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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Ashoka begisn to ties his wound when Dharma offers to do it. Her hands are wavering. He says I am angry with those who lied to me. She thinks how will he forgive her when he finds out she has also lied to him. He says I would have taken Ma’s blessings if she was here. He seeks her blessings. Bless me as whatever is happening with Kaurvaki is wrong. My Guru Acharya Chanakya’s dream of united will be unfulfilled if anything happens to Kalinga’s Princess in Takshshila. I don’t want anyone to point a finger at Magadh in future because of our old enmity with Kalinga. She blesses him and also dos his tilak / aarti. She gives him his sword. He leaves from there. Dharma says I know you will make the impossible possible. You will unite India and fulfil Acharya Chanakya’s dream. Your mother’s blessing is always with you!

Kaurvaki is brought before Kashi. Kashi makes her wear the nose ring sent by Kichak. You will become the Nagarvadhu as soon as you wear it. You are lucky to get it from Mahanayak Kichak himself. Kaurvaki tries to fight to not wear it. Nayak tells Kashi to stop. Her fate is in Ashoka’s hands. I gave one last chance to Ashoka to save her from becoming the Nagarvadhu. If he succeeds then let her go. If he fails then do what Kichak has asked you to do! You will have to wait till then. Kashi angrily asks him who he is to order her. What if we don’t do what you are asking for? He tells her to pray that he does not return alive from the fight. If that happens then I will throw you in the same cupboard for which you scare others. If you still survive from the poisonous scorpions then I wont think for another second before slitting your throat! He leaves from there. Agnibahu advises her not to go against Nayak. Not even Kichak will be able to save you from Nayak’s wrath if he does get angry! Kashi looks upset whereas Kaurvaki is happy.

Ashoka meets Nayak at the said point. Nayak is glad to see him here. Ashoka asks him why he is doing this when he does want to save Kaurvaki. Nayak replies that it was my duty to inform you and my dharma to follow the command of Mahanayak. Ashoka reasons that he is fighting for the wrong people. Nayak says you will understand with experience why someone does what something. Ashoka replies that he has enough experiences to understand the difference between right and wrong. They both engage in a sword fight. Ashoka is hurt. He shouts Ma. Dharma stands up with a start. Vasantsena comes there just then. How did you allow Ashoka to go? Don’t you know no one could defeat Kichak till date? Dharma replies that even death could not defeat Ashoka till now. Vasantsena nods. Ashoka is good but how will he still be able to fight with the man who pushed a giant elephant only using his hand! Dharma gets concerned for Ashoka.

Nayak asks Ashoka if he is only this strong. Why did Acharya Chanakya trust you? MAgadh does not know who they are trusting by mistake. Kaurvaki is also a fool to think that you will save her. History will also be a proof of this. Magadh’s prince could not save the princess of Kalinga!

Vasantsena takes Dharma out on the pretext of doing puja in Shiv temple. All the wishes come true if you pray there. Dharma readily agrees. She leaves without informing anyone. Vasantsena takes her from the same secret route.

Acharya Devrath feels guilty for hiding the truth from Ashoka. I feel as if I cheated Acharya Chanakya.

Vasantsena drops a letter on her way to the temple. The commander picks it up. Mahadev’s temple is written on it. Dharma and Vasantsena reach the temple. Dharma hits her head before the Shivlinga. Satiate the thirst of blood from mine if this motherland needs blood! Save my Ashoka please. I have seen him broken. I wont be able to see him lose. I want him to be capable enough to fight anything and anyone which is an obstacle in his dream of united india. You will have to hear my prayers today!

Ashoka throws the dirt in Nayak’s eyes and points the sword at him. Nayak requests him to kill him. It will be a proud moment for me to die by your hands. Ashoka says I only kill the evil people and not the dedicated ones like you, who risk their life to live by the words of their ancestors. He hits him on the head. Nayak gets unconscious.

Kichak wants to make Ashoka weak by using his mother against him. Dharma hopes Ashoka understands the reason as to why she hid the truth from Ashoka. Vasantsena is getting impatient. Bhaiya is taking so much time in coming here. I hope God does not listen to Dharma’s prayers. She goes outside to look for her brother.

Ashoka reaches Kashi’s place. Kaurvaki sees him from upstairs. He heads inside to take her with him. Kashi points a dagger at his neck. Her Daasi’s stop Kaurvaki. Ashoka asks Kashi not to stop him. She asks him if he will hurt a woman. Kaurvaki bites at the hands of the ladies. She throws a vase at Kashi’s head. A prince cannot raise his hand at a lady but a princess can! She yet again hits at Kashi’s head. She falls unconscious. Ashoka is happy to see her safe. Agnibahu was trying to escape but Ashoka holds him. You will be our gate pass. All three of them head out. People clap for Ashoka. Kaurvaki and Ashoka sit on the horse while Agnibahu is still tied to a rope which is in Ashoka’s hands.

Vasantsena is surprised to see Dharma gone by the time she is back in temple. Kichak and everyone come there then. He demands for Dharma. He orders everyone to look around. they all go in different directions. Kichak hears the sound of bell.

Precap: Kichak scolds Nayak for losing out to a kid. How will you make up for it? Nayak offers to die on this Maha Shivratri as he failed in living up to his word. Ashoka tells Kaurvaki that he would have done the same thing for any woman. Our paths are separate from hereon!

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