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Bigg Boss 9 4th November 2015 Written Update

Day 23(continued)
Kishwar says to Yuvika that Rishab is getting irritated as he knows that i will not give up, Suyyash comes and hugs her, Kishwar says dont worry about me, Suyyash says your feet must be hurting, Kishwar says i am fine.

Mandana says to Rishab that if we have got the chance then we should do our work, Rishab says you are right, Rishab throws bone in pool, he ask Kishwar to bring it, Kishwar brings it by using hand, he says you have to bring it by clutching it in mouth, Kishwar says dog cant fall in water to bring out bone, only this is way, Rishab keeps throwing bone away, Kishwar keeps bringing it.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that i feel so bad for Kishwar, i cant give do eye-contact with her.

Prince ask suyyash to hide bone as Rishab and Mandana is not here, Aman comes and throws bone out of house, Mandana comes and says Aman have done mistake, it was bigg boss’s property, Prince says so Aman’s punishment is that he will replace Kishwar and will become dog, Aman agrees, Mandana says Kishwar and Aman both will do it together.

Rishab comes in lounge and taunts Digi, he says i can come anywhere anytime.
Rishab throws bone in pool, it drowns in water, Rishab ask Kishwar to go in pool and bring it, Kishwar is thinking. Vj Andy(contestant of BB7) comes there, Mandana is excited to see him, Andy meets Digi, she is excited to see him, Mandana ask Kishwar to go in pool and finish her task. Kishwar goes in pool and brings bone out.

Kishwar talks to Suyyash and says that i am irritated, Kishwar is picking up bone for more than 3hours, we all are doing task but Rishab should respect that she is a girl, its just too much, she has knee pain now, Rishab doesnt have to show his class in task, Andy says many things happen in tasks, you have to perform it.
Rishab calls manager Prince and says you can do anything, you can go against me, Prince says i am stuck, its my job to talk to you as you are guest but when you will not be guest then i will give you over dose which you need, Rishab says if you want game on then tell me clearly, Prince says game is on, Yuvika says to Prince that he is our guest, let it be, Prince says to Rishab that let us serve you.

Rishab brings Andy to Prince and he wanna talk. Aman is messaging Mandana’s feet. Andy requests for message, Rochelle says Mandana is taking it, Mandana ask Aman to give message to Andy, leave me, Rochelle thanks Andy for requesting message,

As Andy’s request, Rochelle and Keith have to perform dance in pool, inmates sing song while Keith and Rochelle romantically dances in pool, all are enjoying it, all clap for them, Andy is happy with it.

Rishab says to Aman and Kishwar that you both have to stand like cock, they stand like it but Rishab says you are not doing it nicely, Prince says you keep becoming cock but they dont, Rishab says when did you see me becoming cock? Prince says i will keep saying it, Rishab says dont raise your voice, i can too, Prince says then do it, you are a cock, Rishab says you are cock, Prince comes closer to him, Rishab says you have bad mouth smell, he moves away.

Day 24
Andy and inmates wake up to song Its magic, all dance together.

Mandana orders breakfast. Kishwar says to Prince that we will do work which you will order us, guests will not tell us which household chores we have to do, they can only tell us who will cook for them, they can tell their personal wishes like message, food etc but cant order us for any household work, Kishwar says Rishab doesnt understand task, Rochelle says he screams that he is smart, Rishab says i will read instructions again, Prince says read it, Rishab says you are fake, Prince gets angry and says we will bring Mandana’s breakfast but not yours, do whatever you can, Rishab says all have become hot.

Bigg boss says its time for Andy to leave house, he ask Andy if he is satisfied with services and staff of BB hotel? you can decide this by taking off or putting star back on it, Andy gives 1star to hotel for their good star, all hug him in happiness, Andy says whenever i asked anything, staff brought it for me so i give them 7stars, Andy leaves.

Prince comes to Rishab and says you are wearing jacket on mike, you should wear mike on jacket not under it, Prince says i am captain and i will not allow you to wear it like this, either tie it like dog, Rishab says you are fake, you are fake, Prince comes closer to him, Rishab ask him to move away, Prince says dont touch me, Rishab shows him hand and says talk to my hand, Aman comes there and tries to stop Prince, Rishab says be away, Prince says i am ordering you as captain, if you dont follow then i will teach you lesson, Rishab says you are fake, fake and fake.

Ali Quli Mirza(contestant of BB8) enters house, everyone welcomes him. they give him welcome drink, he says its very bad, Kishwar says you will not complain now. Yuvika ask what you wanna eat in lunch? Ali says surprise me by making anything. Prince brings Ali to reception, Ali says 7stars for that drink? you have to win my satisfaction so gain star from me.

Ali says to inmates that i joines many gyms to follow Rimi but she kept changing gyms, Rimi is busy in her make-up, Ali says now she is stuck here, i love bigg boss for making her stuck here, he talks to her in english.

