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Bigg Boss Season 9 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Day 77
Song Kill Dil plays. inmates wake up, Keith gives kiss to Rochelle on cheeks.

Suyyash says rules are breaking, Priya and Mandana have broken many rules, can we do something about it? Prince says we should give them biggest household chores, .dont take personal items as they comeback after sometime, Rochelle says but Mandana has to clean garden already, Mandana says if i have to clean garden then Suyyash have to take punishments and Kishwar have to become my personal servant, Rochelle says Kishwar dont wanna do it, Prince says you all have to do those punishments which you got in game yesterday, its from Bigg boss, Mandana says i will not do it too, Kishwar says i will not become her servant, what if she slaps me then? Mandana says funny, Rochelle says to Mandana that i will slap you then you call it funny, Mandana says slap me, Kishwar says she wants others to do it, Mandana says if i am violent then they wont allow me to stay here, Kishwar says 8people are wrong, only Mandana is right, Rochelle says we should start throwing things at her too, Suyyash says as captain i will take punishment and will punish other inmates too for breaking rules, Priya says but the reason behind all this was that we should not break rules else you will get punished, Rochelle says dont take others punishment but wait for this rule to get over then you can punish other inmates for breaking rules.

Priya comes to Mandana and taunts her that sorry i am so annoying that you have to do all that with me to teach me lesson, i will keep annoying you, Mandana leaves from there, Priya goes behind her in washroom. Mandana tries to go in washroom, Priya goes in washroom, Mandana switches off lights, Priya comes out and says when Rishab switched off lights when you were in washroom, i switched it on back, Mandana says it was Gizele not you, bigg boss ask Mandana to wear her mike, she wears it, Mandana says i only came to take paper, Priya says you are breaking rules, suyyash comes and ask what happened? Priya says Suyyash she is switching off lights, Suyyash ask Priya to go in washroom, i am here, she goes in, Mandana says to suyyash that she was following me and went inside washroom instead of me.
Priya says to suyyash that Mandana broke two rules, Rochelle says suyyash should do push ups, Priya says why is Rochelle deciding his punishment? Kishwar says why you people are breaking rules after rules? Rochelle says i was just suggesting punishments, Prince says she is inmate of house so she can suggest punishments, Priya talks in english, Prince says whats your problem, why you are fighting with everyone? we didnt listen Bigg boss’s announcement that Mandana should wear mike, Priya says i listened it, if you dont wanna listen then leave, she leaves from there.
In kitchen, suyyash says to Priya that we didnt listen bigg boss asking Mandana wear mike, Priya says you were not there, i was, Mandana comes and denies it, Keith says i was in other washroom and i didnt listen it too.

Mandana talks to Prince and says Priya is very annoying, Prince says i agree, she is annoying but what you did last night was not good, i cant say it was violence as i wasnt there, Mandana says lets wait to ask Salman if i was violent or not but i dont think i was, yeah i was wrong.

Priya is in confession room, Bigg boss ask whats the matter? Priya says i would not say Mandana has hurt me and she was violent beyond limits but her behavior was violent, it didnt hit me but still not good, Bigg boss says we dont feel Mandana was violent, you inmates can talk and solve this issue, Priya says then i will continue my behavior with her but will not go beyond point.

Mandana is in confession room, Mandana says to Bigg boss that what i did was wrong with Priya but not violence, bigg boss says as you know you did wrong, you should control you anger when others provoke you, Mandana says Suyyash has taken my bag, i dont think he can do this at captain, Bigg boss says this is between you and Suyyash, you should talk with him.

