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Bigg Boss 9 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9

Day 42(continued)
Rochelle, Kishwar are makes conspiracy to steal Rimi’s makeup, if they are able to steal it and put it in store room then they will get luxury budget which they didnt get last week.
Kishwar comes to Rimi and says lets go to washroom, she goes with her. Digi comes in bedroom and checks if Rimi has gone, Rochelle brings Rimi’s make up kit and gives to Prince. Prince hides make up kit in kitchen, Rishab hides it behind different things so Rimi is not able to find it. Rochelle requests Bigg boss to open store room.

Rimi is finding her make up kit, she comes to inmates and ask if they had put her make up pouch in store room? she ask Rochelle, Rochelle says i dont know, Rimi says but this is not right, this is forcing someone, Rochelle says i didnt do anything infront of you, Rimi says doesnt matter, i will share Kishwar’s make up, Rochelle says you cant share, Rimi says i would have to share it as you left no choice, Rochelle says Bigg boss clearly said it you cant share, Rimi says okay no problem. Rimi talks to Kishwar alone and says if i dont get make up then i would share it. Kanwal comments that now we will see where ban balance will go.
Rimi talks to Kishwar, Rochelle and Suyyash and says its wrong to take someone’s things against their will, i dont want all this, this is wrong, if this was task then i would have allowed but this is against my desire, you all can go against me but you are forcing me instead of convincing me, Kishwar says but if we ask you to give it then you wont.
Rochelle says she just want lipstick and eye brow pencil.
Rimi says to Kishwar that give it back else i will go in depression, i dont want any luxury budget, you can take my part of it this week but give me my pouch, Rochelle says we didnt get luxury budget last week because of you, we will not get this week too because they are taking actions against you, they can take our mattresses, we want luxury budget, Rimi says i wont do tasks from now on, Rochelle says you dont do anyway.

Store room door is opened, Rochelle comes in and ask Suyyash to bring make up kit from kitchen and give it to her, just get basket, i will take out what she needs and leave rest here. Suyyash brings her make up pouch, Rochelle says we will take out her favorite stuff and leave other make up things here, she take out lipstick, eye brow pencil extra to give back to Rimi, Bigg boss announces that all make up things of Rimi should be put in store room and no one will share make up with her, if you follow these conditions only then you can get luxury budget. Prince says to Suyyash and Rochelle that decide fast, all come in store room, Rimi says i wont do any task now, i am not competent, you will lose luxury budget every week because of me, she says i thought to do tasks from now on thinking about you people, i didnt do only last task, she leaves.
Prince says we should give her make up and see if she will do task or now, Rishab says but this is stupid, Suyyash says we have to take risk of giving her make up, we will see if she doesnt do task from tomorrow then we will take her make up back.
Kanwal comes to Rimi and says you didnt do task fromk start thats why they are taking your things, Rimi says but i dont react, i am not reacting even now, Kanwal says boys are sweet with you, they are thinking about to give it back to you, they are suffering because of you so you should convince them that you will do tasks from now on.
Digi says to inmates that from next time, we should not have to convince Rimi to do tasks. Rimi comes there, Suyyash says to Rimi that your make up was going but we stopped it, we made Rochelle understand too, Prince says you have done tasks with us, Kishwar says we should not have to convince you to do tasks, Rishab ask will she give her 100%? Rimi says i will do tasks but wont shout, Rochelle says do tasks and its upto you how you do it, Prince says you have to do tasks now, he kisses her cheek to make her feel better, Rimi says i dont want attention in life, Prince says i love you, Rishab gives Rimi her make up back.

Day 43
inmates wake up to song.

bigg boss says that nominations time has come, Kishwar is captain so no one can nominate her. This week’s nominations will be supervised by BB Australia 14’s finalist Priya Malik, inmates are surprised.

He comes in confession room and sees Priya on Tv, she jokes if he will do nominations alone or need Kishwar in this too? he says no i will do it alone. Priya says you will nominate two inmates and have to give valid reasons as only then i will accept your nomination. Suyyash says i wanna nominate MANDANA as her health is not at all fine, she really wanna go back home, Priya says you have sympathy? Suyyash says i want her to take care of herself. He nominates RIMI and says i entered house with her, i sacrificed my bag for her but she didnt give up her make up last night.

she says Mandana is very confused, i dont know if she is really ill or not, she is fake, she nominates MANDANA, Rochelle says Mandana is disrespecting house, she is throwing her tantrums, she want all to pamper her. Rochelle nominates RIMI and says she is thinking that she can do anything but no one can do anything against her.

He nominates ROCHELLE as she spat in his food, Priya says but you said to Salman that you have forgiven everyone, Rishab says i did from heart but not from mind. Rishab nominates KANWALJEET as he said if will give up tasks if its tough.

Priya says this is task, will you do it? Rimi laughs and asys sure. she nominates KANWALJEET and says i have less interaction, Priya ask if this is fair? you are hiding behind friends, Rimi says this maybe reason, she secondly nominates RISHAB and says his comments are offensive sometimes, when he had fight with Prince, he did weird gestures which he shouldnt have done, he is nice but when he gets angry then he crosses line.

