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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st July 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Charumitra entering Dharma’s chamber and looking through the make up she uses. She sees a liquid and sprays two drops on herself then she applies that time Dharma enters and asks her that if she wanted make up she could have asked her she makes Charumitra to sit and combs her hair. Charu tells Dharma why she returned with her son? She stands and tells Dharma that this Sushim is not the Same one you saw 10 years back he is full of tantric powers. He is evil. Dharma tells her that if her son is evil then my son is chand. Charu turns to leave when Bindu enters he compliments on Charu’s beauty while she bends her head in shyness. He then walks over to Dharma and tells her that he likes the colou r on her. Charu looks at them in anger and leaves. Then Bindu tells that he is worried Ashok will not forgive him.
He then tells that if You and Ashoka go away I will die. Dharma asks him not to speak like that . he then tells that the citizens have cheered for me after 10 long years . Ashok hears all this standing on the doorway he thinks that I will Embrace after I kill all of my enemies.

Scene 2: kondana hideout
Helena is seen throwing everything she tells that she lost everything. Everything that she had earned after the hard work of 10 long years.
She turns but Siamak holds her hand and tells her that she has not lost everything her grandson is still alive. He tells her that he will not let anyone waste his father’s sacrifice.
Meanwhile the cooking competition starts all the princesses are allotted with different kitchens Kautvaki gears as she doesn’t know how to cook. All princesses are shown looking through their kitchens. Ashok us walking through when he sees kaurvaki struggling to make food he then asks her if she needs helps the then converse which is seen by Anandini. She cooks food that smells good to lure him to her kitchen then they are caught when Ashok is about to eat kheer. Kaurvaki comes to her kitchen and sees Devi cooking on her behalf then she gets happy . meanwhile Dharma and Charu are checking on the princesses. Dharma comes to Kaurvaki’s kitchen and tells her that she had cooked Adhok’s favorite dish. She then goes out and Devi come soyt of her hideout. Then Did vi tells Kaurvaki to get some madala she goes . Some man enters inside and adds ppisoin to ashok’s favourite dish. It is revealed to be Siamak.Kaurvaki is passing by. She sees Anandini not there in her kitchen so she enters inside and looks around.she thinks to herself whether she has made Ashoka a feast for a time. Or for a year.she leaves and dashes to Sushim outside. He holds her tells her that her kitchen smells really good and she will eat her food first.
Scene 3 : The competition hall

The royal family enters in and Ashok sees kaurvaki. His mind and heart have a fight. Ashok and Sushim go looking at all the food the princesses have made. Sushim doesn’t eat Chanda’s food as it has tulsi on it . Ashok sees Kaurvaki’s food and says that it is his favorite Anandini asks him that will hr not eat her food. He says that he can’t resist and is about to take a bite when Sushim stops him.sushim says that he is the elder one so he will have the first bite. Kaurvaki assures him and feeds him . Ashok looks at them in jealousy. Bindu thinks that the two will never change. Sushim eats the food and feels suffocating he then falls down and his face becomes blue.

Precap- Chanda tells Kaurvaki if she didn’t love him then what was the need to kill him. Bindu questions her about her enimity with Sushim. Siamak tells that Ashok is at fault . Bindu tells that you broke your promise but I the emperor of Magadh will not break my promise. He takes out his sword and places it on Ashok’s neck.

Written Update by Asmitha

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