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Bigg Boss 9 14th December 2015 Written Update

day 63(continued)
Bigg boss says to inmates that mutually decide who is most insecure inmate about his/her position in house, Giselle and Nora are not included in it, Giselle says i dont know who is insecure, Priya says you both can tell more clearly, Giselle says i feel Rochelle, she tries to fight everytime,
Rishab: he says its Suyyash.
Suyyash: he says its Priya, she was dying to get immunity in car task, Priya says because it was my first week in house.
Priya: She says suyyash is insecure but it thrives him to do better.
Rochelle: she says its Priya, Priya says i like to insecure than rude and arrogant(taunting Rochelle).
Keith: he says for me its Priya or Rochelle because whoever is here they have fanbase from before but Priya doesnt have it, she is insecure about it, Priya says i know i dont have fanbase in India, wise reason.
Kishwar: she says Priya is insecure, she agree with Keith.
Mandana: she says insecure is Priya because she talked about fan following she doesnt have thats why you tried everything with passion, Priya says i do everything with passion.
Nora: she says it maybe Priya for same reasons, as she doesnt have fan following like me and i can relate to it.
Prince: he says it is Priya, she said its first week so give her immunity so i left car task but then she was afraid of getting nominated.
Keith says to Bigg boss that most insecure person is Priya, Bigg boss says to Priya that there is one board in store room you have to wear it, Priya brings it,
“caution! insecure person” is written on board, Priya wears it, all tease her, Keith says she will bite like snake now, Priya says atleast its not written that i am arrogant or rude person.

Rishab says to Mandana that i called Kishwar zero as i want to tell people who is good in game, she nominated me earlier too but i will nominate her the time when she will expect least from me, i will fire at her then, Giselle says i understand, Mandana says Rochelle was flying high when Salman said she was going good in game, she is double faced person, she used to believe that she is not safe because Prince and Suyyash lives in house but then when Suyyash was fighting with me then she said Suyyash is right, what was that? Rishab says exactly Salman pointed out that too, he says we three are playing alone but when time comes then i will take stand for you Mandana, i wont let bad happen to you, they are in majority so we are easy target for them.

Priya ask Rishab re talking about nominations, Nora is passing by, Rishab ask if its nora without seeing her, Nora stops and says wow what connection we have that you can sense me by my fragrance, Rishab ask Nora to go away, he laughs, she starts leaving, he passes flying kiss, she smiles, Rishab says to Priya that they are 6people in a group, they will nominate us, its so obvious, you, me, Mandana and Giselle will be nominated, let their group become less in number then it wil be fun, Priya says put this thing in others mind, Rishab says i dont wanna change anyone’s instinct.

Nomination Special
Day 64
Gandi baat plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Mandana and Giselle are talking about Keith being a nominal captain because, Mandana says in reality, the power lies in the hands of Rochelle and Prince. Giselle acts like Rochelle controlling Keith, Speaking about Kishwer, Giselle says that she believes that Kishwer influences Suyyash and Prince too much and she holds grudges and very typical vamp style. When Rishabh joins the conversation, Mandana asks him who he thinks is getting nominated and he names all four of them – Rishabh, Mandana, Giselle and Priya, Mandana says suyyash will definitely get nominated, we will see how Kishwar plays after suyyash is gone Rishab says Kishwar has got one more support that is Prince, Rishab says Kishwar is acting like Nora is already Prince’s gf, Mandana says Nora is not that innocent, she is taking advantage of Kishwar and Prince both.

Giselle teases Priya who is brooming, Giselle ask Priya to use broom nicely, i will show you, Giselle bends and shows her how to use broom in s*xy way, Priya is amused and thanks her.

Bigg boss says inmates have decided that Priya is most insecure person in house. Priya have to come in booth and will be given two options, she will have to accept one.
Priya comes in booth, Bigg boss says there are two videos, one is in which you back bited about others behind their back and other video is in which they back bited about you, the video which you choose to see will be shown to you while other video will be shown to inmates, Priya says show me what they said about me and show them what i said about them. Video plays, Rochelle says Priya is wildcard entry, we should unite against her. Then Kishwar once said that Priya has seen everything before entering show, how Giselle said to Mandana that Priya thought that i am wildcard entry so she can make group by using me, Priya thanks Bigg boss.
Priya comes in lounge, she says now you all will be shown what i have said behind your backs, video plays, Priya said to Rishab that Kishwar playing smart and saves herself, Suyyash and Prince from nominations. Then how she said that Rochelle is attracted to cool group, she said to Rishab that she wants us to go in finale. Then Priya how she said Prince and Nora are different and playing smart, then how she said to Nora that she cant take stand for herself, video ends. Mandana says Priya’s problem is that she has point of view for everyone, Prince says if she makes friend then its friendship and if someone else make it then its is groupism, there is no group, Kishwar says no we are a group now, its of 6 people, Rochelle says its my decision whom i want to be friend with, its not my plan, Priya says you were going good, then you fought with Mandana and got attracted towards Kishwar’s group, Giselle says thing is she changes friends every now and then, Prince says to Priya that you should stop talking about groupism so we will stop it too, Kishwar says to Rishab that you say you dont b***c about anyone then what was that? you were b***cing most with Priya. Priya says the video which i saw, Prince said that both wild card entries Rishab and Priya should go back, Prince says yes i said it, Rishab says i told clearly that Kishwar is my target, Kishwar says thing is you are taking on my back, Rishab says what i did? this is dynamics, Kishwar says i said sorry when i did wrong with you but you shouldnt be b***cing about me, you should have said things on my face, dont back bite, then you lie that you dont back bite, Rishab says i dont, Kishwar says i thought there was equation between you and me, Rishab says we have, Kishwar says we had its not now. Priya says to Mandana that you dont talk about loyalty, if Rochelle and i become friend then you cant point fingers at me, Mandana says good for you, Prince says to Priya that you wanna target whole house, you talk about loyalty with Rishab but wanted him to go out, Prince says i made equation with him, equations is not formed easily,we have to make it. Rochelle, Kishwar, Keith, Prince, Suyyash, Nora stand together and says we are cool group.

