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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Snake is going towards Ashok, Ashok is in tub, having tub Snakt attempts to bite him but Ashok moves from there, Ashok is seeing perfumes in washroom and likes them, he says so a lot of things are here once and for all bath but i like to get straightforward bath, Ashok takes 1 bottle which is about to open up it however it falls in tub, Ashok goes in tub, Snake goes in also, Ashok will come out and is ok, he question Troopers not to flip until i dont say, he finds garments there and usually takes it, he leaves from there, Troopers convert and does come across him, snake bites them, they fall.

Noor comes in jail, she offers revenue to soldier and states Bindu must not know about it, he suggests we are Khurasan’s loyal, he presents keys to Noor and depart, noor opens cell and goes in Khurasan’s mobile, she sees his a single eye being wrecked, she’s pained, she sit in his ft and states Dharma and Ashok must bear pain for supplying you with suffering, that Dharma have snatched spot of becoming Bindu’s 2nd wife but know people today will don’t forget me as Khurasan’s daughter, I’ll choose revenge from that Dharma and Ashok.
Dharma thanks Charu for sending her dasies to her, Charu suggests you might have approved my dasies nevertheless it looks as if you dont rely on me, Dharma says practically nothing like that, i like to do my items, Bindu comes and suggests queen Dharma feels good to carry out her operate along with her arms, I’m absolutely sure she mentioned no to the dasies for this reason only, Helena says appropriate but she is now queen, Ashok and Dharma must accept royalty, I’m sure her life was very tricky so I would like them to enjoy royal existence now, they must appreciate luxury in this article, Subhrasi check with where is Noor? Siamak will come and claims she’s unwell so she’s resting, Dharma suggests I’ll go and Check out her, Helena claims no she need to be resting, if needed then I’ll head to her, Bindu states she is true, if Noor desires then Helena will check out her, Ashok enters place and is royally dressed, Bindu and Dharma smiles observing him, he has sporting royal jewelry, he says I realize i am not on the lookout wonderful in these dresses, i feel like i am caught in these clothes, I’ll change them, Bindu says no these dresses are searching wonderful on you, he hugs Ashok, Drupat states me too, Drupat and Siamak hugs him also, all smile, Bindu states when i hug my three sons collectively then i truly feel so much peace, Sushim arrives and states you’re forgetting that you have 4 sons, Bindu suggests i didnt mean that, Sushim says I realize your adore are going to be divided additional now so I’m seeking to cope up with that only, Helena says we should always start out lunch, they sit to take in, cook is tasting food 1st, Ashok talk to why you happen to be tasting every single dish? Chanakya suggests poison is often mixed in food stuff so they are tasting it prior to royal family eat it for the safety, Ashok claims why they need to set their lifetime at risk for me? its quite challenging to Are living prince’s everyday living, we cant even put on garments of our personal preference, Siamak claims you’re going to get used to all this, Ashok states but i am not at ease, he ask Bindu am i able to don my previous garments? Chanakya states till your interior coronary heart will not be accepting All of this then how you might settle for it in life? You need to get snug with all this, You must be soft towards All of this and you simply dont have any other preference, Ashok appears to be like at Dharma who nods to him to accept it, he smiles.

Scene 2
Noor says to Khurasan that Dharma will try to invest far more time with Bindu, also Bindu will give additional relevance to Ashok, Khurasan states these things was present earlier as well, Noor states but you had been with me but now i am feeling so by itself, I’m having weak, Khurasan suggests you happen to be solid, you have to concentration, do another thing, get started chaos in city, ensure it is seem like that Bindu cant survive without Khurasani guidance, all the things ought to be chaotic Then you really will kill Ashok, Sushim and Drupat, only Siamak will stay to get Samrat, Noor suggests how will i do All of this by yourself? Khurasan claims no you are not by yourself, a person is there that will help, its Khurasan, Dastan, Noor states no, regardless of what happened before, he will not enable me after that, Khurasan claims the girl who held affair magic formula from his father, from his spouse and truth of her son then just about anything is feasible for her, its only Dastan who can help us to accomplish what we would like.
Chanakya states to Radha that Noor isn’t noticed anyplace, we should know about her whereabouts, also Helena have presented Justin’s place to Ashok, dont determine what she’s upto, he finds Ashok’s space open up and suggests Ashok explained he went from him home silently with out telling soldiers so why his home is open up? they go in and finds troopers dead there, Chanakya says to Radha that enemies have started their attacks on Ashok, Ashok is Blessed that he is safe this time, they have got unsuccessful this time so they will test once again, Radha says i will inform Bindu, Chanakya says no, Ashok will find out about it then he can be afraid and enemy can take full advantage of it, he finds snake’s bite on soldier’s feet and claims their aim was to get rid of and We’re going to use this towards them.

PRECAP- The mysterious girl mixes poison in Ashok’s dish, she says he wont even have time to ask water before dying, she gives poison mixed bowl to Ashok, Ashok says to dharma that its been many days since you have make me eat with your hands, feed me today, Dharma takes bowl from him and is about to feed him.

Written Update By Sahir


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