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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Ahenkara suggests to Bindu that Sushim was angry with me but his adore for me never obtained less thats why i gave yet one more opportunity to him thats why i agreed for relationship, Sushim suggests i will fulfill my guarantees to you personally Ahenkara, Bindu states to Ahenkara that i am pleased you may have recognized Sushim from a coronary heart, When you’ve got any issue then arrive at me with no anxiety, Ahenkara requires her brother from Sushim’s arms and leaves, Charu suggests to Bindu that dont know that’s filling your ears versus Sushim but i obtained to find out about Sushim-Ahenkara’s enjoy thats why i suggested their marriage, its good that everything is clear now, she leaves with Sushim, Bindu check with Ashok are you currently contented now? Ashok states i dont such as this royal costume, he leaves, Dharma suggests I’ll comeback, she leaves much too.
Charu says to Sushim that i taken care of every thing this time but i will likely not conserve you everytime, one side is Ashok who do every little thing to present respect to his mother and you keep carrying out matters to malign my respect, Sushim states Whatever you do? you retain putting me down, Charu states i must as you retain wanting to mess with Ashok, Sushim claims now I’ll complete Ashok, i have manufactured a plan, she inquire what approach, flashback demonstrates Sushim coming to snake supplier(mysterious girl), she inquire whom you should get rid of? he says his name is Ashok, she claims how i will enter palace? he offers her go and says this do the job needs to be finished, she suggests dont worry my snake’s bitten human being cant even inquire h2o, your operate is going to be completed, fb finishes, Charu hugs and suggests why you didnt explain to me concerning this plan before, the place is that Lady now? Sushim states she have to be in palace and specializing in her do the job.

Scene two
Ashok comes in his place, he removes his jewelry and recals how Sushim was misbehaving with Ahenkara, how he alleged her that she is trying to go close to Ashok, then how Ahenkara improved her assertion infront of Bindu, he variations his clothes and turn out to be frequent Ashok, he says i dont realize why Ahenkara is performing this, if she loves Sushim then i have no ideal to question her, the mysterious lady concerns Ashok, she mixes poison in juice and involves Ashok, she suggests this juice will maintain you relaxed, he claims how you recognize I used to be stressed? she says for any new prince, to start with working day is frantic, Ashok requires juice glass from her and is about to drink it, he talk to i didnt see you right before, she says i am appointed recently listed here, Ashok states numerous new factors are taking place currently, he is about to drink juice but Chanakya will come there, Ashok leaves his glass and goes to him, mysterious Female adjustments glass, she throws toxic juice in plant and hides behind curtain, Chanakya says to Ashok that after meal you might help me in producing some letters, Ashok states Indeed, he leaves from there, Chanakya looks at plant doubtfully and leaves too.
Prepare dinner claims to Kasturi that i will say sorry to Dharma as when she applied to operate below, i scolded her, i didnt know she was queen, Dharma comes and suggests you dont have to be sorry, you ended up doing all your responsibility, i am delighted which i did do the job with people who do the job for Bindu with whole loyalty, Mysterious Lady comes in kitchen area far too. Dharma starts off cooking in kitchen area. Radha is in kitchen area too and buying his brokers to keep watch over Absolutely everyone, Chanakya’s agent Yashesvri come across some Prepare dinner moving into kitchen with bottle, He’s going to blend liquid in meals, Yashesvri stops him and claims you recognize in advance of tasting anything at all, you cant set it in food, she phone calls soldier and question him to taste liquid, he does and says its great, cook puts that liquid in food. Radha states no gentleman looks doubtful so i need to pay attention to Females, mysterious Woman finds Radha there, she suggests I believe they’ve got acquired to find out about snake’s bite to troopers thats why They can be warn but i really have to do my operate.
Dharma finds Yashesvri there, she starts off speaking with her, mysterious lady will come there and request Yashesvri is it possible to support me to bring rice from store space, Yashesvri leaves with her, she suggests to Yashesvri that we need to provide Basmati rice to generate fantastic meals for prince Ashok, Yashesvri thinks she is apparently working from listed here from just before thats why she appreciates anything, mysterious Woman brings her to retail store home and pins poison in her feet, Yashesvri request what was that, she claims there was an ant on your own ft, Yashesvri leaves from there, mysterious Girl claims that i have provided her these poison by which her eyes will be open but she is going to be stoned.
Mysterious Girl relates to Dharma and says Yashesvri has despatched to me make meals for Ashok, Dharma request her to cut peanuts, Ashok likes it, Radha sees Yasesvri standing idle, he states why she is not responding to me. Mysterious lady opens her ring and mixes poison electricity in kheer, she brings that to Kasturi and states This really is specifically manufactured for Ashok as there are plenty of peanuts in it, Kasturi inquire her to consider it for Ashok, Mysterious lady begins taking kheer for Ashok but Radha stops mysterious Woman he talk to soldier to flavor dish, he does and claims its pretty pleasant, Radh will allow mysterious girl to acquire dish to Ashok, she thinks that till my poisonous dish will work on this soldier, Ashok would eat this also by that time.

PRECAP- The mysterious Woman provides poisonous kheer to Ashok, she claims he wont even have enough time to inquire water ahead of dying, she gives poison combined bowl to Ashok, Sushim smirks, Ashok suggests to dharma that its been quite a few days since you have make me try to eat along with your arms, feed me these days, Dharma normally takes bowl from him which is about to feed him.

Written Update By Sahir


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