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Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9

Day 72(continued)

Bigg boss says to inmates that task has ended, he ask Gizele to announce winners, Gizele says Suyyash-Priya are winners as they have got 7points and Keith-Nora got 3points, Bigg boss says Suyyash-Priya are now contenders for captaincy and also Prince had bet on Suyyash-Priya so you all have increased amount by 4lacs, all are happy to listen that.

Day 73
Havan song plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Kishwar says to Keith that Suyyash had pain so i came and asked Mandana if she has pain killer? she gave me medicines and i got to know Rishab got medicines and new facewash, i saw Mandana had hidden his facewash, she has guts to hide things infront of so many cameras.

bigg boss says to inmates that from pairs Rochelle-Rishab, Suyyash-Priya, Kishwar-Mandana, one member of pair will become contender for captaincy and the other one will be part of nominations task in double trouble room, pairs have to mutually decide who will sacrifice and who will become contender for captaincy and who will go to double trouble room.
Priya ask suyyash if he wants to become captain? Suyyash says i want to become captain as much as you want, i think Kishwar will play captaincy task and Rochelle will also play captaincy so i want to compete with them, Priya says fair enough, i have been captain for two times so you should get chance, you become captaincy contender, he thanks her.
Mandana says to Kishwar that i dont have energy to fight in captaincy task so i wanna go in double trouble room, Kishwar says fine, i will go for captaincy task. Rishab says to Rochelle that whole house is against me, i wanna fight to become captaincy, Rochelle says but i want to become captain, you have been captain one time but i didnt get chance, Rishab says but this is not my problem that you were not captain. Rishab says to Rochelle that i wanna be captain, she says i wanna be captain too, Rishab says i want this, Mandana says Rochelle was not captain till now, Rishab says i am talking to Rishab not you, Rishab says to Rochelle that i have management skills to control this house, Rochelle says what management skills you have? i couldnt see it, you are in your own world, Rochelle says you are in your world, Rishab says you make people fight with each other, Rochelle says its you who makes people fight, Mandana tries to say something but Rishab leaves, Rochelle says Rishab should give chance to girl, Mandana ask Rochelle to go for captaincy.

Kishwar comes to Mandana and ask what she has decided? Mandana says i have no problem in becoming captain or to go to double trouble room but i feel like playing task, Kishwar says i dont have problem with either if you wanna become contender for captaincy then its fine, i will go to double trouble room.

Priya says to Rishab that whats point of contention with Rochelle? Rishab says i thought i would gift this captaincy to Rochelle as Christmas party, but the way she talked me like i dont have management skills, Rochelle says i didnt see any management skills in him so said it.

Gizele says to Suyyash that Mandana talked to Priya and said that she wanna kick me and Rishab, Mandana says you actually believed Priya? why would i wanna kick you out of house? Kishwar says Gizele mean to say that you wanna kick them out of your life, Mandana says i just said that i dont want any friend in this house, you twist my words Gizele, Gizele says your words are twisted only, Mandana says i dont wanna waste time on you, she leaves, Gizele says i was fool to trust Mandana.

Rochelle says to Rishab that i am always nice to you, Rishab says you are selfish, she says i am not selfish, Rishab says you never did anything for me, Rochelle says even you didnt do anything for me, Rishab says thats my point, Rochelle says i have not been captain till now, Rishab says i want to become captain again.

Rochelle is crying and hugs keith, she says to Keith that i have always been nice to everyone still Rishab is calling me selfish, Keith says why are you listening to him? everyone is selfish here, you gave idea of Christmas, that secret santa task was so good, you are generous then why are you listening to him? suyyash says Rishab can sway anything but why are you giving him attention? he shouldnt bother you, Rochelle says i have never been captain so he can give me chance but instead he is calling me selfish, suyyash ask her to not listen Rishab, he shouldnt hurt her.

