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Bigg Boss 9 10th December 2015 Written Update

Bigg Boss 9

Day 60
Inmates wake up to song and dance.

suyyash says to Rochelle that i saw Prince saying to Nora that you are very beautiful and it feels like a moon has come down in Bigg boss house, they are trying to show love angle, Prince did same with Yuvika and it proves that he is doing romance for game only, Rochelle says I feel Nora likes Prince in real.
Mandana says to Prince that whatever happens in task remains in task only, no one needs to drag that fight after task, Giselle says Priya called out to me that I am getting personal when I remarked on your career but she doesn’t know that we know each other from much time, it wasn’t personal, Priya comes and says when I feel something is wrong then I will say it on face, I thought you are getting personal, Giselle says it was between me and Mandana, Priya says you said that Mandana got work in Bollywood due to her boyfriend, I thought it was wrong and I took stand, Giselle says it was personal talk between me and Mandana, Mandans doesn’t have problem with that comment but Priya, this is Priya is mad women.
Giselle says to Mandana that we should not give chance to Priya, she is playing very nastily, Mandana says Rishab and me are example, Rishab forwarded his hand for friendship and I like him too that he is good guy but when Priya, Priya tried to manipulate Rishab, she would eat, work and do everything with Rishab, Giselle says her strategy is like this, to manipulate others, she has become heroine outside house.
The next part of “ghost house task” is about skeletons, human team have to grabs skeletons hanging in garden area and have to throw it in pool while ghost team without touching skeletons have to protect skeletons, Keith will give points to team from 3 to 5 points.
Bigg boss ask Keith how many points he wants to give from 3 to 5 to ghost team seeing their performance yesterday? Keith says I will give them 4points, if they had put more efforts then I would have given them 5points, Bigg boss says as Keith have given them 4points then human team will have to destroy 4skeletons to win this task.
Buzzer plays, ghosts protect skeletons while human team make strategy to grab skeletons from them.
Prince says to Suyyash that you cant touch skeletons, Suyyash says I was just setting skeleton, Keith sets skeleton right, human team get one skeleton, they run and throw it in pool. Mandana takes one skeleton and run to throw it in pool but ghost team stops her, skeleton breaks, Keith says to ghost team that you cant touch skeletons while they are hanging, Prince shouts and says ****, ****. He says we have taken 3skeletons, Kishwar says third skeleton’s half bones are with me, you didn’t take whole skeleton.
Mandana says to Prince that listen to me, he doesn’t and says this is all happening because of you, Mandana leaves being angry.

Keith says to ghost team that they have taken 2 skeletons from you, 3rd is not confirmed, Kishwar says they have put half skeleton in pool, while we have some bones of it with us, Prince says we accepted decision of yesterday in your favor too. Keith says two bones of skeleton are remaining, if they throw it in pool then I will count it.

Priya says to his team that handle Prince. Prince tries to grab skeleton but breaks bone. He argues with Suyyash. Giselle says don’t push each other, Suyyash have one bone of broken skeleton, Prince ask him to join skeleton bones and hang it again, Suyyash says I wont these parts are with me, I will not give it. Prince says to Keith that I was pushed and skeleton got broken, he was pushing Nora too. Keith says if the are hiding bones of skeleton then grab it from them.
Nora says three four people were pushing me, they attacked me, I don’t know who were them, Giselle tells her to not lie, I was with Rochelle, Nora says Kanwal pushed me, Giselle says Kanwal doesn’t even know what are you saying, Priya says if Nora thinks Suyyash pushed her then she should have taken stand then only, Kishwar says first she was saying Suyyash pushed her then saying Kanwal pushed her and now saying she didn’t see faces. Giselle says you Nora that 2 3 peope pushed but you didn’t see face of anyone? Giselle says Nora you are too sweet to argue with you, Nora tries to argue but Giselle says you are looking funny, sit down.
Rochelle says ghost team have hidden bones, we cant see it so how will we snatch it? Rochelle says to Keith that if they are not listening to you then we will not listen to you too, Kishwar then win by cheating, she says to Keith that you gave benefit of doubt to them earlier too, you are biased, Keith says I am trying to be fair as much as I can, Suyyash says we tried hard to protect skeleton, Kishwar says they can take parts but not whole skeleton in one go, Keith says but guys are hiding parts in your shirt, Giselle says this is your strategy, Kishwar says this is wrong, Prince says we didn’t do anything wrong, he says to Keith that you can announce that no one should be physical. Keith says to Priya that I am trying to be fair, they are saying that they will give up task.
Rochelle says to Keith that game stopped because three people were physical, Keith says game stopped due to skeleton breaking, Prince says to Keith that they are not listening to your announcement, ask Bigg boss what you can do.

