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Bigg Boss 9 3rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9

Weekend Special
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone in Bigg boss, Salman says i remember yesterday we eliminated Nora and Prince was sad, he sings sad song for Prince, all laugh, Salman says inmates dont know that one more inmate will be eliminated today, KEITH, PRINCE, RISHAB, MANDANA, and SUYYASH are nominated.

Call is connected to house, Salman says to Prince that your lap is empty today, you should not laugh today as Nora has gone, Prince smiles, Salman says your girl is gone just out of Bigg boss, my girls leave my house too, you should learn one word that is “try next”, all laugh, Salman says Yuvika and Nora are going on dinner tomorrow, all laugh, Salman says they will have candle light dinner and you will be cooked, Salman ask Suyyash if Prince said same things to Yuvika as Nora? Suyyash says no he didnt show stars to Yuvika, Salman says he gave heart shaped roties to her, they were agents of Bigg boss, it was their task to trap Prince, actually they were Bigg boss’s girlfriends, infact it was Bigg boss in Nora’s avatar, all laugh.
Salman ask Prince how he calculated that two girls and two guys wil reach finale? he said that to Priya, Kishwar says Rochelle thinks there will be two winners as its double trouble, Salman says claps for Rochelle, Rochelle says we dont know what Bigg boss thinks, Salman sings for Rochelle, Rochelle says why cant there be two winners? Salman says you wanna buy one and get one free? is this a couple show? Prince tried to made couple with two girls and Rishab just reached hands but couldnt reach lips to make couple, all laugh.
Salman ask who was most afraid in nomination task? Rochelle says me, Salman says Keith had to take it to save you, suyyash says Keith has taken flying arrow on himself, Kishwar says when i had nomination trophy, Rochelle was pointing to not give to her so i gave it to Prince even than she had problem that why i didnt give it to her, Salman says Rochelle have problem with nomination and no nomination both, Keith how do you bear her? i salute you, all laugh.

Call is connected to snapdeal caller, she ask Salman how is he? he says i am not fine, all laugh, caller says i can come to you then, all laugh, caller says to Priya that i am your supporter, there was a task when Bigg boss’s asked who they think are winner, you took Keith’s name, why? Priya says i wanted to take my name but i thought Keith is good and can win show, he is liked outside too, i know i can do better, Priya sings mug for her. Salman says to Rishab that what he thinks about Priya taking Keith’s name as winner? rishab says we are top 10 and if we take someone else name as supposed winner then its not good, Salman ask who he thinks is winner? Rishab says me, Salman ask Suyyash who is winner? Suyaysh says Kishwar, Salman sings Joro ka ghulam, Kishwar hugs him, Salman says i have to learn this technique from you, if i had learned this technique then i would have 10 kids in 19years, all laugh. Salman ask Kishwar if she thinks Keith is winner? Kishwar says no, Salman says Keith you are calling him loser? Kishwar says cool group is already broken and you are you doing this? Salman says you have visualized yourself as winner, you have prepared speech too? Kishwar says i wont say anything when i will get the trophy, i will cry, Salman says wear water proof kajal then, all laugh, Kishwar says i just wanna that you have made me a better person, Salman says i am not Kishwar to get in Mandana’s trap, i have done 6seasons of Bigg boss, you people have made me learn many things than myself, all laugh, call ends.

Salman says Tanisha mukharji from BB7 went in house, lets see what happened there.

