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Bigg Boss Season 9 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Day 75
Christmas song starts playing, inmates wake up and comes out in garden to see house beautifully decorated for christmas, they all dance. Keith hugs Rochelle, they all hug each other anf dance, all wishes merry christmas, they find gifts sent by Bigg boss, ,,

Gizele says why she is coming inbetween? Priya says you are telling me to not come in kitchen like Mandana? Rochelle says there are many other works too, we dont need help, Priya says who are you to tell this? she says to Suyyash that i will not do any work of house, Suyyash says dont show me attitude, this fight has nothing to do with household work, Priya says you are not listening to me, you can take whatever stuff of mine you want, Suyyash says dont show me ego, Priya says i felt bad and came to help her but she pissed me off, its difficult to work with Gizele as she passes personal comments, Gizele says you were putting allegations on me, you talked about flour thing too, Gizele says thats my opinion, Rochelle shouts that Priya and Gizele are destroying christmas atmosphere, suyyash says to Priya that you are throwing tantrums like Mandana, Keith acts like girls fighting at top of their lungs for roti to be think. Rishab comes to Priya and ask why she is going all this? they are ganging up against you, Priya says let them be, she cries.

Mandana says Priya said that Gizele has broken leg and its irritating the way she works, Rishab says if she has passed that taunt on her broken leg then its really disgusting, Rochelle its not good comment, Priya says i just wanted to help you, Gizele says why you passed comment on my broken leg?
Kishwar, Prince laughs on their fights.
Rishab consoles Priya and ask her to not poke nose in everything, Rishab says to Priya that i and Gizele are on their hitlist, they are targeting us already and if you make fun of Gizele then they take advantage of it, lets take a start again as we need to stick together against them.

Nora ask Prince if he is happy that she has come in house? he says no and laughs, she says i am going, Prince says honestly telling you that i am so much happy that you came in house, one your first day in house i was who is she? she is too sweet and i am kind of physically strong guy but now i thank Bigg bos for sending you, you are supercute.
Rochelle says to Keith that we will celebrate next year’s christmas together, she hugs him, Keith says you are sweet and emotional, i liked it alot when you met your sister Paloma.

inmates find phone in house, Priya takes phone and says we can dial it too, Kishwar says phone will ring anytime.

Bigg boss orders inmates to pause, they do, Bigg boss ask Priya to play, phone rings, she takes phone, its her husband bhushan on phone, he says hi baby, i love you, Bigg boss ask Priya to rewind, phone is disconnected, Bigg boss ask inmates to play, Priya cries, all ask if it was Bhushan? she says yes, he said hi baby, i love you, Suyyash says he said whole world for you in two lines, you keep crying all day but not crying now, Priya says i am like this.

Priya’s husband comes on Tv with Priya’s dog, Priya comes and starts crying seeing him on Tv, Bigg boss ask all inmates to pause, Bigg boss ask Priya to play, Priya gives a kiss to husband through Tv, she says my dog Karma has grown hairs, i love you both, husband ask her to be strong, i love you, video call ends, Bigg boss ask all inmates to play, everyone gives a hug to Priya, gizele says dont cry my santa.

Inmates will end secret santa game with gifting each other. Rishab says i was Nora’s santa and says i washed her dishes, i wrote letter for her and gave her message too, Rishab gifts quote to her:
“remember M
remember E but together remember ME”
he gives her gift too, Nora thanks him for sweet words and gift.
Nora says i was Keith’s secret Santa, she says i found note for Keith and gifting him on his mother’s behalf, it reads as:
“I maybe not with you but i am your spirit, whenever i see you, i feel proud that i have given birth to you, Mama loves you” Everyone says this is bestest gift, Keith thanks her for such nice words.
Rishab says to Keith that we have prepared a gift for you, from all housemates, he gifts him, Keith says i am not person who cries with tears but i couldnt control my tears yesterday, i am really humbled by all your affection.
Prince says when everyone is talking about heart things then i wanna talk about something that happened to me recently in real life, all start teasing him, Prince says someone asked me about love and all, we know when things happen in reality shows then people dont believe it and we dont know if what is right or wrong so i took my time, PRECAP, Prince gifts her ring, he makes her wear it, he gives her flower to her too, all say aww, Nora says i got to know that Prince is really sweet, his heart is very nice and most important is that he is very nice friend, whatever it is, it is between us and i havent decided about our relation, Keith says we will respect your privacy, Rishab says i love the fact that love is in air, Gizele says he sweetly said that he likes you but you didnt answer him, Nora says you are too much excited.

