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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th November 2015 Written Update

Dharma tends to Sushim’s wounds.

Ahankara asks Ashoka what he is made of. I tried to speak the truth but my truth failed before your lie. Samrat did not believe me. He tells her to forget it. I am doing it so free can be the pain of your past. Ahankara says how to live the dermas after they are snatched away. They both apologize to one another. He has one dream. Will you help me? He takes her brother in his arms. Raise him with love and faith. Don’t tell him about that Maurya who hurt you when you tell him about Maurya background. Tell him about the one who helped you. Hatred causes hatred only. Forgive Sushim. She asks him to bless her brother. Ashoka kisses him on the forehead and hugs him. She is all teary eyed as she takes her brother back from him. She hurts himself on her hear when he reaches out to her. He is taken aback.

Charu thinks of the past moments spent with her son as Dharma continues to treat Sushim. Bindu has organized a yagya for his son’s well being. He thinks of Ashoka while doing puja. Siamak cries thinking about Ashoka too. Helena comes there. He says both my brothers dint behave well with me, but I cannot see them dying. I cannot believe it that Ashoka killed Sushim. I have seen them both fighting a lot many times. He could have killed Sushim back then too. Why now? Helena says every incident teaches us something about ourselves and others. This incident teaches you not to trust anyone here, not even your brothers. She comforts him. She thinks that all the darkness will go out of his way tomorrow. no one will object as you will be the deserving candidate for the throne. My promise to Justin will come true.

Ashoka takes a bath. He gets ready for his punishment.

Dharma continues looking after Sushim.

Somebody reads him some traces from some scriptures for Ashoka. Ashoka leaves with the troopers. Everybody has collected outside to witness this incident. Ashoka is all chained when he is brought exterior for his execution. Bindu seems to be on Regrettably. Ashoka seems to be at his father. Bindu thinks of how he left the duty on Ashoka to aid his brother in his absence. Do you might have any previous wish? Ashoka wants the chains to generally be taken out for a while. Mahamadhya gets fearful but Bindu fulfils Ashoka’s wish. Ashoka walks nearly his father. They both of those Assume of their earlier joyful moments. Ashoka asks him to bless him. Bindu caresses his encounter for your second ultimately.

The Sunlight rises. Ashoka can take his posture. The soldier ties his hands and covers his facial area using a black fabric. However, Sushim opens his eyes. Bindu alerts the executioner. The executioner pulls the lever. Acharya Chanakya asks Samrat to halt.

Precap: Acharya asks Sushim why he dint try to save himself when Ashoka attacked him. Sushim gives a roundabout answer. Ahankara walks in.

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