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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th November 2015 Written Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Rajmata Helena gets Noor’s message. She is glad to realise that Daastan is under Noor’s spell now. She will come soon. She looks at Justin’s bloodied cloth. It is time for revenge. Sushim wont survive. Ashoka will die. Both the obstacles will be out of our way at once. On the other hand, Noor and Daastan will end the Maurya lineage. No one can stop Siamak from sitting on the throne. She keeps the cloth back in her trunk. She happily plays a musical instrument. She laughs through her tears.

Acharya tells Ashoka that this is politics. You wont be able to understand things properly. There will be so many people in the court tomorrow who would want you to die, and never sit on the throne. Ashoka says that was never my intention. I always wanted to help citizens get justice. Acharya points out that there is no way to prove his intentions. I know you dint attack Sushim. One has to live to help motherland. Your death will only help your enemies. How will I help you if you don’t tell me the truth? Ashoka insists that he did attack his brother. Acharya has seen Ahankara’s hesitance and fear when Bindu was talking to her. Why do you want to save her? It is very selfish of you. You are risking other people’s lives and dreams to save just one person! You will be given death penalty for being a traitor. Afterwards, if Sushim is still alive, he will take over the throne. Tomorrow, in the courtroom, will be your last chance to tell the truth. Think through. Do you want to give a new hope to Magadh or want to darken its future for forever?

Rani Noor explains the layout of their palace and nearby areas to Daastan. Chankya’s spies are everywhere. Nothing can be hidden from him. It is almost impossible to cross this area without getting in his notice. Daastan agrees to do anything for her. The best way to get inside any house is through inside. Get ready to bid adieu to your pains and Bindu. She wants Chankya to die first of all. Death cannot reach Patliputra till he is alive!

Vaid ji leaves everything on God. I did everything that I could. It will be good if Sushim wakes up by the same time tomorrow. Charumita is in tears. Bindu too looks sadly at Sushim. Dharma comes there but Charumita stops her. Dharma wants to help Sushim. Charumita refuses to let her or her son come near Sushim. Have you come to make sure if my son is alive or not? He is my son. He will live. Dharma calls Sushim her son too. Charumita warns her not to say it again. She pushes Dharma out. Dharma is hurt by her words. She sadly leaves.

Charumita wants Bindu to do justice for her son. He points out that Sushim is his son too. I became father for the first time when he was born. He caresses Sushim’s head before leaving. Charumita holds Sushim’s hand. I promise you, I will get your biggest enemy out of our way till the time you gain conscious.

Ahankara comes to talk to Bindu. Sushim hates me. He has troubled me and my brother always. He snatched away my brother from me to torture me. I asked Agradoot to help me. I had no idea back then that Ashoka is Agradoot. He got me my brother back. He saw Sushim torturing me and rescued me. I have attacked Sushim. I got scared. I don’t know if you will believe me but this is the truth. I cannot see that person getting punishment, who has always bore pain for others. Bindu asks her if she has faith in God. You say my son Sushim hated you. He has tortured you. Swear to God and tell me, have you ever tried to tell Sushim this fact? Have you never thought of getting married to Ashoka instead of Sushim? Dint you try to tell him that you both are just friends. He walks out of the way angrily. Ahankara mentally apologizes to Ashoka. I couldn’t do anything for you.

Rani Noor is by a riverside. She gets a message from a pigeon. She reads Rajmata Helena’s message. Ashoka and Sushim are getting a fight. Rajmata wants me to halt Daastan from attacking Bindu. I’ve to discover initially who dies On this struggle. How will I cease Daastan now? He has designed the many preps for tomorrow. Daastan comes there. She hides the concept, and pretends to own abdomen ache. He suggests I ready. He caresses her facial area. He leans in for just a kiss but she pretends for being shy. He notices the tears on her confront. Are you presently experience sympathetic for Bindu? She replies that they’re the tears of joy. You will cost-free me from all my complications and I’ll turn into yours for endlessly. He hugs her. She makes indignant faces. He tells her not to show her facial area away from him at any time. You might arrive as well as me and my troops tomorrow.

In the call, Ashoka thinks of the many situations invested together with his brother. He prays for Sushim’s well being. Practically nothing need to happen to him. A soldier opens the gates. Ashoka is surprised to determine his father. He asks about Sushim. Bindu states the wound is specified by his personal brother. He isn’t planning to Get well soon, or at any time. You could have spoken to me in the event you experienced a dilemma using your brother. Why to destroy him? He explanations that he was only saving Ahankara. Bindu gets interested by his relation with Ahankara. You attacked your very own brother for her? What relation does one equally share? Epi ends on Ashoka’s stunned deal with.

Precap: Bindu announces Ashoka guilty. He should be given death penalty. Dharma looks at him shocked.

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