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Bigg Boss 9 19th November 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9

Day 39
song Aaj na chorunga tujhe plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Kishwar says to Prince that Rochelle did b***cing, she will tell her that it was just task but she took out her frustration, i got to see from this task that Rochelle is of no one, Prince says Rochelle knows that Mandana can help her to be in game, Kishwar says Mandana must be in shock listening all this, i will warn Mandana that Rochelle actually feels like that for Mandana so beware of her.

Kishwar says to Rishab that many parathas are made but no one is eating, Rishab says i will eat more parathas now and no will stop me else i will not leave them, Kishwar says yes eat it if you want as we have flour, Rishab says dont know why people are stopping me from that, the mild one ahs become wild again.

Bigg boss says to Mandana that your secret room journey is coming to end, you can go back to house, Mandana takes her things and comes to confession room, Bigg boss says yesterday you were given chance to see footage of inmates, now we wanna ask whom two you want to nominate, Mandana says i wanna nominate ROCHELLE and says if someone is my friend then be my friend on my back too but she b***ced about me on my back, she alleged me that i am Salman’s favorite, she says i dont want Kishwar to go as for hero there should be villain too, i wanna nominate PRINCE as he is very loud, he is punjabi that doesnt mean he can shout at anyone, he is nothing but goon, Bigg boss says you can go back to house.
Mandana comes in house, all act as if they are shocked to see her, Mandana says i met my family and boyfriend, she hugs Rishab, Rishab sees her boyfriend’s picture and says he is dude.

Kishwar says to Rishab that you must be happy to see Mandana again, Rishab hugs her, Mandana says Rishab and Suyyash was most sad that i left, she hugs Suyyash, Mandana says what you thought Rishab that i will leave you like this? Kishwar says Rishab is very happy to see, Rishab leaves with Mandana from there, Rochelle says Rishab will tell her everything, Kishwar says to Rochelle that she has got to know that you are not new friend, you have took chance to b***c about her, Rochelle says i am acting like i am guilty that she is back, Suyyash says you should act indifferent that you dont know she has seen you b***cing, Rochelle leaves.

Kishwar says to Suyyash and Prince that Rochelle is most disappointed with Mandana’s return, thats very bad.
Rishab says to Mandana that no one was sad that you left, Rochelle comes there and says i thought that you met Keith outside house, Mandana acts like she met Keith and says Keith needs his family, she leaves.
Digi says to Suyyash that Rochelle is most fake, its very obvious now, Kishwar says i told her that Rochelle you are very smart you did b***cing and now you will say to Mandana that it was task, Suyyash says Rochelle came forward to meet Mandana but she didnt hug her.
Aman ask Rochelle to not worry, if there is anything to know then he will let you know, Rochelle says when will people need their close one? Aman says we will clear things to her, Rochelle says i did my task only.
Mandana tells to Rishab that i saw everything what was happening in house, MARR group is not there, Rochelle is not my real friend, she knows that i am strong and i am only one who can stand infront of Kishwar and also she knows that people like me and she thinks BB and Salman favors me thats why she is pretending to my friend, there is no difference between Kishwar and Rochelle.

Prince says to Babaji of house and says please bring real faces of house, we are goons but we are real and now fake friends reality are coming out, tis going to be fun now, you cant b***c about your friend even if you are asked, you did b***cing only when you have things against them in heart.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are done. Suyyash was captain so he is safe, Mandana was already nominated, Mandana took Prince and Rochelle’s name so they are safe, while all are nominated. MANDANA, DIGI, KISHWAR, AMAN, RIMI and RISHAB are nominated, Rimi hugs Mandana for not taking her name, Rochelle says now tell us what did Bigg boss tell you in secret room, Mandana says i cant discuss that, Rimi ask did you know that you will save the person whose name you take? she says no, Rochelle says game was that we had to piss you off so that you can nominate us and we will get saved, Kishwar ask why did you take Rochelle’s name? Mandana says i took Prince and Rochelle’s name as the one i like and the one i dont like, Rochelle tries to clear but Kishwar and Suyyash makes fun of her, she leaves, Rishab says all said truth in task but it was task, Kishwar says whatever i b***ced about you, i do that on your face too, Mandana says i wanna clear things, she calls Rochelle inside, Kishwar says Aman and Rochelle b***ced about you and now she is afraid of you, Mandana says Rochelle is behaving with me weirdly since morning, all are same but Rochelle has different behavior, Prince says we dont care if you are here or not, Rochelle comes back, Mandana says i will clear things now, Mandana says i was in secret room and i saw your footages, i saw Mandana and Aman b***cing about me, i was asked to nominated two people, but i was shocked to see Rochelle and Aman b***cing about me, it seems like you have things against me in heart, i was surprised by Suyyash that he is sweet to me, i told Bigg boss that Allah(God) gave me this opportunity to see what people think about me, Aman says we said truth that you do tasks and give up easily, Mandana says Aman said that i am all about i me myself and i am self centered person who just do things as per my convenience, Aman says it was regarding task, whats the difference between Kishwar and you Rochelle then? you alleged me that i was favored by Salman, Kishwar pointed out that and you took stand for me but now you saying same as Kishwar, Rochelle says our plan was to bask stab you like whatever allegations were put on you, we agreed with that, we alleged you for same thing, Mandana says now i will show you how to play game, Rochelle says you need to understand that it was task and i did convenience you to nominate you, Mandana says i didnt see my enemy b***cing about me more than you, Rishab didnt say anything, Mandana says Rochelle dont be so much nasty, i am so happy that i got to know truth, Mandana says you said that i am acting like Rimi to get ticket to finale, Kishwar says to Mandana trust me Rochelle and co are not at all happy with your return, Aman laughs, Kishwar says they were thinking that you will leave, Rochelle says to Mandana that cant you see what they are doing to us, Kishwar says all are able to see what you did, Mandana says this is not about Kishwar, you said about Keith too, i just wanna tell you that i have mind and heart that tell me everything, Rochelle says this task to break us, Mandana says no it was to open my eyes.

