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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location:Bindu’s Courtroom
As ashoka and sushim take their place, bindu professes as to how this swayamvar shall be the most effective and rightly way of choosing suitable wives for his sons,
Ashoka and Sushim, as directed by Dharma. she smiles. then he talks about how the princesses shall make their grand entry hereforth, while they are minutely observed, so that their competitive edge makes them battle it out, for the coveted title of being the wives of the two worthy heirs to the throne. he declares the swayamvar to start. one by one, Mahamatya starts narrating the qualities of the prospective brides, one by one, who make their entrance. He starts off with princesses, having as good qualities, as being the best of singing talent, to the best of dancing, to the best of swimming, and to the best of culinary efficiency. vit is thoroughly amused, as he enjoys the swayamvar. even anindini, who kaurvaki had stolen clothes from, makes her appearance, and Ashoka immediately seems interested. she produces an apt analogy, as to the person who is away from grief, is Ashoka, and the person full of happiness, is she herself, Anindini, pointing out their perfect match. Then Princess Changa makes an appearance, wherein Mahamatya continues professing about the economic benefits of matches with this princess. Sushim is immediately interested, while the ladies are scrutinised carefully by Dharma. Bindu approves and eyes them all one by one. Finally, princess Kaurvaki makes her entrance with devi, and all eye turn on her, while Ashoka eyes her boggled and tensed. Dharma and vit are surprised to see her. Kaurvaki asks for everyone’s permission to present her introduction. When granted, she says that she is the princess of Kaushali, next to Kalinga. Dharma identifies her as the one who gave food to vit, when he was hungry in the forests. but she is tensed and boggled, as to whats devi doing with her. ashoka steps up and says that she is lying, as she isnt a Princess of Kalinga. kaurvaki is happy thinking that he did recognise her. but he stuns her, by adding that she isnt a princess of any place. all are stunned and shocked. THe princesses are baffled, while kaurvaki stands hurt and apalled. Bindu asks ashoka the basis of her appeaaaarance. ashoka asks him to look at her costumes, as they seem either stolen or borrowed. she says that a man is known by the character not by the clothes, as it was told that ashoka thinks like that. Tauntingly, he asks her to quench his thirst, and asks her to tell that if she came from that far, then she couldnt have done it alone, and asks where her companions are. she stands silenced. he thinks that now she shall have to blurt the truth. Just then, one of the princesses speaks up, saying that she apologises for interference, but she knows her, as they have met her earlier from family dinner. Dharma says that truely she is a princess, and she knows her. he wonders if his mother knows her too. she also tells about how she had come home, the day when he was leaving for the competition. he thinks that she has been following him from that long. she thinks that he has no clue what turmoils she has gone through to get to him, and how she left his family too and he has no sympathy left for her, in his heart. dharma speaks highly of her humility, generosity and her humanitarian nature. kaurvaki thanks her for such a character sketch. she says that she came here, thinking, that those people were invited, who Magadh wants to have relations with. She says that if Ashoka doesnt want her to be here, then it isnt right for her to be here either. she turns around to go and leave. he says that he didnt think she would be so offended. Dharma says that she wont go anywhere, and the person who made a fault in identifying her shall have to apologise to her rightaway. Ashoka is enraged, while Kaurvaki and devi stand tensedly. Dharma tells him that be she a princess or not, this is no way to treat or talk to a lady, and asks him to apologise to her, right now, this very instant. kauravki looks down, while ashoka eyes her tensedly. all wait in anticipation, wherein finally ashoka speaks up, with folded hands, apologises, addressing her as Kaushali’s princess, for not having recognised her. sushim is amused, that atlast someone came, who made ashoka apologise to her. they are then seated, while karuvaki and ashoka are still tensed. Stealthily, Sushim is asked by his mother to focus only on Changa, as she belongs to an influential house, and once there are eco-social relationships, then there shall be no problem in materialising their motives.

Finally, Mahamatya proclaims that all the princesses have been introduced. Dharma asks if the invitation to Kalinga was sent, as she had high hopes of Princess Kaurvaki to arrive. bindu asks mahamatya if any response was received from Kalinga. he denies in negation. Dharma is tensed, wondering where she was, as she should have come, since she has always seen, kaurvaki as her daughter in law, but probably destiny wants something else. bindu extends a warm welcome to everyone, in Patliputra, and asks them to consider it as their own home, with all luxuries andf comforts. he says that there shall be many competitions wherein their qualities shall be adjudged, out of which, two shall get the good luck of being their wives. Anindini thinks that there is noone here to match her talent, and that she just awaits one chance to meet ashoka as she has come to defeat ashoka by her love only. Bindu gets up, and the entire court stands out of respect. after all disperse, kaurvaki thinks that she gave him her heart but never thought that he would break her heart like this. ashoka meanwhile is stopped by acharya, saying that he wishes to discuss something. he eyes kaurvaki strangely and then leaves, while she too is tensed.

Later, Kaurvaki and devi are in the corridor, wherein they meet Dharma. Devi refers to her as kaki, and then immediately rememebrs that she is the queen, and pays formal greetings. but dharma says that she can still call her as Kaaki. Meanwhile, kauravki also pays her respects to dharma. dharma apologises on ashoka’s behalf saying that he never normally talks to wome like that, and hs no clue why he behaved like that. kaurvaki too thinks that he is enjoying humiliating her, but asks dharma not to mind or apologise for him. dharma wonders why does she feel she knows her from before, and has talked to her from before, right here. before they met in the jungle. kaurvaki too remembers their meeting, and thinks that years back, dharma took a promise from her, but she shall not be able to fulfill it alone. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kauravki reprimands ashoka as to how dare he land in her room, without her permission. he says that this isnt her room, but his. he hears someone hollering for her, and they both get to searching for something frantically in the room. As kaurvaki twirls around, dressed in fine clothes, resembling a princess, she falls right in the arms, of ashoka, who dives in, to catch her. an awkward yet romantic embrace and eyelock follows, as he eyes her boggled. Just then, he hears a tap on his shoulder, and turns around to find dharma glaring at him. he is nervous and tensed.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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