how can we stop Sushim going there? Khalatak says its impossible to change Bindu’s decision now as Chanakya gave sushim’s name too, Sushim says i will change his decision.
Helena raises lighter from palace, Noor and Dastan sees this from far, Noor says she is giving us hint, see i told you she is with us, Dastan says you are coming with me and if you try to fool me then i will kill you infront of your son, Noor says we have to pass checkpost and have to kill all soldiers there else Aakramak will get to know about our attack, Dastan says i will kill everyone. Helena says to herself that when Magadh will be sleeping peacefully, my son’s dream will get fulfilled and Chanakya wont be able to do anything.

PRECAP- Ashok will have a fight with Dastan and will win it but he has to pay price for this by losing someone his own that is Dharma.

Written Update By Atiba


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