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Bigg Boss 9 8th December 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9

Day 57,,
Kishwar is alone in washroom area, she sees some ghost like image in mirror, she runs to Mandana and tells her that she saw a ghost in mirror, she brings Mandana there and says look in mirror, Mandana makes her more afraid and laughs, Rochelle comes out of washroom, Kishwar gets scared by this too, Kishwar tells Rochelle that she saw ghost in mirror, Mandana says you are most nice girl in house thats why they show ghost to you, Kishwar says wait they will show again, Rochelle runs in washroom being afraid, Mandana laughs.

Day 58
Daru pila song plays, inmates wake up and dance together.

Prince is sleeping in bedroom, alarm rings, Priya comes and says that i have to take Prince’s mattress now, Keith says he broke first rule today, give him excuse for first time, Priya says i cant. Prince says i exposed her yesterday so she has taken things on ego, Priya comes back, Kishwar says to Priya that you are too much strict, Rochelle Prince didnt break any rule till now, you are getting personal with him, Priya says yesterday he behaved badly with me, Kishwar says you are being personal with him, Prince says you are hiding your fakeness, you are unfair, Priya says i maybe unfair but i did what i wanted, Priya leaves, Kishwar says she has forgotten that someone else will become captain too and will take on her then, Rochelle comes to Priya and says that you should start crying now to show to camera, Priya says you should start shouting camera is seeing you, Rochelle i do things as that is my personality.

Priya says to Mandana and rishab that i was lenient to inmates in first week of captaincy but as per bigg boss’s orders i have to be strict, they think i am not fair, Mandana there is no real friend in this house, Priya says what Rochelle would do for you, she is doing it now for Prince, she is covering his mistakes, she likes the job of being manager.
Prince says to Rochelle and Kishwar that Bigg boss made her captain for second time, she became egoistic.

Priya speaks in english, Prince takes her bag in store room as punishment. Priya makes rule that whoever will break rule, his personal belonging will be sent in store room.
Rishab says to Prince that we are not friends but if you want protein shake then you can take mine. Kishwar says to Priya that when Rishab broke rule, you just took his T-shirt but when Prince broke rule, you took his protein shake. Rishab says dont bring me in all this, Prince says to Rishab that we dont have anything against you.

Priya ask Rochelle to not sleep, she seems sleepy. Rishab is sleeping, Priya comes and says i have to take your personal belonging now, Rishab says take it, inmates will not get satisfied till you dont take my protein shake, Keith says nothing like that, Priya takes his ganji,, to put in store room but he says that i wear this, take something else, Priya says fine, she takes protein shake of Rishab and put it in store room, Rishab comes to her and says this is what all wanted, to take my protein shake and you did it, now take my bag too.

Nomination Time
Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, Priya won car task so she has immunity from nominations, no one will nominate her. every inmate have to nominate two inmates, it will be open nominations, the one whom you want to nominate, break sugar bottle on hir or her head, he ask them to wear safety googles, they do so. Nominations start.
PRINCE: He says since this is open nominations so i dont have any choice, Rishab tries to play game but he seems going wrong way, he bangs bottle his head, he says i have started friendship with her but still i dont like some of her acts, he breaks bottle on Mandana’s head and nominates her.
ROCHELLE: Rochelle nominates Kanwal as he is not game changer for her. she says i thought about nominating Mandana but still i have friend-enemy relation with her so not nominating her still. She nominates Rishab.
SUYYASH: He says its good to see change in Mandana but dont know her real side, he nominates Mandana and breaks bottle on her head. he says Rishab has no contribution in house as such, he nominates Rishab.
MANDANA: she says Suyyash is not doing much in house as his partner Kishwar is very strong maybe because of their age difference and also their relation is old one so he is under her influence, she nominates Suyyash. she says Kanwal is not contributing much, she nominates Kanwal.
KEITH: He says i didnt like when Mandana said that her boyfriend is not in house, she looked cold, he nominates Mandana. he nominates Kanwal saying that if i get in nominations then i should be with weak contestant.
RISHAB: nominates Rochelle as he wants partners to play alone, he nominates Prince to break his ego, Prince says you have ego.
KANWAL: he says Keith is sweet and not for this game, he nominates Keith, he says Rochelle said bad words for me and didnt said sorry, he nominates Rochelle.
KISHWAR: she says Mandana said words against me in fight two days back, i didnt like it, she nominates Mandana. She says Rishab said today i take side of wrong people and i am part of cool group, i hate this phenomena of grouping but still Rishab said it for me, it hit me hard so i will nominate him, she nominates Rishab.

