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Bigg Boss 9 13th October 2015 Written Update

Day 2
Bachke tu Rehna plays, all contestants wake up and starts dancing, Rochelle hugs Keith tightly.
Yuvika says to Suyyash that i tried to sleep but couldnt due to snores, Suyyadh says i tried but couldnt do anything.

Mandana and Keith are cleaning house with brooms, they are cleaning sofas with brooms too, Suyyash comes and says dont touch broom on sofa as its not clean, Rimi says dont clean sofa, its fine, Mandana says it has hairs and some insect, how to clean it? Suyyash says take brush, Mandana says to Suyyash that Roopal doesnt do any work but she has to give opinion in everything, tell her this message. Suyyash comes and says to Roopal that Mandana is saying that you dont do any work but give opinion in everything, Roopal says do i have to shout that i am working.

Roopal and Digangana are cleaning drawers, Roopal says its better to talk to insects here then talking to people, people here are standing here and doing nothing but act like that they are working alot, i didnt get idea to complain that i am working and others dont, how do people manage to taunt like this, after breakup whenever i met Ankit outside house, he greeted me nicely but he taunting me here to create controversy.
Ankit and Arvind come to kitchen area, Roopal and digangana are working there, Arvind goes in washroom, Ankit jokes with digagana to work nicely, she stares him, he says i was talking to Arvind, he ask her that keep hairs safe, Digangana says shut up, Ankit says i was talking to Arvind again, Arvind comes out, they leave, Roopal says i dont have to react, i am bigger than all this.

Aman says to Mandana and Keith that roopal and Digangana are not talking much, they felt bad about Mandana’s complaint.
Roopal and Digangana are talking to Prince, Roopal says i cant be fake, i am trying to not react to Ankit’s taunts, Prince says to digangana that clear to him that taunts can be fun but he should not cross lines, Roopal says i will answer him only when he crosses line.

Keith, Kishwar, Aman and Mandana talk, Aman says Rochelle and digangana have accent competition, i will forget my hindi, they talk about tourism.

Prince says to Roopal that i was very shy in school but i changed in college, i became don, i had police cases, roopal says why so calm now? Prince says i changed myself, i used to be violent, my family used to suffer, i used to slap first then talk but then i changed, i am calm now, i become angry now when anything is wrong happening, like if someone is teasing girl and she cant take stand, if i get angry in this house then whole house wont be able to handle me, i know there are some pairs who can make me angry, Roopal says i hope that you dont get angry.

Bigg boss calls Kishwar and Aman in confession, he give them task and ask to call everyone in lounge and tell them about it.
Kishwar and Aman comes in washroom area, Roopal is taking shower, Digangana says we will come in 5mins, Kishwar says come soon, they leave, Ankit says why people act so high when they are called in confession.

All are gathered in lounge, Aman reads luxury budget task, task is “Phobia”, contestants will do task which will be related to their phobias, they will face their phobias, one pair will be asked nominate other pair to do task, other pair will decide if they will do task or not, task performance will have affect on captaincy. Bigg boss says first task/phobia is “Omphalophobia”, he ask Prince and Rochelle to decide whom they wanna select to do that task, Rochelle and Prince discuss it in corner, Bigg boss Prince and Rochelle whom they want to nominate to do this task, they say Roopal and Digangana.
Roopal and Digangana come in activity area, Roopal reads task that there are holes in wall, two bellies of people are placed in holes, Roopal and Digangana will sit on seats, seats will move towards bellies, their faces will be pushed against bellies for 3minutes, if you do it then you will be winner but if you leave task in middle then it will be defeat of the pair who chose you, you can leave task by raising white flag, both sit on seat, all watch them on tv, Roopal says this is disgusting, Digagana says we can atleast close eyes, Roopal says we have to put our face on belly button thats it, seats start moving towards big bellies, their faces are pushed into bellies, Roopal is disgusted, all laugh, digangana is silent but Roopal is uneasy as her face is pushed more into belly, they complete the task, Roopal pukes, she says oil was applied on their bellies, it has so much bad smell, Roopal says we did it, all clap for them. Rimi says this was disgusting, all say Roopal did it very nicely.

