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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th November 2015 Written Update

Bindu signals the executioner. The executioner almost pulls the lever. Acharya Chanakya asks Samrat to stop. Sushim is alright. Bindu wastes no time. He throws his dagger and cuts the rope around Ashoka’s neck. He immediately rushes to his son’s side and removes the black cloth from around his face. Ashoka coughs. Bindu hugs his son. Dharma folds her hands thankfully as she witnesses this scene.

Mahamadhya asks Acharya why he did this. we cannot forget Ashoka’s crimes even if Sushim is alive. We cannot forgive him. acharya says the basis of justice is that the punishment should be as per the crime only. It isn’t justice if the punishment is less than the crime. It is injustice if the punishment is bigger than the crime. as per Magadh’s rules, there is no such rule for a culprit to be given death punishment while attacking a member of the royal family other than Samrat. I should tell you that Devi Dharma only treated Sushim. She only got him all hale and hearty. He confirms it to Samrat again. Sushim and Charu look at one another.

In the courtroom, Acharya announces Bindu’s new decision. Ashoka should not be given death penalty. We should now investigate the matter from the beginning. He gives Sushim a chance to relate all the incidents of that day one by one. Mahamadhya reasons that Ashoka accepted his crime. Devi Dharma also said to Samrat that Ashoka is jealous of Sushim. What truth you want to know now? Bindu allows Acharya to do what he has in mind.

Acharya turns to Sushim. Why did Ashoka used a dagger that night? Sushim too wants to know the same. Acharya says you can atleast tell how you were attacked. Mahamadhya counters him. what is important is that Ashoka attacked his brother. Acharya agrees. Why dint Sushim try to save himself when Ashoka attacked him. Sushim shares that Ashoka made his weapon fall already. Acharya points out tjat this means Sushim already had a weapon. You both were already engaged in a fight. What was it? Sushim says it was a sword. Acharya signals someone. Two guys come inside. One is dressed as Sushim and another is wearing Agradoot’s attire. They relive the entire incident. Acharya stops them. This all shows that if Sushim had a sword then Ashoka too should be holding a sword only. Sushim said that Ashoka used a knife. I want to ask Sushim if Ashoka’s sword turned into a dagger by some miracle. This clearly proves that Sushim isn’t telling us the entire truth. I want to present a witness before everyone. Ahankara walks in. Sushim looks at her in shock. Acharya signals her to speak. Ahankara says Sushim spoke truth. Agradoot overpowered Sushim. He made Sushim’s weapon fall. He dint hurt Sushim though. I recall that Sushim was lying on the floor as he was defeated. You all started knocking the door just then. I got scared. I wanted to run away. I had told the same to Agradoot but he dint want to run away. He wanted to tell you Sushim’s truth. Sushim got up just then. Ahankara shares the truth before everyone finally. Before Sushim could attack Agradoot I attacked him instead. This is the truth! I wanted to save Agradoot and not hurt Sushim. Agradoot saved my brother from this barbarous man (Sushim). Sushim claps for her. You are lying to save Ashoka’s life.

Bindu asks Ashoka to tell the reality. Acharya way too prods him for the same. for those who don’t inform real truth then someone might be achieved with injustice. It is sort of a sin for almost any Samrat if he cannot do justice. It is just a sin for the state far too. Ashoka thinks of Acharya’s words very last night time. You ought to have actually supported Ahankara in speaking truth of the matter. You ought to have helped her in getting minimum justice. You chose the simplest way. Dharma gives her swear to Ashoka. Don’t lie right now! Ashoka accepts that he lied that day. It pains me to talk the reality. My brother isn’t any under an animal. He behaved so rudely along with his can be wife. How can any Girl continue to be quiet after bearing a great deal of torture! She even now bore everything but she couldn’t choose it when her brother’s life got in hassle. She took Agradoot’s aid then. Mahamadhya asks him why he dint say this real truth before. Why did you acknowledge this crime to begin with? Ashoka asks him if he still would not have an understanding of he was conserving Ahankara and her brother. Sushim phone calls Ashoka great. He’s stating the truth! Individuals don’t know if this is your entire real truth or not. I’ll tell them. You and Ahankara required me to be out of your respective way. You attempted in addition. Ahankara is really a liar! She cheated me. I accepted her While she is definitely the daughter of traitors. She cheated me! She is characterless. Ashoka reminds him of limitations. Sushim claims you each have presently crossed the boundaries. Ashoka raises his hand on him but Sushim retains his hand. Dharma is stunned. Bindu tells them each to serene down. He dismisses the meeting. I would like to talk to Acharya Individually. Everyone leaves from there next his orders.

Bindu is pained to view two of his sons preventing like enemies right before Everybody. Is that this the future of Maurya lineage? How will that relatives, that’s breaking from inside of, will preserve India united? Acharya shares a solution – mail one particular of the sons outside Patliputra! This can be the only Remedy to this issue.

Precap: Someone attacked Takshshila. Acharya suggests sending Sushim for this task. Mahamadhya counters his decision but Acharya reasons that Sushim can go to Takshshila. He was acting Samrat for a while. Mahamadhya talks about Ashoka. He too is capable enough!

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