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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 10th May 2016 Written Update

Soldiers are irked because of the smell. One guy tells the other that Nirankush is afraid of water. He has never bathed in his life. They cover their noses. A guy (Nirankush’s assistant probably) asks the soldiers about a guy in this area who does not look like he belongs here. One soldier mutters Nirankush’s name. NIrankush panics seeing water. I hate two things – water and someone telling me no. if you don’t tell me the truth then I will punish you. I will give prize to the one who finds Ashoka for me! Nand and Kalia come there. They plead for help. Nand relates everything to them from the beginning. The guy says I feel like Chand is the one who we are looking for. This daring person cannot be anyone else but Ashoka only! Nirankush says it will make Sushim happy. Find that Chand and bring him here. I am giving you all a chance to save yourself. Nirankush’s assistant offers to go with Nand. I will see if this is the same person we are looking for. If yes, then Sushim must know of this! He leaves with Nand and Kalia.

Devi tells Dharma everything that Chand did. Vit is proud of his brother. I told you Ma, my brother is a brave man. He will never disrespect God. He laughs hearing her description. Devi says the people who were not even ready to tolerate him till yesterday are really happy today being around him! Ashoka has cleared away all the barbarities in Ujjaini and made this place a holy place. Everyone is praying there. I will also go and join them. Dharma is worried as Ashoka beat someone mercilessly. Devi says you should be proud of him. Seth Dhaniram shares that they were Nirankush’s men. Dharma is shocked. Devi supports Chand. All those people deserve to be punished. Seth Dhaniram is scared of Nirankush’s men. Your son has called trouble upon ourselves! Vit get upset but Dhaniram is upset. I curse the moment I made you all my tenant. I dint even get my rent till date. Devi says fear is nothing new for father. he panics in every little thing. Let us go and pray. Dharma is hesitant. Right then they hear everyone cheering for Chand. Ashoka lifts Vit on his shoulders and they all cheer together. They go quiet seeing Dharma there with a puja thaal. Ashoka asks his brother if their aaarti will be done before Lord Ganesha today. Anyways, we deserve it. It was a good deed. Dharma questions Ashoka. What was the point of showing your strength? You will come in limelight this way. You think you are above Ganesha by saving the idol? You don’t know how wrong you are to think of yourself above God! Ashoka says you are right. We don’t need any protection. We can save ourselves. She was the one who was most worried for the idol. Now that I have saved it then again I am wrong. I am to be blamed for every condition. Vit and Devi support him and so does other common citizens. They speak nicely about Ashoka. Forget what happened and hug your son. Dharma says you people wont understand. You don’t know a lot many things. Devi nods. There are many things that I don’t understand. I too wanted to ask you something but!

A guy informs Ashoka that NIrankush’s soldiers are coming this way only. Dharma stops Ashoka from going before the king of Ujjaini. Dharma stops Ashoka from going before them. He refuses to back out but she gives him her swear. He leaves dejected.

Nirankush’s assistant demands to know about Chand’s whereabouts. Dharma has her back to him. Nand notices her. She is the mother of Chand. Ask her. She will know. Dharma refuses knowing about Chand’s whereabouts. No one knows where he is when. Nirankush’s asisitant says he will die but you will all be punished if you don’t tell me. Seth Dhaniram says why we will be punished for his mistake. He was here only. He hid somewhere seeing you guys. Drag his mother with you. He will come out of his hiding place right then. Dharma is taken aback. Ashoka too has heard everything.

Nirankush’s assistant extends his hand towards Dharma when Ashoka throws stones at him. Soldiers try to catch him but Ashoka throws dirt in their eyes. Ashoka covers Kalia’s face with a cloth as he comes there. Vit too makes Nand fall down. Ashoka and Devi smile seeing it. Ashoka breaks a pot in the middle of the street. The smoke blinds everyone for a minute.

Kaurvaki gets ready. Bela compliments her. Kaurvaki calls it incomplete. His eyes are missing. If he does not see me then it is all meaningless. I hope no problem comes in my way now.

Nirankush’s assistant tells Nirankush he was right. It is Ashoka only. Only he can do such acts. No one saw his face but I saw the necklace about which I was informed. I have to inform Sushim asap. But till then Ashoka aka Chand will stay here only. If you fail then you are very well aware what Sushim will do!

A man begs for mercy. Sushim’s horse steps over him

Dharma pulls Ashoka to home. Go far away before someone finds you. What you have done today will spread like wildfire. It will reach him for sure. Vit asks her who she is speaking about. Who do you fear? Where do you want to send Bhaiya and why? No one answers my questions. I am just a medium for both of you to tell each other what you want. I mean nothing else to either of you. He rushes out. Dharma is packing Ashoka’s stuff. She finds the same cloth. She is scared. Ashoka tells her to stop. We are running away since last 10 years. Who do you want to save? They deserve to be punished. Let him know! Your swear stops me from going there. Let him come here. She says you don’t see anything except revenge. Are the problems less now that you are inviting more? he tells her that she is worrying for no reason. Trust Ganpati if you don’t trust me. Father forgot me but God wont forget it ever what I did to protect him. I did what you asked me to do. I dint come before them. I am not a good person but I know cowards attack from behind. You taught Chand today to hit from the back. Decide who was right today and who wasn’t!

Precap: Kaurvaki and Bela are eager to go to kumbh Mela with a hope to meet Ashoka. Ashoka is in the Kumbha Mela. Sushim says I was dying to hear this message since last 10 years. Make preps for me to go to Ujjaini. One brother will die from another brother’s hands now!

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