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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Chanakya suggests to Radha that helena has asked Bindu to Enable her get rid of Justin with her palms to make sure that she’s projected as wonderful queen, in coming decades people today will contact Justin betrayer and Helena soon after providing Dying to him will turn into fantastic queen and any person become good identity in men and women then its extremely hard to earn in opposition to her, we will earn from an individual but we cant earn against her followers, her respect in men and women’s coronary heart.
Helena says to herself that i am not planning to beg on my knees, one prediction of that old lady has occur true but i wont get rid of like this, artist arrives there and claims you identified as me? Helena claims i want to you to generate a sketch of Justin through which i maintain sensation that Justin is alive.
Ahenkara gives letter to Ashok and states Let’s say it doesnt access to my mother? Ashok states dont Consider lousy, you’ll get opportunity to meet up with your mother via this letter only, she claims what you are executing is betrayal, Ashok says if i dont make it easier to then I’ll feel more terrible, Ahenkara suggests i dont want you be punished and truly feel guilty because of me, Ashok states i is going to be responsible if i dont make it easier to, he leaves, Ahenkara smiles sweetly.

Scene 2
Noor and siamak relates to satisfy Justin jail, he sees Siamak and recalls how Noor informed him that Siamak is his son, he will get emotional, he sit back on his knees, sees Siamak and cries, he kisses his fingers, Siamak ask why you probably did it? why? Justin is stunned, siamak claims no matter what you say but I am aware you cant destroy me, Siamak suggests You aren’t very good human being, you are certainly negative, Justin cries and suggests i dont know everything, he tells Siamak some thing in ear, siamak is stunned listening it, Noor takes Siamak from there.
Bindu claims to himself that with Justin’s Dying tomorrow, alot will probably be completed from my everyday living, the suffering of wounds will never go away, i have forgiven you but cant ignore it,
Justin is in his mobile, artist is creating his sketch, Helena is there much too, she’s in tears.
Khurasan concerns Noor and states i told you many times not to give thought to Justin, he is going to slap her but Siamak arrives and claims beware when you contact my mom then i will overlook who will you be, Khurasan and Noor are stunned.
Sushim suggests to charu and khalatak that siamak will see his guru dying tomorrow, khalatak suggests this isn’t the time to discuss, This is certainly time for you to take advantage of predicament, tomorrow I’ll check with brahmins and they’re going to force Bindu to help make Sushim new king, tomorrow Justin will die and Sushim can have new lifestyle.
Justin is sitting, artist is generating his sketch, Helena is there, she’s in tears.
Siamak is sadly sitting in his space, Ashok arrives and sit beside him, he says I realize what you are sensation now, Justin was your Instructor and Expert, Siamak recalls how justin told him in ear to become Samrat and secure his mother, he states i will turn into Samrat of magdh making sure that I am able to safeguard my mom, AShok suggests you may be excellent Samrat, i might be your Military head and is likely to make Magdh extra sturdy.
soldier involves Justin and states your time and efforts has come, Justin will take tub, He’s given foodstuff t consume, Justin recalls how he was presented death sentence by Bindu, how Siamak came to satisfy him, He’s in tears, palms shivering, he eats foods, beverages water.
Helena is checking out Justin’s sketch, soldier arrives and says soon justin will get Demise sentence, he leaves, Helena touches sketch emotionally.
Bindu relates to Justin in jail, he ask do you may have any very last desire? Justin seems to be on, closes his eyes and sees Noor, Siamak and Helena, he claims my past want is that my mom will not be present there After i will probably be offered Demise sentence, Bindu says this is impossible as i have to meet her wish, she wishes to give you Loss of life along with her hands, Justin is stunned, he suggests if Helena has considered that then there have to be reason at the rear of it, Bindu leaves.

PRECAP- Justin will almost certainly palace, folks are chanting towards him. in open up court, Helena suggests i did error for not providing him punishment right before but now I’ll punish him with my very own arms, I’ve provided start to this dirt and i will finish it now, Noor hugs Siamak and closes her eyes.

Written Update By Sahir


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