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Bigg Boss 9 11th November 2015 Written Update

Day 31 8:26am
Woh Sikandar hi song starts playing, inmates wake up and dance.
Mandana says to Aman that where she should keep her shawl and bottle, Aman ask her to keep it in her clothes.
Bigg boss calls everyone in living area, everyone gathers in lounge, Mandana ask Prince to give her shawl and sipper back, Rochelle says i saw you taking it, Kishwar says give it back, we will snatch it back later, Prince says i didnt take it, Mandana you are taking my things even before game has started, she ask Kishwar to give it back, Mandana tries to check it in Kishwar’s back, Mandana takes Yuvika’s bottle but Kishwar says you cant take he bottle, Suyyash snatches it from Mandana and says you cant take it, Kishwar ask Mandana to find your sipper, Mandana tries to find it, she says i dont anyone’s sipper, Kishwar says she cant take anyone else’s sipper.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its team A’s turn to sit and run rickshaw today and if Team A has more than three members sitting on rickshaw till end of task then they will this task, all rules will remain same as yesterday, Mandana says i am not going to play, Rochelle says you are our team-mate, you have to play, Prince says then you will considered as excluded member, Kishwar says she is quitting so one player of team A is already down, buzzer plays, Rochelle ask Mandana to come. Mandana comes and sit on rickshaw, Team A sit down on rickshaw, Aman is running peddle of rickshaw, Prince, Suyyash starts throwing food on Mandana and Rochelle, Kishwar ask Mandana to not use slangs, i will not stoop to your level but i will irritate her so much that she will use more slangs.
Prince brings cold water, Kishwar says Mandana is feeling since morning, pour whole bucket on her, Prince and Kishwar throws water on Mandana, Mandana says dont put it on my mike, Kishwar comes closer to Mandana, Mandana kicks Kishwar to keep her away, Kishwar says how dare you kick me? Kishwar says i will not play game now, Prince says Mandana should be disqualified, Rochelle says she was protecting her mike, Kishwar says i came closer to her to protect her mike when Prince was putting water on her but Mandana kicked me away, Mandana says to Rochelle that Kishwar was strangling me by snatching my mike so mentally i will push her back, Kishwar says i didnt strangle you, Kishwar ask Rishab to not lie as you are captain and sitting beside her, Rishab says i am not captain rightnow, you were strangling her. Prince and Suyyash brings Mandana’s blanket in garden, they put all garbage on her blanket, Mandana says my mike is filled with water rightnow, Aman says to Mandana that if you kicked Kishwar then its wrong, Mandana says it was reaction to Kishwar’s actions, Kishwar says i took her mike away as Prince was putting water on her but she said dont touch me and kicked me in belly, Mandana says you were strangling me by puling my mike’s belt away, Aman says you all can throw anything what you want but dont pull mikes of us. Suyyash says to Bigg boss that take action against Mandana, Kishwar says Mandana kicked me, i will not play game, she throws her mike away.
Mandana says to camera that it was reaction to action, Kishwar was strangling me so i had to react, Rochelle says Suyyash is so aggressive, Mandana says Prince pulled my shirt, put his hand inside my shirt and put something in my shirt, he touched me at back, its bad.
Kishwar is crying, Suyyash hugs her and consoles her, he says you are strong, dont cry.
Kishwar and Puneet says to Rimi that we are thinking about using chili powder as they also used it, we just poured water on Mandana and she kicked.

Kishwar comes in confession room, bigg boss says hello Kishwar, Kishwar says i dont want to say any hi hello to you, she says if you dont action against Mandana then i dont want to live in this house, i will leave this weekend if you dont take action, Bigg boss ask if you have doubt on our justice? she is saying that you were pulling her mike so tightly that you it was strangling her neck, Kishwar says she kicked me, all know about Mandana and her words here, if you dont wanna take action her then just release me from this house, i dont want to be in show, she cries and says i cant live with Mandana here, when she is wrong even than she is appreciated, i dont want to be here when you dont follow your rules even, Bigg boss says it was in rules that you cant use any liquid in task, Kishwar says all kind of liquids were used yesterday but you didnt take any action as Mandana is your favorite and you dont want to evict he as she is giving masala(content) to you people, Mandana is everyone’s favorite, Kishwar says to bigg boss that i dont want to talk to you, she comes out of confession room and throws her mike away, Suyyash ask what happened? Kishwar says bigg boss says that we cant use liquid but i said that they used it yesterday, you are biased and i dont want to talk to you, Kishwar says to Suyyash and Prince that now you can play game any way you want, dont think about anything, just do what you want, Prince says just see what we will do now.
Rochelle and Digi are playing games with hands, Prince brings pesticide spray(i guess) and sprays it on Mandana, Rishab, Aman’s head, Mandana ask to not use it on Digi, Suyyash says spare Digi, Prince says that they tortured everyone yesterday, he sprays it on Digi’s face, she coughs and lowers her face, Rochelle hugs her and says to Prince that you know she is allergic but you sprayed on her, Prince says everything is fair now, Kishwar mixes chili powder in water, Rimi brings it and gives to Suyyash, Suyyash is about to use it but Bigg boss says that task should be stopped here rightnow, they all come down, Digi is coughing, Prince brings water, Mandana ask to not come near, Aman gives water to Digi and washes her face.

