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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Dharma apologizes to God for lying to Ashoka. This has happened for the first time in life. Ashoka will be pained to know this. He might lose his trust on me. There can be no sadder incident than this for a mother. Help me, please! Vasantsena continues to look for Dharma. Dharma prays. Goddess always takes birth on earth whenever the evil outweigh the good. My son needs you right now. Help him. Don’t punish him for my folly.

All the citizens have gathered to see Ashoka and Kaurvaki on the horse. Their faith is once again alive in him and dharma. He will surely help us gain freedom. They cheer Jai Janani. Agnibahu is forced to follow Ashoka’s horse as his hands are tied to a rope. Ashoka is holding the other end of the rope in his hands.

Anand informs Acharya Devrath that Ashoka has saved Kaurvaki. Nayak has been defeated. Acharya Devrath hugs him. They both go out.

Kichak hears the sound of the bell. Vasantsena says I have already checked there. She isn’t here. Kichak says I just heard the sound of the bell. Vasantsena calls it his illusion. The commander informs him that none of them could find Dharma anywhere. Kichak orders him to bring Dharma from anywhere at any cost. I don’t want to lose this chance to make Ashoka weak.

Dharma is hiding behind the idol of the Goddess. Acharya Devrath was right. Kichak wants to use me to make Ashoka weak in his mission. I will have to go to Ashoka right away. A soldier stands in her way as she tries to flee from there. She throws the ingredients from her puja thaal at his face and runs from there!

Ashoka stops at a point. Everyone gathers around him. He gives the rope to Kaurvaki to hold and brings one pillar. Acharya Devrath tries to help him but Ashoka asks him to move aside. I have broken my ties with you all. I don’t know what you are fighting for. your selfish decision might have made a girl lose her respect. I couldn’t have forgiven myself ever if this had happened. Acharya Devrath apologizes to him but Ashoka stays put. I will fight my battle alone. I don’t need anyone’s help. Acharya Devrath steps back. Ashoka alone positions the heavy pillar upright. Everyone looks on in shock. There are cheers of Jai Janani from all around.

Dharma meets a few ladies on the way. She gets to know that Ashoka was successful in saving Kalinga’s princess. He defeated Nayak. We are sure he only will become our saviour. Not just this, he has given respect to a woman today. He has shown it that it is the duty of every man to protect a woman. That mother is great who gave birth to a son like him! Dharma proudly smiles.

Kichak refuses to believe it that Ashoka has defeated him yet again. The soldier says this is indeed the truth. He has also kept another pillar to showcase the same. Kichak demands to know what Agnibahu was doing when Ashoka took Kaurvaki with him. Someone shares that Agnibahu was being dragged just like the Kaurvaki was dragged around town by Kichak. Kichak says it means Nayak is no more. If he was alive then he wouldn’t have let it happen. It was wrong to except victory from him when my own sister lost to Ashoka! Today I will myself go. We will come to a conclusion today! Nayak comes there just then.

Ashoka says this third pillar is the emblem of our capacity to bear things. It never makes us weak. It actually gives us strength and makes our resolve stronger. This only is our strength. No one can snatch it from us without our wish! The proof is Kaurvaki. She has proved that people are wrong to mistake a woman weak. The land never prospers where women are insulted. I, Dharmaputra Ashoka, will make such a town where women will be treated equally like men. They will study, think, opine, and speak out on their will. They will be known and respected for their individuality. Everyone cheers.

Kichak asks Nayak why Ashoka isn’t defeated when he is alive. Nayak keeps his sword down in his feet. Kichak scolds Nayak. Did you forget the vow taken by your ancestors? You lost to Ashoka? You lost out to a kid. How will you make up for it? Nayak says he isn’t only physically but mentally also strong. Kichak is not happy to hear him talking nicely about Ashoka. Everyone has disappointed me! How will you make up for this damager? Nayak offers to die on this Maha Shivratri as he failed in living up to his word.

Agnibahu also says Jai Janani. He acts to be sorry for what he has done. Please forgive me. Ashoka says your actions justify death as your sentence. Agnibahu cries. Ashoka says it will be a mistake to raise a weapon on a person who is actually weak. I will punish you in such a way that you will realise what it is to insult someone, especially a woman! Ashoka cuts the hairs off Agnibahu’s hairs. He pulls off his earrings. Agnibahu cries in shame and pain as Ashoka tears off his clothes also. Ashoka announces that this will be the punishment for anyone who insults a woman or stays quiet during that tenure. He turns to go when Kaurvaki holds his hand. you saved my life and respect even after knowing how I cheated you. Please forgive me. He makes her get up. She is about to hug him but he stops her from doing so. I would have done the same thing for any other woman, even if she has cheated me. it is my dharma to respect a woman. I never stop following my dharma come what may! Our paths are separate from hereon! She looks at him as he walks away.

Precap: A man tells Acharya Devrath that Vaid raj is not back since the day he came to cure Ashoka. Plus neighbours and his family members told me that he has no sister! Another guy tells him that Dharma went to a temple. Kichak and his men were also there. Acharya Devrath falls down in shock. She isn’t an ordinary woman, but Rani Dharma. Dharma walks up to Kichak. Ashoka is on his way to some place. 

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