Bigg boss says MANDANA, RISHAB and KANWAL are nominated till now.
Bigg boss says as captain, we are giving chance to Priya to nominate one inmate, that inmate will get nominated directly. Prince says it will be me, Priya says unlike Prince i will nominate the one whom i would have nominated if it was close nominations, this is not personal but strategic nomination, i nominate KEITH, he is very good like me, he has no faults like me, Keith says dont thinki am that innocent, all laugh.

Bigg boss says nominated inmates are MANDANA, RISHAB, KANWAL and KEITH.

Rishab says to Priya that it was good you nominated Keith. Priya says it was beneficial in two ways, now Rochelle will go more against me and will show her bad side and also Keith can become strong in coming weeks so this is right time to nominate him, if i had nominated Prince then it was waste opportunity, i have nothing against Keith, Rishab says he is kind of person who wont fight with anyone, Priya says he is just seeing Rochelle’s perspective.
Prince says to Mandana and Rochelle that Priya nominated Keith to show she is fair, Rochelle says she says Keith is nice then nominates him.

Priya is washing utensils. she sees ghost reflection in mirror, Kishwar and other inmates sees it too, Priya freaks out and says it was some child reflection, it was scary, Kishwar says to Suyyash that you will go with me everywhere, even for Susu, suyyash smirks, Rishab says it was just light, it is fake.

Nora and Gizele comes in house, they are in pool of house, they do sensuous dance in pool, Rishab, Prince and other inmates enjoy it. After dance, Nora and Gizele meets inmates, they come in house and says its nice interior.
Rochelle says to suyyash and Kishwar that i know this Gizele really well, we had same set of friends, when i left that group, she entered that group, i know her reality, she is not good, Suyyash says to Kishwar that this Gizele is same who arranged a theme party sometime back and i got to listen it was vulgar party, Rochelle says i just want to tell to stay away from her, she is weird and not good, Suyyash says if you were part of her group then she knows about you and will try to target you so be prepared, Rochelle agrees, Kishwar says dont worry, we have got more names to nominate in nominations, Rochelle laughs.

Prince ask Gizele what message did her sister sent with you? Gizele says you have to be yourself, Rochelle is very fake person, you dont have drift away from Suyyash and Kishwar, see Suyyash is in relationship with Kishwar so she will be his priority but you remember it was Rochelle who called you Goon again and again and now becomign your friend just for her own advantage, Prince says i know she is playing game with me but i wanted to show people that the one who called me goon now wants to become friend and infact defending that goon only, you have to be with Suyyash and Kishwar till end, cant you see Rochelle changing party every now and then. i saw she was bashing you in one of weekend episode then when Keith left, she became friends with you as she wanted support, Prince says i know, i was nice to her as Keith asked before leaving to take care of her, gizele says you have come out more stronger.

Gizele says to Priya that Rochelle always gang up against wild cards, all thought she is under Keith’s shadow initially but when Keith left, she changed her strategy, her policy is that of divide and rule,
she was faking to be Mandana’s savior and all, she herself called Mandana fake behind her back, Priya says really? Gizele says yes, she says Rochelle was sweet to you last week as she wanted to corner Mandana and she wanted all housemates to come on her side and gang up against Mandana and she successfully did it, i know what Kishwar did was wrong, spitting was not good idea but Kishwar hasnt changed much, she is same like she was initially, shows she is not fake, Priya says Kishwar has toned down he aggression too, when i entered house, i had wrong impression about her, i thought she is bad but after staying here, i have realized she isnt that bad person, Gizele agrees.

PRECAP- Nora and Prince have pillow fight, they both have fun in bedroom, Rishab sees this from garden area and is upset, Kishwar jokes that seems like someone is burning, i can smell it. Later Nora shows her sensuous dance moves, Prince and rishab are awestruck, Rishab says bigg boss please give me dance task with her.
Later Bigg boss changes house into ghost house or haunted house, there are people in garden area dressed as ghosts, they try to make inmates afraid by making scary noises and faces.

Written Update By Atiba


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