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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashoka talking to his mother Devi Dharma. He asks her not to make him run more, they are running since ten years, if we run from his fear, we will never come out of our fear, let him come here and then see. She says you don’t see anything except your revenge, why do you want to make your life hell, why are you inviting more troubles. He asks her not to worry and trust her Ganpati, my father has forgotten me, but Lord can’t forget what I did to protect the idol, I did not show my face to anyone, I m not a good man, but I know attacking on back is coward’s work, but you taught this to Chand, you decide who did right and who did wrong. She asks what is this bad smell. A boy says don’t know, I can’t stay outside for a moment.

The minister says wind is blowing, but got such a bad smell along, from where is this smell coming. The villagers hold their nose seeing some man arriving. Nirankush gets angry on a young boy and pushes him. The boy faints. Nirankush says see my terror, he fainted by my fear. Soldier says who will tell him that boy fainted by bad smell, not fear.

Everyone talk that they heard right about Nirankush. Ashok pulls a wooden chair by the cloth and throws it infront of Nirankush. He asks Nirankush to sit. Nirankush says you are the one who did not let Ganpati idol break and beaten my soldiers. He laughs. Ashoka says I can assure you by showing that again. The girl says he never thinks what can happen by challenging this way. Nirankush says great, I had to meet you, I want to see that again, more than what you have shown before, I did not come to punish you, I came to give you a prize for your bravery, I want you to become my army head. Ashoka walks to him and says there is no difference if you want this or not, I m free to decide anything. The girl says see the attitude….

Nirankush gets angry and shouts. Ashok throws the cloth and pulls him down. Nirankush imagines so and says I want you to accept my proposal, else I will not go anywhere, I will sit here. Everyone ask Devi Dharma to explain Ashoka. Ashoka goes. Nirankush asks him to accept his proposal, else he has other ways to convince him. Nirankush says Ashoka does not know why I came here, Sushim will deal with Ashoka, Sushim has become more cruel.

A messenger tells Sushim that he got a news about Ashoka, he is in Ujjaini. Sushim gets angry and throws a knife to hit the man. The horse steps on the man and kills him. Sushim smiles and says Ashoka is in Ujjaini, I was waiting to hear this news since 10 years, my brother Ashoka, this news is for your death. He asks minister to do preparations for the trip to Ujjaini, now one brother will die by another brother’s hand.

Nirankush plays with knife and irritates a soldier. The boy asks Ashoka to accept Nirankush’s proposal if he loves him and is influenced by him. Devi Dharma says no, its not love or any influence, I think its some plan, I m afraid, you have invited trouble, go away Ashoka, Nirankush has been waiting since 2 days, he will leave in few days, you can come back later. Ashoka says I won’t go, where shall I go, what to do. She asks him to go to Kumbh Mela and pray, maybe his heart gets peace too. Nirankush gets angry on the soldier and stabs his hand.

Nirankush is given food. Nirankush says I m excited and waiting for Sushim’s arrival here. Kaurvaki is excited and says I will be meeting Ashoka in Kumbh Mela. Her mother blesses her and asks her to go. Kaurvaki leaves. Her father asks why did you allow her to go. His wife says she has gone out after a long time, she has gone to Kumbh Mela. He says fine, but I will keep an eye on her, if she does anything against my wish, tell her no one will be worse than me then.

The boy asks Ashoka to take him along. Ashoka asks him to stay back and take care of everyone. He takes Devi Dharma’s blessings and runs from the back exit. A soldier sees Ashoka leaving and follows. Ashoka says I will go to Kumbh Mela and see, what wish of mine will be fulfilled there by Lord. Sushim tells the horse that we got Ashoka, he will not be saved now. Bindusara comes and says Sushim, I told you not to do anything without my command. Sushim’s mum defends him. Bindusara says if such mistake is done again, it will be regarded as going against my command. Sushim leaves. Sushim’s mum thinks my son has become Ajay, he will prove this by killing Ashoka.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are in Kumbh Mela and buy some stuff. They don’t see each other. Sushim rides his horse and enters the Mela. 

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