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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th June 2016 Written Update

The man speaks to two guys named Uttar-Dakshin. He asks for the update on Nirankush and the effect of Gondna tax on people. Uttar gives positive feedback while Dakshin speaks about a man who refused to give tax in the name of Godna. Flashback is show. I pay tax only to Samrat. I wont do anything even if you try to scare me. He hears someone shouting and goes out to check. Soldiers have killed his parents. He cries in pain and agony. Flashback ends. The guy says you have to give second shock as well so that the fear does not go. It is the right time to establish Gondna tax. We will destroy Magadh. No one will be able to save it. The man laughs. Uttar and Dakshin bow down before him. The man heads inside.

Ashoka has left with Garud and the soldiers. I am leaving you at this point Kaurvaki but I am following your words. I am headed on the right path now. I cannot look back right now. We will meet once again if God wishes. But this time the wait will not be this long. We will meet real son. He is outside the gate of Patliputra palace. A soldier throws spear towards him but Ashoka holds it with his hand. Soldier is taken aback. Soldiers stand in his way. Ashoka says I dint come here to hurt someone or to enter inside without permission. He tells them to inform Rani Dharma. They demand to know who is. He says Chandragupta Maurya’s grandson, Samrat BIndu and Rani Dharma’s son, Rajkumar Ashoka. They are surprised. He tells them to go in. Inform my mother. Ask her to let me in so I can fulfil the dream which I left 10 years ago. The soldier goes inside running in excitement, shouting the message. Rajkumar Ashoka is asking for permission to enter inside Patliputra. Daasi’s and soldiers get happy.

Bindu says who the one who tried to catch our soldiers is and tried to get inside Patliputra. The soldier says we don’t know that but he seems to be very strong. Bindu reasons that whoever he is, he is crossing our limits without permission. How dare he enter inside? Arrest him before he does so. Soldier replies that he still hasn’t come inside. He is waiting at the gate, seeking permission from Rani Dharma to enter in Patliputra. He is calling himself Rajkumar Ashoka. Everyone is surprised. Sushim thinks of tantric’s words. Mahamatya reminds Bindu that he had banished Ashoka from Patliputra for forever. We must discuss about it thoroughly before doing anything. Siamak seconds him. He disrespected you in Nalanda and tried to hurt his own brother. It clearly shows he hasn’t lost his anger. He has become Maha Chand from Chand. Sushim nods. They shouldn’t forget he had vowed to kill everyone once. Mahamatya says we understand your feelings as a father but we should remember what happened 10 years ago. We shouldn’t get emotional while making this decision.

Bindu replies that Ashoka has already borne punishment for what he did. It was not a short time. Mahamatya nods. But we punish someone to see that person change for good. Ashoka is still aggressive just like before. The proof of the same is the soldiers who he has brought here as captives. Acharya RG says we must know first who those soldiers belong to. We must not come to any conclusions without knowing the truth. What was the reason for Ashoka to drag them all the way till here? Ashoka hasn’t crossed his limit. He has respected your order. He dint do it. He could enter and no one could stop him. He asked for permission for the same. This is following the limits and not breaking it. Bindu says everything changes with time. Only the suggestions in regard of my son Ashoka did not change in time. Earlier also the opinion of everyone used to differ. The trend is same today. Does anyone else have to say anything? Acharya RG reasons that only Rani Dharma can take decision on the matter. He has sought permission from her. Bindu nods.

Charu is trying to get ready to look more beautiful to attract Bindu. I want jewellery just like Dharma. Sushim shakes his head seeing her thus. You cannot think of anyone else but you nowadays! She does not pay heed so he throws the jewellery away. He tells her about Ashoka standing by the door, asking for permission from Dharma to come inside. Charu knows that Samrat left the decision on Dharma. Sushim argues who she is to take such an important decision. Charu replies that there is no point fighting anymore. What has to happen will happen now. If you don’t want to lose then change your game plan. He looks upset.

Vit asks his mother why she is so tensed. You wanted BHaiya to be home. You should be happy. Dharma replies not like this. Why does he not do anything quietly? He calls her disturbed. She says you are making me all the more tensed. He goes from there. Dharma thinks of her dream. Acharya RG says the one who you think to be the destruction may turn out to be the shade that Magadh needs. Maybe it is the beginning of a change. She shares that she saw the sensitive Ashoka change into an animal. He has become so aggressive that he cannot see anything. If I allow him inside then he will kill everyone. He wont leave anyone alive who has insulted his mother, or has killed his Acharya. Acharya RG says maybe it is right. We all have misunderstood him. Ashoka knows that his Guru’s killers are an obstacle in Magadh’s prosperity. They are beyond change so they have to be destroyed completely. She worries for his actions while he speaks of united India’s dream. I request you not to be a hindrance in his destination. I trust him completely. You also know Acharya Chankya could see what no one could see. He saw Ashoka capable of fulfilling the dream he was knitting. It is time to support Ashoka. There are many people who will try to create problems in his way but there are only a few people who can support him. Dharma thinks of Acharya Chankya’s words. She allows Ashoka to enter inside Patliputra.

A conch his heard. Ashoka smiles hearing it. I was waiting to hear it since years. He rubs Patliputra’s dirt on his head. Jai Janani! Ashoka enters inside followed by the soldiers. Soldiers and citizens cheer for Ashoka. Ashoka thinks of all the vows he had taken before leaving Patliputra. Everyone comes out to see. Sushim, Charu, Siamak, Mahamatya and Helena look at him pointedly. Vit and Dharma look on happily. Bindu sees Ashoka stepping down from Garud and walking inside. He pulls the rope which makes the soldiers fall down on the ground. He leaves them there and walks up to Bindu. Bindu remarks that he has come back as Chand only. Is this necessary? Why did you trouble innocent people? Ashoka taunts him for punishing his own son, his wife and the newly born kid. I will ask you a question today? Why is magadh in this condition today? There is injustice happening in Magadh under your nose only which you are unaware of. He tells him about the soldiers abducting innocent people. I freed them and brought the culprits here. 10 years ago, you ended Das tradition in Magadh upon my saying. These people were still doing the same. They had women also. Devi and Dhaniram were two people out of the lot who had helped your sons and your wife for years. I reached on time today but what about other people? Who will free them?

Precap: Ashoka tells Bindu that there are some people who are still following Das tradition against your order. Bindu demands to know who it is but Ashoka suggests him to ask his beloved son instead who manages all the internal affairs here. Sushim thinks tonight will be Ashoka’s last night. Ashoka thinks I also assure you, you will die by my hands only.

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