Sanaa Khan(contestant of BB6 and BB8) comes in bigg boss, she is welcomes by digi, Sanaa says princess is serving me? that should be written in golden words, she ask to crush sugar in welcome drink, she meets everyone. Prince shows her bedroom, ali is taking message from Rimi. Sanaa meets Rimi, Mandana and Rishab, she ask whats special here?

Mandana says we are giving two options to Digi, either she swim in swimsuit or if she cant do it then she will have to resign from BB hotel, digi talks to Prince, he says i cant force you, it will affect me in nominations but i wont force you, this is task.
Ali says to Mandana that we should target Aman too, Mandana calls Prince, Sanaa says even manager is not present here, Mandana says to Prince that other option is that either Aman becomes bald like Ali or he resigns from Hotel, Aman agrees to become bald, they leave with him, Digi says to Prince that this is first task which i am not doing.
All comes in washroom area, Ali starts shaving Aman’s hairs. Digi says to Prince why Mandana is so stubborn? Prince says its ok if you dont wanna wear swimsuit.
Ali says to Aman that its great effort by you get bald. Ali, Mandana and Sanaa comes to Rimi and says we will color your hairs, Rimi says no, Sanaa says then you have to say that you are resigning from hotel BB in camera, Rimi says okay, she comes infront of camera, Ali ask her to say that i am quitting task, Rimi says in camera that i am quitting task.
Sanaa ask Digi to say in camera that she is leaving BB hotel as she is not able to do task, Digi says in camera that she is leaving BB hotel as she is not ready to do task, Mandana thanks her and says nothing personal.
Yuvika also leaves job from BB hotel. Mandana says to Prince that we want to apply black spots on Kishwar’s face, Kishwar agrees for it, Sanaa applies black spots on her face and says looking nice.

Bigg boss says its time for Sanaa and Ali to leave house. Ali says the staff served us very well so 6stars for that and i have memories with this house so 7stars for that, all thank him. Sanaa says i wanna take one star as 3staff members left job, she says if Keith says some good lines for me then i will give 7stars, Keith says no one more beautiful than you ever came in house, i swear on Rochelle, all laughs, Sanaa gives 7stars to hotel.

bigg boss says Hotel task is done, he congratulate everyone for performing well, all are happy to get compliment from him, he says as per secret task given to Mandana and Rishab, they had to make two staff members leave their job and they succeeded in their task so they are safe in next nominations while Prince couldnt control his staff and didnt satisfy guests so he is nominated for next week. ,,

Kishwar ask Mandana that she was irritating her for that secret task? Prince says you both made Kishwar dog, Rishab says i did feel bad, Prince says i wouldnt have done something like that, Rishab says i am bad, you cant do anything about it. Mandana says we have to do task which is given to us, Kishwar says but you had authority to not choose me for making me crawl for 3hours. Mandana says its game, Rishab and i was team and Rishab can decide anything in task, Prince ask Rishab to speak up, Rishab is wearing hood, Prince comes to him and ask him to remove hood and talk to him, Rishab comes to him, they both start verbal fight again, Rishab says dont come closer to me, Prince says dont touch me, Rishab says it was task and i was doing it, Kishwar says i give you challenge to do 20push-ups, its easy to say dialogues, Rishab says my task was to break your spirit, Prince says you should have atleast respected that she is a girl, Rishab says should i see in task first that if she is girl or boy then decide task? Prince says you should have chosen boys for task but you dont have guts to compete with boys. Kishwar says why didnt you choose Aman or Keith for task? Rishab says they are my friends, Kishwar says girls cant be your friend as you comment on them like give us sight and we will keep cleaning pool for you.
Digi says to Mandana that you said you Yuvika that she is looking confident on camera and all, Mandana says you are talking for more than 1hour and i dont wanna listen to you anymore, Digi says you keep talking whole day and we keep listening to you, even Salman ask you to cut your talk short, Mandana says it was task and Rishab was giving work to everyone, Kishwar says we shouldnt have given Mandana clothes and shouldnt have supported her, Mandana says i am not talking to you, Kishwar says dont show me attitude, keep it to yourself, she says to Prince that you are captain, make her do all the work tomorrow, Mandana says i will become captain too, Prince says do you think you will become captain like this? they all laugh on her, Kishwar says Mandana did everything in task and now clearly putting blame on Rishab, Rishab says we will not give clarification after task, if you give explanation then you become bad for someone and good for someone else, its like Saas bahu saga.

PRECAP- Rochelle ask Rishab to remove his bag, he says wont, Rochelle shouts that its not clean, Rishab ask her to talk in low tone as he can shout more than her, i will not remove bag, Rochelle says then see what i do. Later Rishab says to Rochelle that why did she abuse him and what slang did she say for him? Rochelle says you can keep screaming, Prince comes and says you can ask her about slang but dont shout at her. In captaincy task, Keith and Rochelle falls down. Puneet Vasishtha enters house as 2nd wild card entry, he meets Prince and hugs him, he says to inmates that who are you all? all are here to play game, stop using dialogues, its time for action, he acts like fainting, Yuvika comments that if one(Rishab) was less that one more(Puneet) has come too.

Written Update By Atiba


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