Keith says to Prince that the way you expressed your feelings, she cant do it as she is girl and also she would want to express it alone with you, dont feel bad, Prince says i know and i have left decision on her, we will decide things after going from show, Keith ask him to not worry and gives him hug, Prince says i am very strong physically but i am emotional too.
Keith comes to Nora and thanks her for note she gifted to him, Nora ask him to keep it with him. Nora ask Prince to eat his paratha, he says you eat, i will eat later.

Bigg boss orders everyone to pause, he ask Prince to play and go in confession room. he comes in confession room and reads letter of his sister that everyone is missing you at home, all are fine but i couldnt come in house so sorry for that, Prince cries reading it, he says i know you have written it. in lounge, Prince’s sister comes and greets everyone, she calls Kishwar her sister. Prince comes out of confession room and finds his sister there, he gets emotional and hugs her, he kisses her, he makes her meet everyone, he says suyyash is my brother, she says you both are jai veeru, Bigg boss ask Prince to pause, he does and starts crying, his sister tells him to not cry, you are strong and youa re playing really well, Bigg boss ask Prince’s sister to leave, she leaves, Bigg boss ask all inmates to play, Prince cries, Kishwar says your sister met everyone, she kissed me and said you are sister, Prince thanks Bigg boss.

Rochelle is crying, alarm plays, she wakes up and says suyyash sorry as she slept by mistake, Suyyash starts taking her stuff, she says if you want to do this behavior with me then fine, i tried to explain you sweetly, Suyyash says i dont need explanation, he takes her shirt, Rishab comes and says its Rochelle’s favorite shirt, dont take it, suyyash says dont say anything, Rishab says to Suyyash that dont be miffed with her, Suyyash walks off, Rochelle says he is showing me attitude.

Bigg boss orders everyone to pause, they do, bigg boss ask Suyyash to play. Suyyash waits for command, Bigg boss ask Suyyash to go in confession room, Kishwar says his anger will go away now. Suyyash comes in confession room, Bigg boss says we are giving you instructions related to luxury budget, read it to all inmates. Suyyash comes out and reads that they have done baazi task nicely so Bigg boss have given 1000points for luxury budget, Suyyash should go in store room to get items, Suyyash comes in store room and finds his sister, he hugs her and cries, he says lets go out. She is excited to see Kishwar, she meets Keith, Rochelle, she says to Rochelle that you are famous, she says you all are really cool, she meets Prince and Mandana too, she says to Mandana that everything is game, good spirit, Bigg boss ask Suyyash to rewind, he hugs sister and goes in store room, Bigg boss ask inmates to play, sister hugs Kishwar and is excited, sister says all are missing you, Bigg boss ask inmates to pause, Suyyash is locked in store room, he is crying, Bigg boss ask sister of Suyyash to leave, sister says to Kishwar that handle Suyyash, he will cry alot, calm him down, Prince says we are with him, she leaves, Bigg boss ask inmates to play, they come in confession room, Suyyash breakdowns, Kishwar comes and hugs him, Mandana says Suyyash come on dont cry, Prince says she said cool group is cool.

Bigg boss ask inmates to pause, they do, they run to ,,
Bigg boss ask inmates to play, ,,
bigg boss says to inmates that task remote control is finished, everyone is elated and thanks bigg boss, they are happy to see christmas celebrations, everyone wishes merry christmas. Mandana is alone in washroom, Kishwar comes and says Mandana my enemy come out, they all come there and says come out else we will break door, Priya says i dont want to miss seeing you cry, Mandana comes out and says no one came from my house, nor they called me, Priya says i know you must be feeling bad but only 4weeks are left, dont cry, Nora consoles her too.

Nora talks to Prince, she ask why you confessed it infront of all, you had put me in tight spot, Prince says i didnt say i love you, i said i like you and if things go fine then i want to celebrate next christmas with you, Nora says i am very shy infront of all, i didnt think about it, i have to take decision as i have seen your one side, maybe you have otherside too and i know what all wanna listen but we will decide it after knowing each other, Prince says and i was thinking that i said alot infront of all, she says no dont think much as all want me to say everything in excited state like they are excited.

PRECAP- On Weekend episode, Salman wishes everyone merry christmas. He takes class of inmates. He ask Rochelle if think Prince is only intelligent person in house? you call Keith fool. He ask Suyyash if he is surviving in house on charity done by other inmates to save him in this week? He calls Mandana in ice chamber, he says you sacrificed your captaincy for your best friend, Mandana says i asked Suyyash to give me captaincy, Suyyash says i am afraid of nominations, i want immunity and captaincy, Salman ask Mandana if she got reward for her sacrifice? Mandana says they can say anything they want, i didnt do it for anyone, i did it for my heart, i am not stressed even if i dont win, i have Salman Khan and Bigg boss.

Written Update By Atiba


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