Rishab says to Priya that dynamics have changed, they are trying to be cool group but cant they see what Salman say to them every week, Priya says i dont believe Giselle, Rishab says i dont see what anyone is saying about me behind my back, i stand for topics in house, they all are plotting.

Nominations Time
Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations will start now, Keith is captain so he is safe, he is given special authority, he will have to nominate two inmates and they will get nominated directly.
KEITH: he nominates Giselle as she doesnt have any topic to fight. He nominates Mandana and says i dont understand if she is real or fake, also she is difficult in household chores.
Bigg boss calls Suyyash in confession room.
SUYYASH: Bigg boss ask Suyyash to nominates two inmates. Suyyash nominates Rishab and says he is not contributing enough, he doesnt do task nicely. he nominates Priya and says she is strong, she is double faced.
MANDANA: she nomiantes Suyyash and says she is insecure and he entered in my and Kishwar’s fight. she nominates Rochelle saying that she says she is sweet and does things from heart but she is fake, Rochelle is managing Keith’s captaincy too.
RISHAB: he nominates suyyash and says he thinks he is leader but a follower in real, he has no reasons to fight, he use Kishwar to fight, he acts like girl. He nominates Rochelle and says Rochelle doesnt make issues when it is related to her and doesnt allow others to talk about it like when she is cleaning washroom nobody can point her to clean nicely but if by mistake some flower petals falls from my pocket in washroom area then she will make such a hue and cry about it.
NORA: she nominates Rishab and says he is not interested in task, he has not stand. she nominates Priya and says she plans alot, she doesnt have stance.
PRINCE: he nominates Rishab and says he is not interested in tasks. He nominates Priya saying she plans alot and have divide and rule policy.
ROCHELLE: she nominates Rishab and says he doesnt have stand, he just want to irritate others. she nominates Priya saying she has good heart but thinks over the top.
GISELLE: she nominates Rochelle as she thinks she is fake, she nominates Suyyash saying one person should go form couples so we will see how strong they are without each other.
PRIYA: she nominates Suyyash as he is not strong and should go. she nominates Rochelle saying she is losing her individuality, her ego has brought downfall for her, after Keith’s return she has completely lost her path.
KISHWAR: she nominates Rishab and says the video which we saw, after that i want to nominate him. she nominates Priya and says i am not able to understand her.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. Nominated inmates are GISELLE, MANDANA, SUYYASH, RISHAB, ROCHELLE and PRIYA.

Rochelle says to Suyyash that one of us will be going.
Rishab says to Mandana that Rochelle is more insecure, Giselle says she wants to act like target.
Rochelle says to her group that i might be going, Nora says maybe Mandana is going, Rochelle says i dont think so, Kishwar says dont give any chance to Mandana to become victim then great.
Rishab and Mandana sings we are double trouble.

Kishwar says to Rochelle that i wanna say something to Prince, Rochelle says i wanna say same thing to him too, Kishwar says if Nora has come here then you cant touch her all suddenly, Prince says i am not interested in making any love angle, she is jsut friend, Rochelle says you should not be so much frank with Nora, be careful, Prince says she is nice but i understand what you are saying.

Keith and Rochelle are playing free fall, Rochelle has her back towards Keith, she will free fall backward and Keith have to hold her, she has to trust Keith that he will not let her fall, Rochelle is reluctant and doesnt falls freely fearing that keith will not hold her in time, Mandana says to Rochelle that you should play this game with Suyyash, Rochelle says i didnt ask you, Mandana leaves, keith ask Rochelle to fall back, he will hold her, she says no, Suyyash comes there, Rochelle falls freely trusting Suyyash and he holds her in time, Nora comes to Keith and says i trust you completely, i will back and i know you will catch me, she stands infront of Keith and falls back freely, Keith holds her in time, all clap.

Keith says to Rochelle that it was such a small thing, i told you three times that i wont let you fall, Rochelle says you didnt tell me to trust you, you were looking here and there but not giving me faith that you wont let me fall, Keith is tensed.
Giselle says to Mandana that Rochelle is too much fake.
Keith says i was miffed that you dont trust me, Rochelle says Mandana said that i am not good for you and you agreed to it, Keith says you are talking about very small things, it doesnt matter, Rochelle says you didnt take my side, Keith says this is not right, i am with you, he is sad and says i am sorry.

PRECAP- Rj Malishkha says to inmates through tv that there is one serial killer in house and he is very clever and dangerous, nobody is able to catch him/her beware. Its new task “killer Killer”, Rishab and Priya are detective while they have to guess who is killer among other inmates, they keep eye on everyone to find find killer, Rishab teases Mandana calling her killer..killer. Later bigg boss calls inmates in confession room one by one and says we are giving you important task, you will have to vote one person, and the person who will get most votes will get nominated for whole season.

Written Update By Atiba


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