Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat written update

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bindu’s courtroom
Bindu says that the people are the priority, and that they are terrified of gondna and the taxe4s, and he needs to get rid of that fear and to make them fearless, and hence he wishes to divide the work between the three, which shall act as a test, to test their capability as a suitable choice for the throne. sushim immediately presents his candidature that he shall get rid of these illegal taxes within 2 weeks, and those people who are criticising the internal working of the state, shall be renedered speechless, hinting at ashoka. Ashoka taunts that its noteworthy that those who have been overlooking these taxes are talking about equivocal confirmation of the rules. all get tensed. ashoka says that there lies someone between them who is supporting them, helping them or aiding them, and instigating them furthermore. they are enraged. bindu says that if anything else, this is true that sushim was not able to protect the gondna taxes, and hence this duty allocation is taken away from him. all are shocked. sushim says that he is the eldest brother. bindu appoints him therefore, as the head of the external security and safety matters, and asks him to consider it his good luck. he then turns to ashoka and asks him to be in charge, of the investigation and abolishment of these secretive taxes, since he was the first person to have reported it, and since he started, he shall by fate end it too. he appoints him as the head of the internal security and safety. he says that since siamak has always been associated with money and likes it, he is in charge of the taxes and revenue generation, and that any internal amendments in the contemporary tax policy shall render the indebted people, some relief. he remembers dharma’s suggestion, and announces another decision, of an invitation to the princesses of neighbouring countries, in the Shraavan Mela, so that they can select their suitable wives from the same. they together protest against this decision. bindu says that its good they agree on something atleast, which means his decision is right. ashoka tries to interrupt, but bindu says that his advise isnt solicited and its an order. he then takes leave, and disperses the meeting. ashoka and sushim eye each other tensedly. ashoka walks out tensedly in the corridor, and almost ignores acharya, who asks about his wounds. he talks about his wrestling with shushim. he says that he had no idea sushim was so powerful. as they sdtart strolling together, ashoka says that something has changed in the past ten years, which is inexplicable, as he has matured and bettered his performnace. he is told that the change in his power and mentality, is due to the tantric, who brought this change, and they need to eye him. ashoka says that isnt priority. he is more concerned about gondna’s taxes. he asks about the work of the spies. acharya tells him, that in his ten years of anonymous exile, to protect him, dharma and vit, was a priority, so that they could return to patliputra safely. ashoka says that now they have returned. he says that now they need to outsmart sushim in the Gondna matters. Ashoka tells Acharya to depute some secret spies, so that they can monitor the working strategy of the Gondna Tax.

Scene 2:
Location: Public Place
Acharya notices Gondna people blackmailing people, marking a checkpost, beyond which entry is allowed only after they pay some tax. they are also threatened through knives, to put as per their capacity, so that they can be safe from troubles, literally warning them. the spies notice how secretively the people working for Gondna are doing their job, in the disguise of common people. unabashed and unashamed, they keep working as per their strategies, and then finally they grab hold of a commoner, not able to pay the taxes for a month now. but he is confronted by ashoka, seeing whom he gets petrified, and runs away, with ashoka in toe after him. the onlookers are surprised. while running after him, he collides into kaurvaki. a romantic eyelock follows. he gathers her up, and then finds the rogue running away. she stares at him overwhelmingly. he reprimands her for interfering in his work every single time, and asks why is she following him. she gets into a verbal scuffle with him as usual. its interrupted by devi, who is happy seeing ashoka, and then asks about dharma and vit. but before he could answer, she gets again in his way, and asks how dare he accuse her. he ignores her and turns to devi. he asks devi not to be formal, and she can address him and his family as usual, as that shows personal relations, and they are indebted to her and her father. kaurvaki thinks getting jealous, about his double behaviour in front of her and kaurvaki herself. just then, attendants come to take care of ashoka, while devi iontroduces kaurvaki to him, but he chooses to ignore. she stands tensedly, while devi talks about how much she loves him, like a wife. kaurvaki says that her introduction isnt needed, so that she can know whats in his mind. Kaurvaki is surprised, as people greet ashoka and talk to him about the imvitation being extended for his matrimony. to tease her, ashoka all the more asserts about the same. he then wishes them and leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Royal Courtyard
Ashoka aims at the bull’s eye, while practising his archery and bow, when acharya comes and warns him indirectly about the impending danger, from the enemy. ashoka is interested and he is taken away.

Scene 4:
Location: Market Place
Acharya shows the dead body of a man hanging in the middle of the crossroads, who he recognises as the same man who he had run after earlier in the day. acharya tells ashoka that this is a message, that he could have reached gondna through him, and hence they killed him. he says that whoeevre tries to go after him, would meet with similar fate. ashoka is enraged, and says that before gondna does anything else barbaric to any other witness, they should hold all gondna workers captive, without any further delay. acharya complies. Later, while gondna workers continue with their activities, they are stealthily and secretively held captive. Meanwhile, kaurvaki storms ahead, when devi asks her to introduce herself, as she doesnt have time to play these games. kaurvaki is adamant that she wont, as if she does, then how would she know, whether he remembers her and her love or not, and whether she holds any importance for him or not. she says that love isnt forced but untuitive. devi tries to make her understand, that she needs to introduce herself. a leering person follows them, and devi somehow manages to distract them, while kaurvaki is about to retaliate in anger. as they move ahead, they are stopped and confronted by two more guys. The screen freezes on their tensed faces.

Precap: Sushim tells ashoka, that he doesnt think these gondna workers shall open their mouths in front of him, out of fear. ashoka says that they silenced him, but now he has a way out, to let them speak up. Later, in front of acharya, ashoka manages to get them to spill the truth out, that these people are very discreet and secretive in their dealing, as one person managing the taxes doesnt know about anyone else’s working strategy, and that a tattoo on the arm is whats their identifying mark. Later, ashoka says that for the benefit of the country and the human mankind, this is his first step towards achieving his goal, and to achieve this, he can go to any lengths.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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