Tanisha Mukharji will talk to inmates. Tanisha is sitting in booth and inmates will come to otherside of booth and will pour their heart out to her without seeing her face. Priya comes first, Tanisha ask Priya what she wanna confess? Priya says in first week of mine, i was sitting in car doing my task then Kishwar came and put pee near my seat, i always give back to people so i sprinkled that pee on her face, i think i feel guilty for that, i did wrong that too on national tv, Tanisha says it was action and reaction, i and audience didnt take it badly, i hope you are feeling bad now.
Prince comes there, he says there were allegations on me that i am behaving like goon, and girls feel unsafe in my presence, Tanisha says you make good relations but you dont keep them, do you think you have kept your relation with Rochelle? Prince says i have and also we are in last stage and nobody matters now.
Kishwar comes there and says there was an incident, Mandana was curling her hairs and she mistakenly burned her hand, it was actually burned alot and i was sitting there but i didnt went to her, i felt bad afterward, i did wrong and i personally felt bad, Tanisha says let bygones be bygones and move forward, dont lose your humanity, Kishwar says i have to forgive myself.
Rishab comes there, he says the major mistake i did in this house was to make Kishwar and Suyyash dog in task, i feel guilty for that and also this week, i hurt my friend Priya in task, Tasnisha says you know how to take advantage of friends, Rishab says i may have done that but i never made friends to take advantage.
Mandana comes and says i went overboard many times, i kicked Kishwar and last week what i did with Priya, how i abused her, she cries and says i am alone in this house from beginning, Tanisha says you have stood up strong.
Suyyash comes and says i shouted on girl, i said many things to Mandana which i should have not.
Keith says there was incident when Suyyash was threatening Mandana, i was sitting beside him but i didnt say anything to him and reacted late, Tanisha says this isnt first time you reacted late but now you should learn from it.
Rochelle comes and says in last week, we have thief task, my team member cheated but i couldnt take stand, Tanisha ask why her attention is not in game? Rochelle says i didnt handle relation with Prince well, Tanisha says after Keith’s return, you have sidelined, there is setback in your game, maybe this is reason you are not getting alongwith with Prince, Rochelle says to Tanisha that keith gives importance to his friends and their talks in house more important than me, its weird to handle but fine, but if he is trying to replace me then thats not nice, Tanisha says it feels like its not best for you to be with Keith in game, Rochelle says we are couple so handicapped, Tanisha says but you both are individuals, Rochelle says when i was talking more than all used to think that i boss around Keith and when i am not talking then i am getting influenced by him so i dont know where is line, Tanisha says line is not between you and Keith but it sould between you and the house.

Salman welcomes Tanisha on stage, Salman says did you remember something about your journey when you went inside? Tanisha says i felt like i was going in as contestant, they made me wear mike, they took my phone. Salman ask how many fake confession happened? Tanisha says they didnt confessed much, he ask who she thinks is in finale? she says Prince, Kishwar, Mandana, Rochelle and Rishab. he ask about Prince, Tanisha says Prince came in house with so much confidence but his potential is not seen much, Salman says he is involved in love and all so not concentrating on game, Tanisha says he is involved in relations, Salman ask about Mandana? she says Mandana is fabulous, she is real game player, Salman says she is moving everyone around her, its like you can hate her but can ignore her, Tanisha says even if episode is not about her, she twist it to her way, she has temper issues, Salman says it will hamper her only, Kishwar controlled her anger, Tanisha says but its working for Mandana, Salman ask about Rishab, Tanisha says he has occasional spark, Salman says he gets tired after two three sparks, Tanisha says Rishab have to show consistency, Salman says today one inmate will be evicted, its double eviction week, you know Nora was evicted yesterday and Prince is sad, Tanisha says he will find another one, Salman says no one is left for him in house, Rochelle is with Keith, Kishwar is with Suyyash and Mandana doesnt need anyone, she is girl, boy, mother, daughter everything herself, Tanisha says its all about Mandana, Rochelle and Prince are really good friends too. Salman ask about Kishwar? Tanisha says Kishwar is very good player, her mind works very well, she is handling cool group well, Salman ask about Rochelle? Tanisha says she is your favorite? she was growing nicely when Keith was not in house but after his return she is sidelined, she is finding it difficult to balance her individuality and relationship both, Salman says Keith is having that difficulty, he is like whats happening in house? but Keith is still favorite person in house, Tanisha says he is favorite but he doesnt take stand, Salman says he is like ex-contestant Nikaten Madhok, he is like he will keep sitting in house till BB10, and maybe i wont be doing it, Tanisha says you started again? Salman says i dont wanna do Bigg boss, i hate this show, increase my salary, all laugh, he ask what you think about Salman as host? Tanisha says you say everytime that you wont do Bigg boss’s next season but there is no host, Salman says not even Amitabh or Shahrukh? she says no, she says you involve in personal lives and put yourself in risk to make someone’s image better, in season 7, you took criticism on yourself but involved yourself in house very much, if you do BB10 then i will give you 10 out of 10 scores as host, Salman says i think what more i can offer? i know i can offer alot but what more they can offer? Tanisha says you are looking poor, see your shirt, its show rough, Salman says my sister has designed it, Tanisha says oh i am sorry, Salman greets Tanisha, she leaves.