Rishab takes one skeleton and is about to throw it in swimming pool, Keith and Rochelle comes and says game is stopped, Rochelle says this will be called cheating, Prince ask him to understand this will give them negative point.

Bigg boss says to inmates that there is less time oleft in ghost house task. Keith says to inmates that we have to do tasks, human team have to put all 4 skeletons in pool in any form, if they do it then they will win otherwise ghost team will win, all agree, he ask them to go and continue plays.
Inmates come in garden area, Rishab takes skeleton and runs to throw it in pool, suyyash tries to stop them, human team fights with him, Suyyash says to keith that they are getting physical, I am trying to save bone but Rishab and Prince cant attack me like this.
Prince stand near skeletons, Kishwar ask Giselle to keep an eye on Rishab. Prince and Rishab grabs one skeleton and runs from Kishwar, Kishwar runs behind them, Rochelle gets skeleton, Giselle gets physical with Rochelle, Keith ask Giselle to not get physical, Giselle get pain in body, she cries, Keith calls for medical help, Bigg boss says except Mandana and Kishwar, all should come in lounge.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that Giselle jumped at me, why she is doing all this? Suyyash says she did right if you see from her point of view.
Kanwal says Giselle’s leg got twisted, it isn’t anyone’s mistake, she turned around and her leg got twisted. Giselle’s leg is bandaged, Prince lifts her and takes her to bedroom.
Bigg boss says “ghost house task” is completed, he ask Keith to announce his judgement, Keith goes to check number of skeletons in pool, Rochelle says why he is couting bones in pool, he can simply see how many are still remaining and hanging. Prince says you all shouted about physical physical so I was cautious, Kishwar says you were still physical.
Keith comes in lounge and says the difference of bones is just 1bone between both teams, he announce that Ghost team has won due to one bone less than Human team, Bigg boss says okay. Mandana says to her team that I had one bone extra but I was eating when I got that bone so I didn’t throw it in pool, I asked if I should throw it? He says I can throw it later in pool, I still have that bone with me, Keith says game was stopped that time but then later you should have thrown in pool, Prince says we lost due that bone only.
Kishwar ask Giselle about that bone, Giselle says I had that bone, when my leg twisted, I gave that bone to Mandana and ask her to no cheat, Kishwar says now she is blaming her team that they didn’t allow her to throw in pool.
Mandana tries to explain things to Rochelle, she says Prine.. Prince comes there and says don’t take my name in all this, don’t drag him, Mandana ask him to not shout, he says you cant play fairly.

Rochelle says to Mandana that when we are together in team then I will play alone, Mandana says I cant play like Rochelle and you cant play like Mandana, Mandana leaves. Giselle says to Rochelle that if Mandana had put that bone in pool then it would have been cheating as I gave that bone to her, why are you blaming her? Rochelle says why are you coming in all this? Keith comes there and says why are you fighting with her, Giselle says don’t take your boufriend’s side, she is torturing me by shouting, Keith says till lights are not switched off, anyone can talk or shout in room, Giselle says I am ill and her shouting is making me mad, Suyyash says its her call if she wanna shout or not. Kishwar says to Giselle that you were wrong too, you were going behind everyone and pushing everyone in task so you can get bone back, it was not right and one bone got broken too due to this, Giselle says to the fact is that you people won because of me only, I worked most hard in task and my leg got twisted too, when my leg got twisted, I was giving bone to you but you didn’t take it so I had to give it to Mandana, Kishwar says I knew you would try to take credit, Suyyash says she just want footage, Giselle says you are taking footage too, Suyyash says I am taking from day one. Priya says I took care of Giselle after her leg twisted, Giselle says thanks for that, Priya says your thanks is fake too.

PRECAP- Mandana taunts Prince that I am happy you have got new girlfriend(Nora), Prince gets angry on Mandana and shouts that who gave you right to talk about my gf? Who are you to say all this, who the hell are you? Later Prince wipes Nora’s tears and says I will protect you in this house from all and I can even nominate myself to protect you, Nora hugs him and thanks him. Later there will be task between Keith and Suyyash for captaincy.

Written Update By Atiba