Digi says to Mandana and Rochelle that we didnt use any spray on their faces, no spray should be used on face, Digi says i will take medicine, she leaves, Rochelle says that these boys are so aggressive that its security problem here, Mandana says they are ill-mannered and dangerous, it so scary.

Digi says to Rishab that fight is between Prince and co and Mandana&co but why all are breaking rules and not doing any work, Rishab sees Rimi, Aman and Puneet sleeping and says the one who sleep loses everything.

Prince ask Rishab in which team you are in? you are in middle of everything, Rishab says i am not in anyone’s team, i dont do anything bad, Kishwar says when she kicked me, it was against house rules and you are captain but you didnt say anything, all you said that i strangled her but i didnt, you were sitting beside her and you knew everything, Prince says if Kish had kicked someone and i was captain then i would have gone against her.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its very bad to go against rules in tasks, the rule was to not use any liquid in task still Prince threw water on Mandana,Prince says i didnt throw it on her mike and Kishwar was protecting her mike, Bigg boss says mike protection was important but that doesnt mean you can strangle her mike, its wrong, but what Mandana did was also wrong, she was physical so as punishment, she is nominated for next week and also she will not vote in next nominations, Prince says we used only one bucket, it was cool water and we were to use that only near feet of Mandana.

Rochelle says Prince put his hand inside Mandana’s shirt, its so disgusting. Mandana says i am happy that i got punished, Kishwar tells about hand putting thing to Prince, Prince comes to Mandana and ask what are you saying? Mandana says you put your hand in my shirt to put something, Prince says dont lie, i didnt touch, dont talk cheap.
Prince comes to Rimi and puts a thing in her shirt, he ask did i touch you? she says no, it was happening yesterday too, Prince says they dont think before talking.
Aman says to Rochelle that why you didnt talk when he was touching you.

Rochelle comes to Prince and says the way you hit me today, its hurting me still now, dont touch me from now on, dont hug me or kiss me, its not good that you are crossing limits with girls, beware about that, Prince says tell this to your Keith too, Rochelle says i wanted to see what you would have done if Keith was here, she leaves, Prince says as if i am afraid of Keith, they dont want us to do anything, Kishwar says if i was outside then i would have pulled Mandana and slapped her tightly after she kicked.

Kishwar is in confession room, she says i am not satisfied with Mandana’s punishment, i will not wear my mike or will not do any task, i want to see footage as i dont think i strangled her so let me see footage, Bigg boss says we think that someone is biased but thats not case, we punished her what she deserved. Kishwar says Mandana throws her mike every now and then, she irritates everyone but i have thrown mike for first time, she kicked me but you are saying that i was strangling her, Bigg boss says we didnt say you were strangling her, we said that its Mandana who is saying that you strangled her, Kishwar says if there are no rules, then i could have slapped her too, i am more aggressive than her, Bigg boss says if you didnt slap her then its your greatness, you didnt take any action against her so it shows that you are good and generous and it is in your favor only, Kishwar says fine and leaves.
She comes in bedroom and says Bigg boss talked me in detail and he said that its my generosity that i didnt slap her back when she kicked me, he also said that we called you earlier but you left in middle of conversation, i was about to laugh but i controlled.
Rishab and Mandana are talking in garden, Rishab says to Mandana that a devil is hiding behind her innocent face, she smiles, he says these inmates dont know that a devil reside in me too.

Kihwar says we decided it yesterday only that we will throw everything on their faces, Prince jokes that i was thinking to make laddos of chili powder, when Rochelle would open her mouth to say something, i will put those in her mouth to shut her up, Kishwar laughs, Kishwar says we four should be a team in next task too, Prince says we did task for 3 hours only, think if they would have sat on Rickshaw for 12 hours like us then we would have made them mad. Kishwar says we got chance for first time to irritate Mandana, i had many ideas to pull it on her but task ended abruptly.
Mandana, Rochelle, Rishab and Aman lights candles and diyas in garden and wishes Diwali to everyone.

PRECAP- Diwali gifts are sent to inmates by their families but it is kept in glass box in lounge. Puneet, Digi and Mandana are in double trouble room and have to press buzzer, inmates will get gifts depending upon decision of these three. Prince, Aman, Rochelle cries to get gifts. Later in task, Kishwar and Aman have argument, Kishwar says he was listening to song only not dancing, Rochelle says if they keep doing all this then i will not dance, Kishwar says some ill-mannered people(pointing Rochelle) dont understand any task. Rochelle cries and says i dont want to live in this house.

Written Update By Atiba


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