Brahmarakshas 20th November 2016 Written Update

Brahmarakshas 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Brahmarakshas 20th November 2016 Written Update

Apu Brahmarakshas enters haveli during Rishab and Kiara’s marriage and shouts that whole village is present here, they all wil die. Raina comes in front holding holy ash and challenges her to try her luck. Rishab intereres and says Rakhi called her Apu maa, even then Apu killed her, he will not spare her. Apu thrws her powers on Rishab and he falls then. She takes Raina with her to jungle. Everyone follow her. Raina falls down. Apu walks towards her. Raina thows stones on her. Apu laughs. Sanjay Brahmarakshas emerges and roars that he will kil Apu today. Rishab and Shivam pick Apu and hide with everyone present. Apu laughs on Sanjay that she killed him twice, even then he got alive, she will kill him third time. She throws fire on his leg wound, but nothing happens to him. He throws fire on her next and she falls down dead. Sanjay roars that he killed Apu. Apu opens eyes again. Raina runs towards her to kill her. Apu catches her cloth. Shivam and Rishab rush to save her and throw holy ash on Apu and she burns into ashes and her soul departs as fire. Sanjay roars again Apu is dead. Phuli praises him that zamindar saheb saved villagers again. Sanjay roars that he is Brahmarakshas aand not Sanjay, they all tried to kill him, he will kill them all. He blows air on them. Swami Kanakanand comes and stops him and he dissappears.

Phuli, Rishab’s family, and Raina, etc..reach back haveli. Phuli applies medicine on Raina’s wound. Kiara says even she is injured. Phuli says she will apply medicine. Kiara yells no.. Phuli asks who else is injured. Raina says Rishab. Rishab says he is fine.

Villagers felicitate swamiji and asks what next. Swamiji says he will protect them from Brahmarakshas. Villagers throw pakhandi baba in front of swamiji and pakhandi apologizes swamiji. Swamiji says he needs to rest now and leaves.

Raina applies medicine to Ved. Ved says Rishab will never agree that he is in pain. Rshab asks what did he say. Mohini asks to stop fighting. Raina says he is right and applies medicine on Rishab’s hand. Raina says she willl go now. Rishab says he needs to talk. Mohini asks to go to a room and talk. Kiara and Nalin say let him speak here itself. Rishab says that he does not want her to go Kiara says their marriage is complete now, he canot hold Raina. Rishab says only gathbandhan happened. Pandit comes and says he came to take dakshina as marriage is complete, in this village only with gathbandhan marriage is complete and they don’t follow any more rituals. Nalin gives him dakshina and sends. Raina tries to leave. Rishab stops her and says he loves her and does not want her to go. She says after seeing all this. He says he does not consider Kiara as his wife as marrriage did not happen at all. Nalin comes and Raina leavews. Nalin asks Rishab if he wants his mom to be in jail. Rishab asks what…Nalin says they took loan from Kiara’s father and gave haveli to him, if they don’t repay loan and this marriage breaks, Mohini has to go to jail then. Rishab agrees to continue this marriage. On the other side, Kiara gives money bundle to Pandit and warns to keep his mouth shut, else he will die. Pandit agrees and leaves. Nalin comes and praises her that she is perfect bahu for him. She says Rishab is still behind Raina. He asks not to worry and just try to trap Rishab in her love. She says done. Rishab tries to get out of his room. Kiara stops him and says today is their first night and he cannot go out. He goes in and says he needs some time. She agrees.

Shivam fumes in front of Phuli that Rishab is playing with Raina’s life. Phuli asks him not to worry, Raina will love him soon and forget Rishab as friendship is love. Raina enters and thanks Shivam and Phuli for helping her and says when she came here, Mohini loved her like a mother, now even she is not with her, she is thankful to Phuli for taking care of her like a mother. She picks her dad’s holy ash pot from suitcase. Her kundali falls down She tells Shivam that she will go from here and immerse her father’s ashes in ganga. Shivam says her father must be proud of her and requests her to stay back her. Raina says she has to immerse her father’s ash anyhow and has to go.

Swamiji meets a masked person in jungle and says Brahmarakshas has agreed to help them to get jadi boti and asks to be in haveli and be around them and make sure they don’t throw her out like they threw Apu out. He then walks Sanjay Brahmarakshas into jungle. He then falls and says someone has laid a trap for them and they will go in another direction. Brahmarakshas clears route for him. He thinks this is why he needed Brahmarakshas. They reach an old tree. Swamiji cuts his finger and sprinkles blood in front of tree. An old scripture emerges in which it is written that only a person born in particular kundali can open this tree. Brahmarakshas tries to lift tree. Guruji says he cannot even move a inch of this tree. Brahmarakshas says if they don’t get particular kundali person, he will kill everone. Guruji says there will be someone and they will find him/her.

Raina packs her bags. Phuli feeds her sweet curd. Raina asks where is Shivam. Phuli says he is stubborn and will not come. Raina says even she is stubborn. Shivam comes. Raina says she has to immerse her father’s ashes in ganga. Shivam says he will accompany her. Guruji enters. Phuli finds Raina’s kundali and stops Raina. Guruji reads kundali and finds Raina is the one who can lift tree.

In the morning,Kiara asks Rishab to accompany her somewhere. Rishab says he has to take maa to temple. Mohini comes and asks him to take her to temple first. Rishab drives car while Mohini, Mitali and Ved sit with him. Ved asks to play song. Savere wali gaadi se chale jayenge song plays. Raina and Shivam are seen traveling together in cycle rickshaw. Rishab switches off song. A smoke emerges and blood falls on car glass. Mitali shouts blood…Sanjay Brahmarakshas emerges roaring. Shivam and Raina wait for bus. Shivam says he and her together….Raina asks what.. Ved comes just then and pleads Raina to save Mitali and Rishab. Raina runs with him to save Rishab and Mitali. Shivam stands sadly.

Precap: Mohini returns home in a dilapadated state. Nalin asks what happened. Mohini says she would have died if Naina would not have saved her. Rishab dorns golden bangle in Raina’s hand.

Written Update by H Hasan

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