Kishwar says to Prince that now no one will stop anyone from doing wrong, it will be decided on saturday right? Prince says when Mandana was physical with you, Salman asked us who are we to decide if that was physical or not? Kishwar says i dont know why you are doing this? why you are saying Salman should decide about it? it is today’s matter and should be handled today only, Prince says i told Mandana that she is wrong, and i as individual can suggest Suyyash to give her bag, Kishwar says you said that you and Suyyash thinks to give her bag back, Nora says you influenced suyyash, Prince says i just gave opinion to Suyyash like others, Suyyash says Mandana told me everything what happened in confession room so i thought to give it back.
Rishab says to himself that Prince is influencing suyyash, he wont win by taking side of wrong person.
Keith says Mandana has realized that she has done mistake and she will talk to Priya so we should give her bag, Suyyash says i am not with Mandana but there is no guarantee that if we dont give her bag then she will rectify her mistake, Priya says i agree with you but if you knew that person would rectify mistake then you wouldnt have taken his or her bag, Mandana shouldnt be given bag. Priya comes to Mandana and says you think that we should wait till saturday for Salman to decide you are right or wrong? Mandana says no, i know i did wrong, but i wasnt violent, Priya says but you are not sorry for that? you are impossible.
Rishab says to Kishwar that Mandana has done masterstroke, she said last week that she wants to be in good books of Mandana so she will use him and now she is doing it, Kishwar says she i talking to Prince all the time.

Mandana says to Rochelle that bigg boss said it was not violence even in Kishwar’s kick fiasco, Rochelle says you are wrong Mandana, Keith talks to Mandana, Rochelle says Keith you are encouraging her, Keith gets angry and shouts on Rochelle that i am encouraging her? i am the one who is standing against her, Mandana says he isnt encouraging me, Rochelle says giving back her bag is encouragement only, Prince comes there and says to Keith that i am sorry, Prince says to Rochelle that they all are thinking wrong, Keith says to Rochelle that you dont have brains to use, Rochelle says Mandana is still saying that she didnt do violence in kick fiasco and in ghost task thats why we didnt come in that fiasco and Salman decided on saturday that it was violence, Prince says when Kishwar was kicked you didnt say that it was violence, you didnt stand against Mandana, Mandana says exactly, Prince says you said that you dont think it was breaking rules, Rochelle says i said that i didnt see Mandana kicking or pushing Kishwar, Prince says in christmas game you said that even if Mandana is not good, we should do good with her to change her then who are you to pass judgement now? everyone has opinion, Mandana was wrong and she is wrong, Priya is not wrong, Keith says i was first one to condemn herRochelle says i am talking about her attitude, Prince says we are still saying that she is wrong, Keith says i am not entertaining her, Mandana says Bigg boss said that its between Suyyash and Me then why all inmates are talking in it? suyyash says but i took decision of not giving you bag after talking to all inmates so i will give you bags back after talking to them, Mandana says but you took decision only, Suyyash says no when i saw whole house against you so i took decision seeing them, now i wont give you bags till i dont make them agree, Mandana says then keep it, she walks off, Kishwar ask Suyyash if he saw her attitude now? suyyash says to Mandana thanks for proving him wrong, he says to inmates that i was taking stand for wrong person till now, i was wrong and you all were right, i wont give Mandana her bag back till my captaincy ends, then lets see on saturday, Mandana says thanks.

bigg boss says to inmates that in baazi task, the winning pairs were asked to become contenders for captaincy or go to double trouble for nominations, Mandana and Suyyash went for captaincy so their mates Kishwar and Priya will go in double trouble room, Bigg boss says to Rishab and Rochelle that they didnt decide earlier so now they should decide who will go in double trouble room, Rochelle says yes Mr. egoistic Rishab, you decide, Rishab says you decide, she says i wanna give you chance, Rishab says you go in, i should be given chance to rectify, Rochelle says bigg boss i will go, they go in double trouble room.
one presses button then she will be saved from nominations and other two will be nominated and the one who has pressed button will nominate one inmate from house.
if two inmates press button then the third one will be nominated and the one who pressed button will nominate one each.
If three of them press button then they will be saved and all other inmates will be nominated.
If none of them presses the button then ,,
Priya presses button, then Priya presses it then Rochelle presses it.
they come in lounge, bigg boss says three of them pressed button so Kishwar, Rochelle and Priya are saved while all other inmates are nominated. PRINCE, KEITH, MANDANA, NORA, RISHAB and SUYYASH are nominated, Suyyash says as captain i should get immunity? he ask Bigg boss, Bigg boss doesnt answer him.