Prince says to Suyyash that the so called best friends reality came out, Suyyash says we were bashed to stand for each other but we have trust between us that keep our friendship strong.
Rochelle says to Mandana that you are only friend that i would want to talk after show, Mandana says you did your task but i dont wanna talk now.

Rochelle says to Mandana that it was task and i said things about you what i listened in house, Mandana says it seems like i am at day one in house where there is no friend of mine, Kishwar did task of back stabing me but you said much more than her, Rochelle says i thought you would understand that if i am saying so much bad things about you then you will smell something fishy, Mandana says dont go overboard with it, i made you my friend because there is no family with me here and i got emotionally attached to you but now we will do tasks individually and there will be no friendship.

Rishab says to Prince that many parathas are wasted, i will eat more now, Suyyash says if parathas are remaining even after all have eaten it then you can eat it, Aman says if parathas are remaining in end then calculations are not right, Rishab says i wont compromise on my food now, Prince says everyone is compromising now, no one is eating 50parathas, Rishab says if there are parathas remaining then i will eat it, Prince says but this say ration will end, Rishab says i will eat 4parathas, Prince says all think about whole house while eating, Rishab says i will eat as per my will now, you shut up, Prince ask him to shut up, Rishab says i will eat what i want, you cant stop me, Rishab and Prince have heated argument, Prince calls Rishab chimpanzee, Aman and Suyyash tries to stop them, Aman says we will decide cordially, Rishab says to Prince that you cant stop me, Prince says i wont let you eat others food, Rishab says you are just namesake Prince, your standard is nothing, Prince says dont talk about my standard, you are like animal, Rishab ask him to get lost, you are *****, Prince ask him to get lost i have seen many ****** like you, Rishab says get lost, both abuses each other, all housemates are amused seeing their fight.

Suyyash ask Rishab to adjust little with food, Prince comes there, Suyyash says you cant abuse each other like this, Prince says he abused me first, Prince ask Rishab to talk calmly, Rishab says you dont shout, you are rowdy.

Rochelle says when you are doing task nicely then you are bashed, Prince says this is happening from day one, Suyyash says give Mandana her space, she will understand, Prince says to Rochelle that play with your mind, think before you speak, ,, think yourself what you want to do,

Aman says to Rishab that what is wrong is wrong, i asked you to give back my towel but you said you will find your first, just give my towel, Rishab says i will give it to you, ask before you take anyone’s towel, Rishab says i am giving it to you, it is someone else’s towel, i am just telling you to talk nicely, Rishab says you are shouting so i will shout too, Aman says to Rishab that i dont touch anyone’s personal stuff, this is basic manners in everyone, Rishab says why are you getting angry Sir, Aman ask him to not show him attitude, rishab says i am sorry i took your thing, Prince comes and ask what happened? Aman says he used my towel without asking me, Prince says leave him, ,,

Rochelle says we did our task only, ,,
Rochelle says i crossed line, Aman says i said common things like she leave tasks easily.

PRECAP- In captaincy task, Prince and Rochelle will tortured by inmates. Suyyash ask Rishab to not fight with him, Prince and Rishab have argument again. Thirst wild card entry will come, it is Designer Kanwaljeet singh, he enters house, all meet him.

Written Update By Atiba


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