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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Bindu comes to Acharya Chanakya’s room. He says Ashoka. Ashoka wakes up hearing his voice. Bindu offers him something but Ashoka shakes his head. Bindu knows he is upset. Even Acharya wont be happy to see you this way. Take this for his sake. Ashoks nods. They both sit down on the sofa. Bindu feeds him with his own hands and so does Ashoka. Bindu says I have learnt it from my Guru. You should make yourself stronger when any problem comes. Ashoka shares that his Guru said it isn’t wrong to fall down at times. The love of your loved ones is enough to show you a ray of hope. Bindu says if it is all dark inside you then you should close your eyes and hear your heart out. Nothing is impossible. Ashoka agrees. I wont be able to do anything without your support. Bindu nods. Our motive is same. Our Guru Chanakya will show us a way.

Charu tells Sushim they have no other option I have heard a lot about this Tantrik. He can make anything happen (getting Sushim out of our way or making Sushim the Yuvraaj). Sushim asks her how they will find him. Charu tells him of the signals. Whoever succeeds in reaching there does not come back till he surrenders himself to the Tantrik completely. Helena does not have time for all this. I will leave tomorrow for my father’s place. Siamak is also uninterested. They both leave. Charu is sure they will believe it the day Sushim is crowned the Yuvraaj. Mahamatya tries to say something but Sushim speaks in his mother’s favour. I will do anything to win from that Ashoka!

Ashoka says I will do anything to get the killers of Acharya Chanakya punished; fulfil Acharya’ dream of united India and all the promises made to him. Bindu pats at his head. My blessings are with you always. The blessings of parents help one overcome every obstacle.

Sushim thinks of his mother’s words as he reaches that particular place. How will I climb over this mountain at night? Impossible! His other self advises him to see it as a step in his ladder of success. If you want to lose out to Yuvraaj Ashoka then let it be. Sushim decides to climb the mountain. Ashoka cannot win! He imagines Ashoka trying to climb the mountain from the other side. Ashoka asks him what happened. You wanted to defeat me. Sushim refuses to take rest. I have to win. It is my birth right to sit on the throne. I will get it anyhow! Ashoka says whatever you will want; I will get it before you! Sushim shouts against it. Ashoka manages to climb the mountain before him. He laughs at Sushim. He reaches uphill. I won!

Mahamatya assures Charu Sushim will complete his promise. She isn’t worried about climbing the mountain. I am curious as to what will happen when he will meet that tantric. He says you only said it isn’t difficult. She is worried as a mother. It is dangerous.

Sushim comes near a lake. The moon hides behind the clouds. There is movement in the pond. Sushim waits for the tantric as it is his time to come out. Someone pats at him. Sushim turns in shock. Tantric asks him if this is what he learnt from his mother. You look at me and hold your sword? Sushim kneels down before him but he disappears. The heads that bend down easily can be cut as easily.

The tantric is cooking some black water. He fills it in a glass. Sushim asks him how he did it. Tantric replies that there are many questions in the world which lack an answer. Ask questions which are important or you will not realise what you lose. He shows Sushim his sword. Sushim is shocked but takes it back from him. Tantric makes him drink from that cup. Sushim is having trouble standing up or breathing. He passes out. The very next second, he wakes up inside a cave. He sees a giant serpent before him. He ducks so as to save himself. He tries to take his sword out of the sheath but fails. The serpent is about to attack him but Sushim moves aside. He quickly takes out his sword and hits the serpent right under his tooth when it opens it mouth to attack him again. The poison starts to spread in his body.

He heads to some other side now. There is no more poison in his body as of now. He hears a tiger’s roar and finds Ashoka standing before him. They engage in a sword fight. Ashoka makes him drop his sword and pushes him on the ground. Sushim gets up again when Ashoka has his back to him. Ashoka still manages to stab him. Sushim wakes up. The tantric is standing before him. Tantric explains that his wishes and desires will take him down. You can fight with them but cannot overcome them. Second, you will never win from Ashoka. If you both ever engage in a fight then he only will win. Sushim get angry. I did not come this far to listen to all this. He tries to attack the tantric but something happens to his hand. It turns all red as he screams out in pain.

Precap: The tantric gives soemthign to Sushim. The biggest obstacle in your way of the throne will be finished tomorrow. Sushim asks him if he means Ashoka. Tantric denies. Samrat will be dead tomorrow. Bindu and Dharma are sleeping at night. Someone comes in the room holding a dagger. He stabs Bindu.

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