Prince ask Nora if she shy of inmates? she says yes she is, Prince says why arent you open about it like i said i like you infront of all, when you will be open about your feelings then we can sit together no one will taunt, Nora says they are not fools to not know all this, i mean they can see i like but they wanna listen it from me thats why i am shy, he ask what you think about me? Nora says i like you, she blushes, Prince smiles and says i like to listen it.

Kishwar says to Suyyash that Priya was saying Nora is faking her love for Prince as she is nominated and wants to get saved, Suyyash says they were kissing, Kishwar says even Salman hinted that, Prince is always with Nora, Keith comes and Kishwar about Nora and Prince, Keith says it is clearly seen that Nora is using Prince to get ahead in game, Rochelle comes and says Prince is thinking that its splitsvilla but its different, Mandana comes there and says i dont say sorry easily, i have ego, i take time to calm down, i dont say sorry even suddenly, when i said sorry to Priya about australia comment, i didnt say it from heart but now i am saying from heart, i am sorry Priya, Priya hugs her.
Nora comes to Prince and hugs Prince, she ask Prince why he keep looking at her? you are cute, she tickles him while he hugs her.
Kishwar says to inmates that Prince and Nora are too much into each other, Mandana says to suyyash he saw everything yesterday too, Suyyash says we saw Prince and Nora doing lip to lip kiss, Rochelle says if this is friendship?

Kishwar, Rochelle and Mandana teases Prince, Kishwar ask when he will get kisses from her? Prince says my punishment will be over soon then i will kiss you all, Kishwar says you are waiting to kiss Nora only, Prince says nothing like that, Rochelle says you were seen lip kissing her, what was that? Prince ask them to shut up, Rochelle says he is getting angry, he is actually feeling heat, Mandana says the way she was lying on you last night, her body language was s*xual, Prince says rubbish, i give her message, nothing else, Kishwar says oh message is given at night in lounge and we dont know about, Prince leaves from there.

Nora is talking to Rishab, Prince crosses from there and strikes with Nora, Rishab stops Prince and ask why he starting wandering around when i talk to Nora? Prince says nothing like that, Rishab hugs Nora and ask Prince whats his problem? Nora says he is miffed with me, its not about you, Rishab says no i have noticed Prince hovering around when i talk to you, he hugs Nora again and ask Prince his problem? Nora says you are aggressive Rishab, Rishab laughs and leaves, Nora ask Prince what happened, Prince says i feel awkward when everyone talks like this, Nora says why you are thinking about anyone, she kisses him lips and says now you have got kiss, you must be desperate as you didnt kiss since morning, Prince kisses her cheeks and says now its fine, he leaves.

Nora ask Prince what is between Mandana and him? he says nothing, she says i feel there is fling from Mandana, Prince says i feel nothing for her, Nora says i feel she is using you, Prince says i am not a kid, Nora says i think all feel.. Prince says i have won three reality shows, i know everything, Nora says Mandana told Priya that she has two cards Rochelle and Prince, she has used Rochelle and now she has Prince, i am individual and wants one to be on my side when all are against me, Prince says when you go out then see that episode and tell me, i know what they all are playing, dont worry, Nora says just be careful.

PRECAP- Nora fights with Priya, Priya says i didnt talk about your body language, Nora says i can never sit with crossing legs with Prince’s legs as it looks vulgar, she says to other inmates that you call me your friend and talk about me like this on camera? Suyyash says we didnt say anything wrong, Nora says you all are backbiting about me, she goes and cries, Prince hugs her and tries to console her. Later there will police–thief task in house, Rochelle is thief, Rishab is policeman, he tries to take stolen thing from Rochelle and comes closer to snatch it, Rochelle shouts that its physical, Prince and Rishab argues over it.

Written Update By Atiba


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