Bigg Boss 9

Yuvika Chaudhary just KISS Prince

This picture says it all….

In the morning we reported to you how Prince Narula is going to propose to Yuvika Chaudhary in tonight’s episode! There are these pictures doing the rounds where Prince is even seen giving a heart shaped paratha to the love of his life! But turns out the story doesn’t end just there! Turns out Yuvika too will peck a kiss on Prince’s cheek in return to his proposal! Yes,this is happening guys! We just came across this adorable picture which has Prince down on his knees, with the lipstick mark on his cheek! Aww! How cute is that? So does it mean it’s finally the beginning to a new love story on Bigg Boss 9? We can’t be happier than this!

However, we also can’t be so sure given that Prince’s arch rival Rishabh Sinha is still in the house! We all saw how this man played dirty by flirting with Yuvika on songs like “Bholi si surat aankhon mein masti door khadi sharmaye” Don’t be surprised if he plays a similar card in tonight’s episode as well! In fact, talks already suggest that Rishabh has planned something really strong to play a spoiler in Yuvika and Prince’s love story!

Well, we dunno what’s going to happen but we are certain that if at all Yuvika and Prince turn out to be the new sweethearts, it’s going to be no less than a treat to watch them together! Can’t wait for more romance, more drama! How about you guys? Tell us in the comments below and do come back to Desi Tashan for more updates!


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