He nominates MANDANA and says she gave up easily. he nominates RIMI and says she is star, peopl are waiting for her to do something, Priya says but she is your friend, Prince says but if she does something wrong then i will nominate her.

She nominates RIMI as she is is irritated in house, she is lazy. She secondly nominates ROCHELLE as she is trying to hard to be in all conversations and she is judgmental.

She nominates ROCHELLE and says she always said that i am cold, i am not good at heart but she b***ced about, she is fake. She secondly nominates PRINCE and says i never liked him, he is simple guy and is not understanding much thats why following Kishwar and Suyyash.

he nominates ROCHELLE for she is playing good game. he nominates RIMI for having low energy.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominates contestants are RIMI, ROCHELLE and MANDANA. Kishwar have authority as captain, she have to give two names other than nominated, they will be nominated too. Kishwar nominates RISHAB, she says he is sweet but try to be evil, i dont understand him, she secondly nominates DIGANGANA and says she is very silent and not active, she is ill too. Bigg boss says nominations are done. Final nominated inmates are RIMI, ROCHELLE, MANDANA, RISHAB and DIGANGANA.

Priya Malik (4th wild card entry) comes in house, she meets everyone. Bigg boss welcomes her in house and hopes she brings new energy in house. Priya says to inmates that i completely understand you guys as you have passed 7weeks here, i was first Indian in BB Australia.

Priya says to Prince that you have reservation to play, you rely on others, Prince says i am playing alone, i am like this only, i am very emotional person. He talks about Rimi and says she said to me that if i give her make up then she will do tasks. Priya says you guys are very soft on her, like Kishwar became dog for 3hours to be in game and then there is Rimi, who is just here and still in game, i will tell her that i am here to decrease her bank balance.
Suyyash jokes to Rishab that she will have spark for two days, her Australia planning and plotting will go in this house in just two days, we will living here for many days, she will lose everything here soon.

Rochelle talks to Rimi and says Priya clearly know about everyone, she had seen our nominations too today, she is interesting character and she was finalist in BB australia so it will be fun here, Suyyash comes and says she is here to play game.

Priya says i dont know anyone personally here, i have seen you people as viewer, people are not able to make favorite here, Kanwal agrees.

Kishwar ask Priya what she can make? she says i can make many dishes, Kishwar says but we dont have much luxury budget, Priya says but Rimi will start doing tasks now and we will get it, Rimi says i did all tasks but didnt do last task only as i cant fight on top of my voice, Priya says then you are in wrong show, rimi says i am not decisive, Priya says but when you have signed contract than you are bind about it and you have to do tasks, Rimi says i will do tasks now, Priya says good.

Priya says people dont speak up here due to friendship even if it wasnt fair, Rochelle says i dont have friends rightnow here but this is not the reason to nominate me, reality is that i am competition for her thats why she nominated, Priya says to Rochelle that you people just remain silent infront of Suyyash, Prince and Kishwar thats why they bully you, when Prince sprayed on Digi’s face, nobody stopped me, if a person is bullying and you are not stopping them then its part of bully too, Kishwar comes and ask whom did i bully? Priya says you didnt but it is coming across like this only, Priya says the task in which Prince sprayed on Digi’s face but no one stopped Prince, now even you Kishwar, Kishwar says it was part of task, we didnt know she had allergy, Digi says its not having allergy, Kishwar says end conversation.
Digi ask reasons from Kishwar why did she nominate her? Kishwar says i cannot nominate Prince and Suyyash, i thought it would be mean to nominate them, i thought you would understand me, Digia says but this is not solid reason, i know you couldnt nominate them so you nominated me, Prince sprayed on my face and game was stopped because of that, Kishwar says it wasnt stopped due to that, Suyyash says Priya has come to pick weaknesses of inmates and hit on them.
Priya says to Prince that you are very good at heart but you keep saying you will be new Prince but you didnt come out as it, Prince says all went against me in house except Kishwar and Suyyash, Priya says i understand that you alleged for touching inappropriately but you should not take it seriously, tigers used to hunt others, you were a tiger but now you are just part of lot, you have also noticed yourself, Prince says i said clearly to Kishwar that if i feel she is double crossing me then i would nominate her.
Kishwar says to Digi that i know if Prince was in my place, he would have nominated me but i am not like that. Suyyash says when Mandana went to secret room, Prince said on weekend episode that if Kishwar was in secret room then he would have b***ced about her, if was in Pince’s place, i would never b***c about him.

Priya says Prince, Suyyash and Prince have become owner of this house, they are in every fight, they are most hated in house but they are not nominated while all others are nominated, Kanwal says they are playing very clever game, Kishwar cleverly became captain and saved Suyyash, they are actually skipping nominations very easily, Priya says thats my point.

PRECAP- Luxury Budget task will be given. House will be turned into cow stable. Priya alleges Rishab for having s*xual attraction towards her.

Written Update By Atiba


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