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Bigg Boss 9 4th December 2015 Written Update

Day 54
Dance pe chance song starts. Inmates wakes up and starts dancing but sleepy too.

keith Priya, Rochelle are talking, Priya says to Rochelle that dont let popularity go in your head, dont think that you are no.1 it can destroy your game, Mandana went to secret room and she thought Bigg boss is showing her all this as she is number 1 and she lost plot there, in all 5 sins/vices, the ego is most dangerous one, Keith says you are Priya Maata, she laughs.

Bigg boss calls Priya in confession room, he says its time for 3rd vice or sin that is “greed”, in this task, both teams will choose one inmate from their teams whom they think are most greedy. You and the chosen inmates will go to activity area, they will be given some option and their greed will be tested through it, the one who chooses option first will lose the task as he couldnt control his greed while the other one will win, big boss says we are telling you an information as you are moderator that inmates will be given Ticket to Finale to test their greed but it is not real card but just fake one you should not tell this to inmates, she says okay.
Priya tells task to inmates. Kishwar discusses with her team and says it can be ticket to finale too but we should not fall for. Team A decides Kanwal to play from their side, Team B decides Rochelle to play it.

Rochelle and Kanwal are sent to activity area, Priya says to them that i am jealous, it can 25lacs too. bigg boss ask Priya to treasure box placed there, their greed is to be tested, the one who takes card will lose task. Priya opens treasure box, its ticket to finale in it, Rochelle smiles seeing it, Kanwal thinks and takes card, Rochelle wins task while Kanwal takes ticket to finale card. They come in lounge, Rochelle says i want to be in house till my fans want not by getting it, Kishwar says i would have taken card too. Keith hugs Rochelle. bigg boss ask Priya to announce reality for ticket. Priya says to inmates that Ticket to finale is fake, everyone laughs, she announce Team B as winner.

In lounge, Priya says to inmates that strategy is good to choose one inmate, Kishwar says the other inmates are not choosing players whom we can give competition.
In garden, Rochelle says to Keith that when i saw ticket to Finale, i thought that i want to play competition not get to finale like this. Keith says to Rochelle and Mandana that those who are sitting inside has shown their greed.
Kishwar says it was on Rochelle’s face that she was sad to not take ticket when she cameback from activity area, Digi says Rochelle still fears nominations.

Rochelle says to Keith that i am angry, they are saying that i competed in car task for my greed. Keith says you dont have to think about others.

the fourth sin’vices of task is “Anger”. Mandana and Rishab are sent to separate cages, opposite team have to irritate them, their anger will be tested, they should not get irritated with inmates antics against them, Priya will supervise task and will decide who controlled anger more nicely at end of task.

Prince, Keith and Rochelle says to camera that what we will say now will all be lie, this is just for task, dont take our words seriously people.
Prince comes to Rishab and starts screaming around her. Kishwar is touching Mandana who is in cage, Mandana says you cant touch me, Kishwar says i can do anything i want, Kishwar tickles her, Mandana ask Priya if they are allowed to touch me? Priya says there shouldnt be physical violence otherwise they can touch you, Mandana says ok, Kishwar says thanks.
Rochelle says to Rishab that what kind of wild card entry are you? you dont understand single task.
Kanwal, suyyash makes noise around Mandana with utensils.

Kishwar applies some paste on Mandana’s face and neck, she puts some garbage on Mandana’s head.
Rochelle says to Rishab that see what your team is doing, Prince says they are doing it even with girl but we are not doing this with boy too, Rishab says you can do that with myself, Keith says no we dont stoop so low for task. Kishwar says to Rishab that Rochelle b***ced about Mandana for task too, we are just doing our task, you keep siting in cage and dont react to their talks, Prince says to Kishwar that you cant brainwash Rishab, he is our target, you cant talk to him, Priya says team members cant talk to one who is playing in task, she forbids Kishwar to talk to Rishab. Rishab says to Prince that i wouldnt have done this against mandana what they are doing now, Rochelle says then speak up if you are against it, Priya says to Rishab that i can feel your anger, Rishab says to Priya that i wanna talk to my team, she doesnt allow him.
Rishab says to Prince that i am feeling bad for Mandana but what can i do? Prince says i gave up my immunity, my captaincy for Priya as she was girl, Keith says to Rishab that if you are feeling bad then stand up for girl, Prince says you cant hide yourself from Mandana, see her, she is hurt, if you are man then take stand for her.

