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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Radha claims to Chanakya that we must always look into about poison, Chanakya says we dont have Substantially time, the killer will seek to attack yet again, We’ve to stop him/her, Radha states we dont understand about killer, how will we catch him, Chanakya question precisely what is the simplest way to present poison to anyone? Radha says To combine it in food stuff, Chanakya suggests hold eye in kitchen area ship your top secret brokers and ask them to style food stuff, my secret agent Yashesvri is in kitchen area far too, Radha goes to kitchen, Chanakya sit back and states Ashok became prince now only and attacks have started out from now only, until achieving throne, what would come about to Ashok.
Ashok is with Ahenkara, Ahenkara says that atleast by killing my mom and father, you grew to become prince, Ashok states for those who wanna destroy me Then you can certainly but dont destroy me with the bitter words and phrases, if i can perform anything at all then I’ll, Ahenkara states why you take care of me a lot? Ashok says you are my friend as well as your difficulties are my problems, Ahenkara suggests only This is often reason? Ashok claims whatever happened in your lifetime, it is actually to some degree relevant to me, your mom died and I had been among the reason too so If you would like just about anything from me then tell me, Ahenkara claims anything? he suggests Sure, Ahenkara receives psychological and appears absent, Ashok claims you’re worried with regards to Sushim, she suggests nothing at all like that, he turns her experience toward him and suggests in case you dont convey to me then how will i resolve your trouble, Ahenkara looks at him and hugs him emotionally, Sushim arrives there and sees them hugging, he is available in angrily and pulls away Ashok, he punches Ashok, Ashok falls down, he will get up, Sushim suggests how dare you contact my can be wife, Ashok says absolutely nothing like that, Sushim claims i noticed it with my eyes, Ahenkara claims that you are imagining Incorrect, Sushim suggests this means you gave your hand by will, i am seeing that from your time you know Ashok is prince, you are trying to in close proximity to him, Ashok claims you cant allege her similar to this, Sushim suggests you want me for being silent following looking at All of this, this Ahenkara wants to get rid of me so thats why going close to Ashok in addition to Ashok will marry a princess thats why likely near to Ahenkara, he states to Ahenkara that dont overlook i am accomplishing favor on you by marrying you, you reside on my price, Ashok claims Anyone has proper to desire, Sushim inquire him to go away from in this article, Ashok says That is Ahenkara’s home, you have no correct to generally be here similar to this, Ahenkara states i dont want to be cause of struggle in between two brothers, you equally depart from below, Ashok states to Sushim that you are my brother but dont check my endurance a great deal which i will ignore it much too, he leaves from there, Sushim says to Ahenkara that if you are trying to tell anyone which you dont wanna marry me You then will reduce your brother as well like your mother and father, he brings out knife and is particularly going to destroy Ahenkara’s brother, she states no, i wont say just about anything to any individual, dont hurt him, Sushim suggests thats like a excellent spouse, he leaves.

Scene two
Dharma states to Bindu which i accustomed to Cook dinner food items for royal household when i was Sevika and now I’m Portion of royal relatives so i need to cook food items for my loved ones, Bindu states why no, he check with Kasturi to try and do preparations in kitchen, Bindu says you will be obtaining coupled with my loved ones nicely, Ashok will come there, Bindu talk to him to come in, he inquire Ashok why you are in anger? did a thing took place? Ashok states Indeed and We’ve got to offer notice to it else her daily life might be ruined, she doesnt want to marry Sushim, she didnt inform me but she claimed that her mom was employing it, Bindu states i know that but Charu explained to me that Sushim and Ahenkara loves each other, Once i introduced their relationship, Ahenkara appeared pleased, Ashok states probably she was acting, Dharma recalls how Sushim was misbehaving with Ahenkara, Dharma says to Bindu that we should take a look at this make any difference as Additionally you dont wan a loveless life for Sushim, Bindu states you might be suitable, he talk to soldier to connect with Sushim in courtroom.
Sushim comes in hir space and throws absent factors, Charu will come and request What exactly are you undertaking, Sushim claims i agreed to marry her but i cant bear insult anymore, Charu claims did she insult you? Sushim claims Ahenkara provides extra significance to Ashok than me, i have warned her, Charu states you will be mad, almost nothing will occur by warning her as though Ashok tells anything to Bindu about your habits then your dream of becoming Samrat will break way too, ahead of Ahenkara reaches Bindu, I’ve to talk to her.
Ahenkara, Ashok are with Dharma and Bindu, Bindu request Ahenkara to inform every little thing Evidently, Dharma claims you dont must be concerned, its about your lifestyle, Bindu states that i promised your father that i will secure you, in the event you dont want this relationship then tell me, AShok question her to talk up, Ahenkara suggests you people have accepted your enemy’s daughter and it has supplied right to be your daughter in regulation, i wont be able to payback your debts, there was a time when i liked Sushim but now.. Charu and Sushim comes there with Ahenkara’s brother, Charu claims that Sushim instructed me if i want to locate Ahenkara then i have to search out Ashok 1st, your friendship is astounding, Sushim points at knife, Ahenkara receives afraid, Charu claims your brother was crying so I assumed come across you, Sushim suggests Ahenkara is hectic conversing with Bindu, I’ll handle her brother as he is my responsibility far too, he requires brother in his arms and functions like he slipped from hsi hands but he holds him in time, Dharma check with him to be careful, any time you acquire obligation, It’s important to fulfill it, Charu says what you are attempting to declare that my son just isn’t effective at taking over tasks? Dharma suggests nothing like that, Charu request Ahenkara to accomplish her speak, Ahenkara states to Bindu that there was a time Once i and Sushim utilized to really like each other but immediately after flammable palace incident, our relation obtained strained, Sushim was offended with me and he alleged me as well for that conspiracy, i commenced believing that Sushim doesnt like me anymore but it had been my misunderstanding only, Sushim smirks, Ashok angrily seems to be at Sushim.

PRECAP- The mysterious girl mixes poison in Ashok’s dish, she says he wont even have time to ask water before dying, she gives poison mixed bowl to Ashok, Ashok says to dharma that its been many days since you have make me eat with your hands, feed me today, Dharma takes bowl from him and is about to feed him.

Written Update By Sahir


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