Bigg boss pairs who will go for captaincy and who will ;go in double trouble room. Kishwar says i will go in double trouble room and Mandana will go for captaincy, Suyyash says i will go for captaincy and Priya will go in double trouble room. Rochelle says to bigg boss that i and Rishab are not able to decide who should go for captaincy so you give us suggestion, Bigg boss says you were given much time to decide, we are giving you 2minutes more to decide else you both will be disqualified for captaincy task, they think, Rochelle ask Rishab to give her opportunity, Rishab says i will not listen, i am thinking about game and i am not ready to sacrifice, Rochelle says suppose we are disqualified then our name will come in nominations too, Rishab says its ok, i am openly saying to nominate me, Keith and Prince ask Rochelle to keep stand and not sacrifice. Bigg boss ask Rishab and Rochelle about their decision, Rochelle says we are not able decide, Bigg boss says so Rochelle and Rishab are disqualified from task, he ask Suyyash to bring instructions from store room, he brings. Suyyash reads that there will be task for captaincy, in this task both contenders have to hold ring and the one who will keep holding ring till end will become captain, Prince will be moderator of task.
Buzzer plays, Suyyash and Mandana comes in garden, they hold ring. Mandana says to Suyyash that you were captain before so leave it, Suyyash says you were not interested in captaincy, so leave ring, Mandana says this is not hard task and nor there is anything physical so i will keep holding it, suyyash says fine. Suyyash and Mandana sit and holds ring, Mandana says we both have become captains, if Rochelle was in task then i would have given up for her as she never became captain, Kishwar teases Mandana that she is getting emotional for Rochelle? she must have plan to first create emotional bond with Rochelle then snap and kick her, Mandana laughs and says nothing like that, Suyyash says to Mandana that frankly speaking you are not afraid of nominations as you know you will be saved, you have said this time and again, Mandana agrees, Suyyash says but i am afraid of nominations, i need this captaincy, Mandana says okay, she leaves ring, all are surprised, Mandana jokes that i have to go to pee so Suyyash is winner, Suyyash thanks her and hugs her, Rochelle comes and says if i was in competition then atleast i would have competed with Suyyash, Priya says Mandana’s habit is to do good then destroy it herself, it is her strategy too, everyone is amused at Mandana for giving up like this, Bigg boss says to Mandana that you are in 11th week of task, you have seen how other inmates do task, they sat in car for 40hours to gain captaincy, now when two inmates were dying to get this opportunity, you made fun of this task, if you didnt want to become captain then you could have given chance to other inmate of pair, Mandana says actually.. Bigg boss says we dont need any explanation, he congratulates Suyyash for becoming captaincy. Priya says to Mandana that even if you were giving debt back to Kishwar as she allowed to become captain, then you could have done task for 2 or 3 hours, you left it so soon and it shows your habit of giving up task.

Priya talks to Mandana about Rishab and Gizele, mandana says to Priya that you are putting fire on both sides, dont do that, Priya says i didnt do anything, Gizele comes there, Gizele says you are talking about my level and class to Rochelle, whats your level? Gizele says i have more level than you, if i am silent then let me be, dont say ill words for me. Mandana ask Priya to get out as it between her and Gizele, Mandana says i am not afraid of doing household work but you leave, Priya angrily leaves.
Priya comes in garden, Prince says to Priya that if you have come to tell us what fight is happening inside, then we are not interested, Priya says i came to wipe my hands, why you are so rude.
Gizele ask Mandana to not talk about her level, Mandana says to Gizele that you are *****, dont show your real face Gizele, Gizele says are you talking about level considering money? Rishab says to Mandana that you are at zero, i will see who will support you, the truth is that you are also part of cool group, you are a cool group member.

Nora finds a note and flower on her bed which Rishab has left there as secert sant, Prince reads note, it says i am there to help you in this house, Nora comes to him and ask what is it? i dont need your help in this house, Rishab laughs, Nora says this is not nice at all.

Rochelle talks about secret santa task, Nora says i didnt like my secret santa’s gesture at all, Rochelle says he was joking, Gizele says if she has no value of secret santa then leave it, even Prince gave me bone as secret santa to make fun of my broken leg, he always makes fun of way i walk because of broken leg, Prince says i gave it in fun, he gets angry on her and says i will give you bone so what will you do? he shows her bone and ask her to take it, Gizele says you always make fun of my broken leg, Prince says i dont make fun behind your back, i do it infront of you, Rochelle ask Prince to calm down, Prince shouts on her to not come inbetween his talks, Gizele says i am just saying that like Prince is joking with me as secret santa, Rishab did same with Nora. Nora says to Rochelle that you know what he did? he wrote note in hindi and he knows that i cant read hindi, Nora ask Gizele if she is background dancer? Gizele says i never danced behind you, Rishab says i am kurta dancer, he dances funnily.