Kishwar ask Rochelle about her love story with Keith, Rochelle says we met for shoot, we went to Bangkok, we became friends, three months back we started dating each other, i was after him, i chased him, i used to celebrate his birthdays, he doesnt even know how much i love him, Keith says you know i love you, Rochelle says Keith takes care of me alot, he is the sweetest guy, Keith gives her flying kiss.

bigg boss says to contestants that next phobia is “Globophobia”, it is phobia of balloons, Keith and Mandana will decide who will do this task, Mandana and Keith goes in corner and discuss it. Bigg boss ask Keith and Mandana whom they want to do this task, Keith says after much debate, we have decided that Ankit and Arvind will do task as they are fun and will do it nicely, Arvind ask will i return alive? all laugh.
According to Globophobia, Ankit and Arvind have to fill air in 10, 10 balloons till they burst. Arvind and Ankit start filling air in balloon, all are watching them on Tv, they are laughing on Arvind that his belly will burst before balloon burst, Arvind burst balloons, Ankit completes his task by bursting 10 balloons, bigg boss ask Arvind to not use nails to burst balloons, Arvind and Ankit burst 20 balloons in total and leaves task.


Bigg manager says to contestants that next phobia is “Obesophobia”, which is relevant to vikas and Yuvika, Kishwar and Aman will make your mind up who’ll try this endeavor. they go in corner, Kishwar claims we should always pick out the 1 who can try this task as its about luxurious spending plan, they explore it. bigg manager inquire them, Aman states We’ve resolved that Vikas and Yuvika will make this happen undertaking, They are really trim so perhaps they’re going to turn out to be fat immediately after job.
Vikas and Yuvika go in activity place, food items is served to them, they’ve to take in it in 15minutes, Yuvika sees food stuff and claims so much food, all see them on Tv set and say its tricky to complete it in 15mins. Yuvika and Vikas starts off having, Vikas inquire her not to converse but take in, both are having, there is pizza, Jalebi, sweets, Yuvika pukes, Prince claims even bigg boss cant take in it in fifteen mins, Yuvika coughs having it,
Bigg manager claims upcoming phobia is “flecro phobia’ which is relevant to bald head, large manager talk to ,, to decide who’ll try this undertaking, they say Suyyash and Rimi, Rimi claims i is not going to shave my head, Suyyash says allows go and see.

in exercise region, Suyyash reads undertaking that pair need to shave off their hairs, they are able to depart by elevating white flag placed there,

Ankit and Arvind are sleeping on couch in lounge, Keith ask why will you be sleeping here? Arvind says allow them to go in deep rest then we will appear, i dont like people today receiving disturbed for the reason that me, Keith says Ankit really have to snooze below much too, Ankit claims i dont head, Arind hasn’t slept easily as well so allow us to snooze in this article only, Keith says Alright you both of those are available bedroom after someday,
Suyyash says Aman is rather clever.

PRECAP- upcoming phobia is memophobia which is associated with tunes. Kishwar and Aman go to carry out the activity, a trumpet is positioned in mouth of lifeless fish, Kishwar need to Participate in it although its in jaws of fish, she does it disgustingly. future phobia i trepeno phobia which happens to be associated with needles, Suyyash check with Rimi if she is ready to get it done, she states no, she suggests i wont utilize bigg boss’s tattoo on my hands, suyyash says i is not going to sacrifice everytime, I used to be able to shave off my head way too, i dont head putting tattoo of bigg boss on my hands, I’ve tattoo on my full again, they go in exercise region, rimi doesnt just like the tattoo, suyyash angrily request if she is ready to implement it or not? he will do his undertaking, He’ll apply tattoo.

Written Update By Atiba


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