Salman welcomes Juhi chawla. Juhi comes stage, Salman dances with her on Salam-e-ishq. After dance, Juhi says only i can call Salman, Salman Bhai in industry as he never romanced on screen with me, Salman says i had to do it once, in film Dewana Mastani, Govinda and Anil kapoor was behind you, and twist was that i was her husband, juhi says but it was in end, we married in last scene, Salman says i married you one time, Juhi says people ask why you didnt work with Salman? Salman says we did photoshoot together then i recommended you for next movie of mine, when producer went you, you recommended Amir khan, Juhi says jhoot bole Kawwa kaate, Juhi says we will do movie together now, Salman says we will take you in mother’s role, all laugh. Salman says no one has comic timings like you, she is coming in movie “chalk and duster”, Salman says you went inside house, what happened there? Juhi says i tried to strict but i couldnt, and your contestants changed history geography everything, Salman says lets see.

Clip plays, Song Mere Mehboob mere Sanam, Juhi chawla comes in house, everyone is surprised, Rishab says her movie dialogue.
Juhi says to inmates that i am playing teacher in movie, inmates says good evening teacher, Juhi says you al are naughty. Juhi says i will ask general knowledge questions, she ask Rishab who founded digit 0? Rishab says it was by indian mathematician, i dont remember his name, Priya says it was Arya Bhatt, Juhi says one wrong answers you will have to give milk packets as punishment. Juhi ask national song of India from Rochelle, Rochelle says Saree Jahan se acha, Kishwar says it is Bande matram. Juhi ask Kishwar who has written jana gana mana? Kishwar says Ravindarnath, Juhi says right. Juhi ask Prince how many times world war was fought? Rochelle gives him hint by fingers, Prince says two times? Juhi says Rochelle cheated so i will take two milk packets. Juhi ask Rochelle who is president of India? she doesnt know, Prince says Pranab Mukharji. Juhi says now i will ask question from Kishwar which is close to her heart, she ask Iran’s capital? all laugh, Kishwar doesnt know, Mandana says you dont know it? then how can you be my enemy? Juhi says its Tehran, Juhi says last question is who is Kareena’s great grand-father? Rishab comes forward, Rishab says its Raj, you must have listened it? (Raj, naam toh suna hoga), Juhi says absolutely wrong and that too you said it with so much confidence, Suyyash acts like punching Rishab, Suyyash says Randhir Kapoor, Juhi acts like shaking, she ask Prince to punch Suyyash too, Kishwar says its Shami Kapoor, Juhi ask Kishwar to do sit ups for this, Kishwar does it, Keith says its Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Juhi ask Rishab to bring milk boxes. Inmates put 15milk boxes in store room as punishment, Juhi meets everyone, she dances on Mere Mehboob with inmates, she greets everyone and leaves.

On stage, Juhi says to Salman that it was funny, Juhi says its Salman’s turn now. she says i will say words and you have to tell their opposite kind of words, first word is “marriage”, Salman says its “peace, happiness, paradise”, Juhi says girls die for you but if you get married then they will be heart broken, Salman says let them die, more will be born, Juhi says girls are happy that you are not getting married, Salman says its their curse only. juhi says next word is “meine pyar kiya”( iloved), Salman says its opposite is meine pyar kyun kiya”(why did i love?), Juhi ask will you do this mistake again? Salman says i repeat this mistake again and again, its worth it, Juhi says tell us about your school days? Salman says i was given punishments, i was beaten up, i used to get beaten up in college too, i used to cover my bums wit notebooks so that when teacher beats me with ruler it protects me, my father got to know about notebook and he took it off and beat me more, still i am in touch with teachers. Salman says i dont concentrate on reading, i used to get confused between lines in book but if a teacher has taught me something, it used to remain in my mind, i had reading problem and stammering problem too, i used to stammer in “maine Pyar kiya” too, Alok Nath said his lines but i couldnt say my lines and it happens because of respect, like Sunny came yesterday, like Dharam ji, even if they call me, i will stand up, Juhi says its great, Salman says you came to bring out my secrets. Salman ask about her movie, she says its releasing on 15th January, Juhi greets Salman and leaves.