Suyyash and Prince says to Nora that you shouldnt have called Gizele side dancer, Prince says i know you didnt like what Rishab did but you were wrong too, Suyyash says Rishab did joke in christmas spirit, Prince says even Rishab did wrong, Prince says to Rochelle that you should not come in my fights or talks, Rochelle says i was just trying to explain, Prince leaves, Rochelle says you are again disrespecting.

Prince comes to Gizele and says the fight was between Rishab and Nora but you dragged me in it, Gizele says i was just giving example, you know Nora called me side dancer and side chick, you know meaning of side chick? its other women in man’s life, how can she allege me like this? i will talk to her, she goes to talk to Nora.
Gizele says to Nora that you called me side dancer, if you are dancer then you will call everyone as side dancer? i dont have have problem with side dancers, they are respected people, but why did you call me side chick? Nora says i called you side kick not side chick, Gizele says you know meaning of side kick? why did you call me that, Nora says nothing wrong in that, Gizele says it means that i am not good women, Nora says its nothing like that, Gizele says dont pass personal comments on me from next time as then i will pass personal comment too and you will start crying which i dont want as i find you sweet.

Gizele says to Prince that i dont have any problem with she calling me side dancer but why did she call me side kick? it has wrong meaning, Priya says no side kick means that you are taking someone’s side, Prince says its same like being someone’s manager, there are many side kicks in this house, even Rishab is called side kick of Mandana, this house is like this, everyone have b***ced about other behind their back but they become side kicks too, Rishab comes and ask who called him side kick? Prince says Priya called you side kick of Mandana, she even said that Mandana has done some magic on you that you are not able to see anything or anyone else, Priya is stunned and says when did i say that? i only said that dont know what has happened to Rishab that he is behind Mandana, i swear on my husband Bhushan that i never said that magic thing and all, Prince says if she has sworn on her husband’s name then no need to argue, he leaves, Priya says to Rishab that i am swearing on my husband for such small thing, i did say that i dont understand what has happened to rishab but i didnt say that Mandana has done magic on you and all Gizele hugs Priya and ask her to not cry. Prince comes to Kishwar and ask if Priya didnt say Mandana has obsessed Rishab? Kishwar says she did say, Prince says now she denied it and swore on Bhushan too.

Priya is sitting in kitchen, she talks with Kishwar, Mandana teases her and ask her to leave from there, Priya says do you think this house is yours? if you are like this in house then dont know how you are in real life, i cant imagine that, Mandana says go back, she says what? Mandana says go back to Australia, Priya gets angry listening. Priya says did i ask you to go back to Iran? Mandana says your wish, Priya says you are doing racism, i have been brought up in india, who are you to tell me to go back to Australia? did i ever say you to go back to Iran, who the hell are you? Mandana says i am Mandana Karimi, Priya says if someone had said to you that go back to Iran then i would have said that person is wrong, Priya says you dont understand what you have done, Mandana shivers and acts like she is afraid of Priya, Priya says you are racist, Keith says Mandana is wrong, all inmates say to Mandana that she did wrong, Priya says she should be understanding this thing most, Mandana says i didnt say such a big thing, Priya shouts that it hurts, if someone had something like that you then you would have made it a big issue, Gizele comes and says Mandana made such a big issue when someone called her foreigner then how can she say this now to Priya?

PRECAP- bigg boss gives task to inmates in which Bigg boss will become remote control and inmates will be controlled by it. Bigg boss orders inmates to fast forward, everyone starts running in house to be on fast forward mode. Then Bigg boss ask them to rewind, they all start moving back, Mandana strikes with Rishab, Rishab throws something at her in return. Kishwar ask Rishab why did he throw thing at Mandana? Rishab says why did she hit me first? Prince says why did you raise hand on a girl? Rishab says why did she hit me first? Mandana comes and abuses Rishab, Rishab abuses her back too. Later Kishwar’s mother is shown on tv, she is in confession room, all get excited, Bigg boss ask them to pause, they all pause, Bigg boss ask Kishwar to play, Kishwar runs and goes in confession room, she hugs her mother, Mother is emotional, Bigg boss orders Kishwar to rewind, Kishwar moves back and comes out of confession room, she cries as her mother leaves, Bigg boss ask inmates to play, Kishwar breakdown in tears and cries, Suyyash cries too, all give a hug to Kishwar.

Written Update By Atiba


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