Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat written update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st June 2016 Written Update

People cheer for Sushim. Charu looks content. Mahamatya says the next fight between Bawandar and Chakravarti Chand. He has defeated Mallu and has refused to bow his head before Samrat yet people like him. People begin to cheer for Chand before Mahamatya can even complete the sentence. Ashoka walks in. Sushim looks at him angrily. Both the brothers look at each other. Sushim recognises him to the same guy who taunted him in Kumbha Mela. They run towards each other with determination and hit each other on chests. Ashoka falls down because of the impact. It turns out to be Sushim’s imagination.

Charu is sure it isn’t Chakravarti Chand but Dharma’s son Ashoka. My eeys know him well. He has the same determination, willpower and confidence. Ashoka looks at Charu. He remembers how he accused her to using black magic to kill his mother. He next looks at Sushim. The fight begins. Ashoka beats Bawandar.

Bindu remarks that Chand is extremely swift in his actions. It is remarkable! Nobody stops cheering for Chand. Siamak comes there as well. He thinks only Ashoka can bring a smile on Bindu’s face. Ashoka looks more determined than before. Ashoka wins the competition. Sushim says he still hasn’t given up on his habit of becoming people’s favourite. Only a useless person can make place for himself in the hearts of useless people.

Jagannath halts the troops to rest for a while. Jagannath makes Bela check Kaurvaki. Bela says she is still unconscious. Jagannath says she will be away from Ashoka for forever by tomorrow.

Helena says earth will be coloured red with blood now. Mountains will bump into each other. What else is going to happen now when Ashoka and Sushim will come face to face!

Sushim wins over another competitor.

Helena places the toys in the miniature ring. What will the outcome of two great fighters standing against each other?

Mahamatya says Sushim and Chakravarti Chand will fight tomorrow. Sushim has never spared the life of any of his competitiors whereas Chand has let all his competitiors live. Who will win the title of Magadh’s Maha Yodha will be decided tomorrow.

Helena says the decision wont happen tomorrow. It was done long ago. Maurya’s kids’ will fight. The war will be scary. How will he spare his Guru’s killer? Siamak will win the fight between two lions! She hits both Sushim and Ashoka’s miniature and places Siamak’s doll on the throne.

Acharya says it will be difficult to figure out what will happen tomorrow. Sushim’s powers are mayavi. He is way more powerful than an ordinary human being. Nayak is sure bad can win over good. Ashoka has dharma and truth on his side. He has won always with it. The fire inside him will give him enough power to fight with Sushim. He has finally got a chance to take revenge for his Guru’s death and for his mother’s disrespect. Acharya RG says this fight has to be stopped. Only Devi Dharma can stop it. Go to her and bring her here right away. Nayak says we wanted Ashoka and Sushim to come face to face only. Acharya RG says this time isn’t right. We have to think of the bigger thing, our dream of united India. We have to stop the Maha Sangram through Devi Dharma. Nayak nods and leaves.

Jagannath gets to know that Chand is really powerful. He isn’t defeated as of now. He only is believed to be Ashoka. He is still following his rules and isn’t killing anyone. No one is able to verify it but everyone believes that it can only be Ashoka. Jagannath remarks it means Kaurvaki was right. Ashoka did not die.

Acharya asks Acharya RG what his motive is. Acharya RG dint want Ashoka and Sushim to fight. Devi Dharma does not want Ashoka to go back to patliputra till his anger calms down. She does not realise that it wont happen until he is there. He has to come now as he is needed there. I allowed him to be here as it was important for his destiny. Devi Dharma wouldn’t have let him do it so this competition helped. We have to be alert till she is here. Ashoka might have decided to wait till tomorrow to come face to face with Sushim but I am sure he wont wait. He will try his best to harm Ashoka.

Bela offers water to Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki understands her and her father’s plan. She throws the glass away in anger. Bela says I was scared. Kaurvaki says you could have given me poison instead. You have hurt me so badly by doing this. I couldn’t imagine you doing this to me ever. My pain, my yearning was known to you more than my mother. You knew about my tapasya coming true yet you cheated me. I thought of you as my sister. Why did you take revenge from me? What for? What was lacking in my love that you acted like my enemy! I lost the chance to meet Ashoka and also lost my beloved friend for life. Trust is gained in years but it only takes a second, just an act to break it. I can forgive you for what you did but I wont trust you ever again. Stay away from me and don’t come before my eyes. Bela agrees. I will go away from you but give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Kaurvaki looks at her.

Ashoka is eating food in his room. Acharya stands next to him. Ashoka says this only reminds me how simple living and high thinking is good for life. Salt is missing. Acharya keeps the bowl of salt closer to his plate. Ashoka thanks him. Ashoka asks for something once again. Acharya goes to get it. Ashoka remarks that the importance of food cooked by mother is understood only when you are away from home. There is a knock at the door. Ashoka finds Sushim standing at the door. Sushim and Ashoka look at each other.

Precap: Sushim and Ashoka fight. Mahamatya says one of them will lose. One only will win. We will see who loses. Dharma and Vit come there just then. Dharma says Ashoka. Ashoka stops in his tracks. Bindu is stunned to see her. Everyone looks at them in surprise.

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