Kishwar says to Mandana that it is rumored that you have done botox on your face? i thought you are natural beauty but you arent.
Kishwr says to Mandana that i will be happy if you win this task, you have bear our irritation well, Rochelle thinks she is best in tasks and no one can win against her, only she can do long tasks, this is your chance to show her that you can do tasks, i am not b***cing about her but saying this is your chance to prove yourself.

Mandana calls Priya and says to that due to constant noise by utensils, my ears are hurting, its going beyond point and if anything happens to my ears then i will sue them(Kishwar, Suyyash and Kanwal), Priya says okay, suyyash, Kanwal, Kishwar makes more noise with utensils around Mandana to irritate her but she doesnt react.

buzzer plays, Anger task ends. Bigg boss ask Priya who she thinks has won task? Priya says Mandana’s body language was defensive from start while Rishab was calm in start but got defensive in end, as per body language Mandana didnt react and not giving reaction was also a type of reaction and also she called me again and again to complain about them, while Rishab did negotiations with other team and was calm verbally too so Rishab has won task for me. Mandana says this is not fair to me, i called you Priya as you were moderator of task, you cant decide winner on basis of that, i saw Rishab getting angry too, Priya says but you were stiff in task, Rochelle says to Mandana that you did task very well, i am proud of you.

Mandana says to Rochelle that i saw Rishab losing cool many times but Priya didnt see him as her attention was on me only, everyone here is filthy.
Priya says to Rishab that i just saw anger in you when you started talking in english with other team mates, Rochelle’s team did mental manipulation with you, they were trying to exploit you mentally and you handled them well so you were winner for me.
Mandana says to Keith that they were irritating me by making noise with utensils, which you could have done with Rishab too.

The last and the fifth sin is “laziness or Sloth” for which Rochelle and Kanwaljeet are elected. The swimming pool is turned into a swamp, there is filth in and its contaminated to make it marsh or swamp, these two contestants have to walk from one end to the other and cover maximum rounds of pool, the one who takes more rounds will win the task.
Rochelle and Kanwal starts taking rounds of pool turned into swamp, everyone cheers for them, buzzer plays and task ends. everyone claps for Rochelle and Kanwal, Priya ask digi she counted rounds, tell her, she tells count. Rochelle took 53 rounds while Kanwal took 52rounds so Rochelle have won task. Priya says after all tasks related to sins. Team which consist of Prince, Rochelle, Keith and Prince, Rochelle says i am the only girl in house who doesnt give up at all. Keith says to Rochelle that in last task you were great, guys have no weight physically while it makes huge difference in these tasks body weight matters alot.,

suyyash says Rochelle is bragging about winning against Kanwal, he is aged and did task very nicely, Kishwar says if she had competed with me and won then she could have bragged but comparing herself to Kanwal’s physical capability is not fair, suyyash says she should be ashamed.
Prince says to Keith that they never accept anyone win nicely, they cant appreciate people like well done, you were great in task and all. Keith says to Prince that they have to make fuss of everything thats what they are doing now too, they are giving excuse of Kanwal’s age but Rochelle is girl and she did task so nicely, Mandana says hats off Roch, Rochelle says they tried everything to make us lose, stooped low but couldnt win, we gave up ego task too when we felt it was going beyond limit, Mandana says they did so much with us in task but we won in end.

PRECAP- Bigg boss taken inmates stuff and has
Mandana says to Kishwar that i am not Kishwar but Mandana, Kishwar says you cant become Kishwar.
Keith says to Rochelle that Priya is captain of house and can give you.

Written Update By Atiba


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