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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Ashoka throws a rope down. He asks Kaurvaki to hold it. She does so. He tells her not to let go of it. You trust me, right? She nods. He manages to successfully pull her up. They end up falling on the ground. Kaurvaki asks him why he did not really tell her about the edge. He points out that he did say it. but I saved you. She asks him till when will he continue to do so. He replies that he will do it as many times as she will fall.

Anand asks Acharya Devrath why he is focusing on that woman instead of Ashoka. We should think of pacifying him first. Acharya Devrath says we wont be able to do so if something happens to that lady. She isn’t an ordinary woman, but Rani Dharma. Everyone is shocked. I cannot lose time. I have to find her before Kichak finds her.

Dharma tells Agnibahu that he brought Kichak’s death close by bringing her here. I am only the indication of your death. You look so shocked by seeing me here. Think what will happen when Ashoka will come here. She sits down on Kichak’s throne. Kichak and everyone look on stunned. Dharma says you made the biggest mistake by bringing me here. You have only seen Ashoka tolerance till now. You haven’t seen his anger. When he can do so much for a girl then he can do a lot more for his mother when she has been held captive by you! This is why I am saying Kichak, your death is certain! Kichak points out that if she was not important for him then he would have cut her tongue. Bhami stops her. you have invited death here. Return her safely to Ashoka if you want to stay alive. He slaps her. She again requests him. Kichak asks his soldiers to keep her in the cell where other ordinary captives have been kept. Bhami says she is Devi Dharma, magadh’s Rani, and above all a woman. When a woman was insulted in the past (in Mahabharata, etc.) then everything was finished in no time. Takshshila might be the place where you rule but it is my home. Please don’t insult it like this. Amatya seconds her. What if Bindu finds out that you are misbehaving with Rani Dharma? Kichak agrees. Keep her in a separate cell. Dharma smiles.

Kaurvaki wants to rest for a while but Ashoka refuses. I don’t need to. She reasons that she wants to rest. He agrees. They both sit down for a while. She asks him till when will they stay here, what’s to be done next. He has no answers to any of her questions. He even replies I don’t know when she asks him hs name. She laughs hearing his answer. He stares at her.

Acharya Devrath stumbles upon hearing the punishment given to Dharma. What will I tell Ashoka? He accepted me as his Guru. It is my duty to protect him. Anand shares that one should either not start the journey of truth or should not stop in his path once he does so. Don’t stop now. Acharya Devrath decides to bring Dharma back safely even if he has to sacrifice his life in the process.

Amatya wants to convey their message to Ashoka. Kichak says he will automatically come when he knows of this. Send my message to Bindu also. Entire Magadh will be under my feet then. send this message to Patliputra without fail.

Kaurvaki is trying to look something to eat when Ashoka stops her. You could have died if you had eaten that. She says I am hungry. He turns to go look for something when she murmurs that he is so good. He asks her if she said something. She says I was wondering what will we get to eat here. He mutters that princess wants to have bhoj here.

Acharya Devrath wants to attack on the palace tonight to bring back Dharma safely. He leaves with his men.

Kaurvaki is impressed to see what all Ashoka has managed to get. She remarks that her mother only used to arrange so much food for her. who did you learn to cook food from? Your mother must be a good cook. You cheated me by hiding this from me. People can be bad but no one can cheat you after knowing you. Ashoka is in thoughts. He recalls seeing his mother’s reflection in water when he had bent down to touch her feet; overhearing her another second. He asks aloud why his mother lied to him. he goes from there. Kaurvaki follows him.

A Daasi brings food for Dharma but she denies. Bhami takes the plate of food from the Daasi. She tells Dharma it wont do any good to anyone if she wont eat it. eat it for your baby atleast. Dharma apologizes to her. I don’t want to insult you or food. I don’t want to nurture my son with the food bought by money that is gained by torturing people. Bhami asks her if she can ask something from her. Dharma politely says no. I have always taught Ashoka not to do violence. I have followed what Acharya Chanakya taught me. I wont let my personal thoughts overshadow logic. Samrat had overlooked Acharya’s suggestion once and allowed your husband to rule here. I wont repeat that mistake. Bhami leaves. Dharma thinks she did mistake by hiding the truth from Ashoka. What will he do when he finds the truth?

Kaurvaki asks Ashoka why is he so restless. He says lie is the reason. I can bear it if anyone lies to me but how can my mother do so. She hid her truth from me even when she was around. how could she think I will not recognize her? She is surprised. Your mother is here? He nods. she called herself a Daasi and treated me. she hid the truth but did not lie to me. she did not lie when my life was in danger. She never stopped saying the truth even in the worst conditions but why did she do so with me! She knows how much I hate lies. Kaurvaki walks up to him. I don’t know your mother but as far as I know you, I am sure she is a great woman. You said she never lies even in any situation. There must be a very big reason behind her doing so. Think what she must be feeling. You were dead for her in that ship that sank. How difficult will it be to see you in this condition? You got upset with your allies when they did not tell you about me. what would have happened if anything had happened to you? A lot many other women would have been made the Nagarvadhu like me. Guru’s and parents are the only one who knows what is right or wrong for us. They are not always right but they always try to do what’s right for us. Ashoka realises his mistake. I have to meet my mother right now.

Precap: Kichak asks his men to take acharya Devrath to the crossroad. I will show everyone his death. Kichak hits him with hunter and ties him on that pillar. Bhami tells Dharma that she tried to stop her husband but in vain. Dharma says everything will be finished now. I can sense it that my son will come and he will come in such a way that everything will be destroyed! Ashoka is angry as he holds Acharya Devrath in his lap.

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