Salman says its time to talk to inmates. Call is connected to house, he says we said its double trouble so there will be one more eviction today. He says to Mandana that i will take name of person who is safe, he says MANDANA YOU ARE SAFE, Mandana says thank you Salman, Salman says thank your voters, she says i do it after episode every week, Salman says but its not shown, all laugh, Mandana says why you take my class? Salman smiles. Salman says PRINCE YOU ARE SAFE, Salman says RISHAB IS SAFE. Now Suyyash and Keith are remaining, Kishwar cries, Salman says i am seeing girls are depressed more than boys, they are depressed as what will they do outside house, Salman says to Rochelle that you have to be strong, if Keith goes out then use this as advantage, he says to Kishwar that if Suyyash leaves house then you should become weak, all laugh, Salman says if suyyash wins show instead of Kishwar then Kishwar will kill him, Kishwar says i feel like he is going to fly, Mandana gives tissues to Kishwar, Salman ask Rishab whats his six packs feeling? all laugh, he ask what your bones are saying? Rishab says i feel we cannot stop the one who is going and whoever is going should go out soon, all laugh, Salman says Kishwar i am sorry, SUYYASH IS EVICTED, Kishwar cries, Suyyash hugs her.

Salman welcomes Suyyash and Nora on stage, Suyyash acts like flying, he ask Nora? Nora says i was sad, i was crying, Salman says why for bigg boss house or someone else? Nora says aww. he ask Suyyash, Suyyash says Kishwar will be affected after my eviction but she is strong, Salman ask about Rochelle’s behavior with Keith? Suyyash says her behavior with Keith is wrong, if you dont respect your boyfriend then no one will do, she says slangs to him too which is not nice. Call is connected to house, Nora hides, everyone sees suyyash and Salman, Prince is sitting with Kishwar, Salman says he is jerk, Prince kisses Kishwar’s cheek, Suyyash says i will beat you, he ask to take care of you, Salman says if you dont take care of her then he will not take care of Nora, Nora comes there, Suyyash kisses Nora and ask Prince to kiss Kishwar now, Kishwar says not fair, you took Suyyash and Nora both, Salman says you wanted to come out? Suyyash says play your game then we will meet outside, Salman ask Nora that you got letter from Prince before leaving house, if its not personal then tell us, Salman says he wrote letter on Paratha too for someone else, Nora says he wrote that he has genuine feelings for me and he loves me, Salman ak did you say i love you too? he says to Suyyash that we should give them time, Nora says its infront of whole india, Salman says dont know whose home they are going, Suyyash laughs, call ends, Suyyash and Nora leaves.
Salman says this week there will entertaining task, one inmate will get ticket to finale and one inmate will get plump amount to leave show, he sings off from show.

PRECAP- Rochelle says to Keith that i was fighting for 10minutes but you kept silent, when Priya or Mandana is attacking, i am alone, no one is there for me, you dont even know if i am here or not, she starts to leave, Keith tries to stop her but Rochelle ask him to leave her, its good i go out this week. Priya says to Mandana that your boyfriend said that you do things on which your family doesnt laugh, Mandana says who the hell are you to say that? Priya says then you also think before talking about my family, Mandana says you are cheap, cheap, cheap, get lost. In nominations, inmates have to write name of contestant on football whom they want to nominate and kick it outside house, house door is open for that, one inmate will nominate two inmates. Kishwar nominates Rochelle as she feels she is her competition, Prince nominates Rochelle. Priya says Mandana is mentally unstable, Mandana acts like mad. Mandana nominates Priya and tries to give reason but Priya interrupts her and says i dont use slangs, i dot get physical, i.. Mandana says she is not allowing me talk, she says Bigg boss sorry i cant do complete this nomination, she puts ball back.

Written Update By Atiba


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