Bigg Boss 10 Episode 30 – 14th November 2016 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 30 Day (29) - 14th November 2016 Written Update


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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 30 – 14th November 2016 Written Update

Nomination Special
Day 28
Contestants wake up all pumped up dancing to ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’. Mona, Lopa and Manveer are dancing.

Manu says to Bani that Lokesh will help us in chores, Swami is not doing work assigned to him, Bani says i assigned him to clean pool, let him do anything he wants, Gaurav says we dont give him work, we respect his age. Manu says who will cook roties? Manveer says we will make it, Swami says i dont know how to make it, Manveer says chill.
Bani says people do anything to create hype in house, i am not even gonna try to get along with Manu now.
Manu says to Swami that you can do what you know how to do. Gaurav and Karan are sweeping garden area. Bani says to Gaurav that as inmates we can make them mentally exhausted, when i sent Manu to jail, he went crazy, Gaurav says if you isolate him then he will go mad, Bani says i will do something like that only, his buttons were pushed yesterday only.

Swami is washing dishes. Manu says till he was with us, we didnt allow him to do any work, Manveer says he was saying words against us to them, Swami says you have whole team with you, i am alone with my God, Mona says they didnt show any video of us abusing him, Swami says you keep repeating same thing, i have touched your feet to say sorry too.

Swami says to Bani that you are captain, tell them that Naveen has gone so they have to do his work, if i keep doing work in kitchen then it will be problem for you. Bani asks if he wants to irk them? he says yes, Bani says then do anything you want. Swami says i want them to get nominated and their true faces to come out.
Manu says to Karan that he says he wants to unite India and what he is doing now?

Bigg boss says its time for nominations. We want to ask if Niti wants to use her immunity medallion for this nomination? or want to save it? Niti says i want to use my medallion this week too. Bigg boss says Swami is wild card entry so he is safe, Bani is captain so she is safe too but many rules were broken in Bani’s captaincy so her punishment is that she wont be part of today’s nominations, she wont have any right to nominate anyone so she should go to bedroom rightnow, Gaurav says get out, Bani snickers and leaves. Bigg Boss announces that the housemates would have to discuss among themselves and give names of four contestants who they feel are the least entertaining in the house for audience. Om Swami picks up his hands and announces that he won’t nominate anybody and Manveer gets exasperated with him and tells him that what are you doing in this house as you are clearly wasting the power that you have got, Niti says dont try to be good all the time.
In Bedroom, Bani says according to being boring, they might take Rahul’s name, Niti’s name, Mona’s name and Karan’s name, so i think my team will try not to nominate their team members.
In lounge, Gaurav says lets vote for nominations. Rahul says raise hand who wants to vote me out. Manu, Mona, Manveer, Lokesh, Niti, Karan and Gaurav votes against him. Mona, Manveer, Lokesh, Niti, Lopa, Rahul, Karan and Gaurav votes against Karan. Manveer and Mona votes against Rohan, nobody votes against Lopa. Only Lopa votes against Gaurav, she says sorry. Manveer, Mona and three other vote against Lokesh. Rohan, Niti, Lokesh votes against Manveer. nobody votes against Mona and Manu. Karan says according to voting, me, Rahul, Lokesh and Manveer should be nominated. Manu says i dont understand this raising hand process. Manveer says one inmate didnt give four votes.
In bedroom, Bani says i am feeling bad to waste my vote.
Gaurav says you people were silent when we were processing votes and now you have problem? Manveer says we didnt get to vote against four people, Gaurav says all are voting with difficulty. Niti says lets start from start. Lopa says each individual will give four names they want to nominate.
LOPA: She votes against Gaurav, Manu, Karan and Manveer.
NITI: She votes against Karan, Rahul, Manveer and Mona.
LOKESH: She votes against Karan, Rahul, Gaurav and Manveer.
ROHAN: he votes against Mona, Manveer, Gaurav and Manu.
MANU: he votes against Karan, Rahul, Rohan and Lokesh.
GAURAV: he votes against Karan, Rahul, Lokesh and Mona.
KARAN: he votes against Lokesh, Rahul, Manu and Mona.
RAHUL: he votes against Karan, Mona, Manu and Lokesh.
MANVEER: he votes against Karan, Rahul, Rohan and Lokesh.
MONA: She votes against Karan, Rahul, Rohan and Lokesh.

Karan has got 8votes, Rahul-7votes, Lokesh-6votes, Mona-5votes.
Rohan says Manveer got saved so they had advantage with this voting, Manveer says you are person who keep lying on bed whole day and telling me about advantage or disadvantage?

Manu asks Swami whom he wants to vote against? he says Mona, Manu says you wont get vote now, even Bigg boss wont be able to give you vote. Swami says you want save your *****(lover), Manu gets up and shouts at Swami that you keep changing, Swami says why cant i say anything? Manu lifts his fist to punch Swami, Rahul asks Manu to not raise hand, Manu says i can do what i want, who are to tell me? you dont tell about show’s format, Swami says he wants to save his lover, Manu says Rahul dont get involved in this, he touches his feet and says i dont care if i say sorry to you. Mona shouts on Swami that come to me for kisses and touches, you jerk, Lokesh tries to stop Mona, Manveer lifts Mona and takes her away. Mona says you want me to be your lover? you *********, Manveer takes her away. Lokesh says Manu didnt hit him. Niti says you cant decide to vote whenever you want.
Manu asks Mona to not use bad words, Lopa says to Mona that dont do this, she hugs her, Mona says why he keep calling me lover, he tries to touch me not Manu, lopa says we know, Mona says celebs are protecting him, Lopa says no one is fighting for him. Manveer says we cant bear this, he keep irritating us.
Rahul says this is madness, Karan says we were doing simple process. Gaurav says why did we change voting process when two people went against it? Rahul says we changed it for them and let them give four votes but even then they are not happy. Lokesh tries to talk to Swami, he shouts that i dont want to talk now, Niti says let him be, Lokesh says how can he call Mona that? Niti says its his decision, Lokesh says he is using bad words for her.
Lopa hugs Mona who is crying, Lopa says any girl will feel bad if someone says those words to her even when she tells everytime that she is in relation, dont cry for that cartoon, Manu says Rahul was defending him, he should have told Swami that you dont say that words to girl.
Swami says there is not only one kind of love, the intimate love, Gaurav says what you said is your opinion, we are not going to comment on it, we are not saying its wrong or right, its between you and them.
Manu says Rahul told Swami in start of show that he will hang him, we clapped for Rahul that time and stood by his side to support him against Swami, he tells Lopa to make Rahul remember that.

Manveer says Swami touch feet of people they spit dirt on them. He says Mona was about to hit him, Mona says i felt like hitting him, he called me **** and then tried to hit me.
Swami says to camera that Manu was trying to kill me but Rahul saved me and Mona physically assaulted me.
Manu says Naveen would have started shouting too, Manveer says remember how he yelled at Bani for abusing him, they laugh, Manu says and Bani would talk in her own language, they laugh mimicking her.

Bigg boss says we asked you choose four inmates who are least entertaining, we want Manveer to announce those names to nominate them. Manveer says Karan, Rahul, Rohan and Gaurav. Gaurav says what is this? Swami says this is not unanimous decision. Gaurav says the names which we mutually decided are KARAN, RAHUL, MONA and LOKESH. Manu says first Manveer was voted out. Bigg boss says it seems like you didnt come to conclusion, if you need time to discuss more then we are giving you more time, Bani you to bedroom, she leaves. Rohan says why you people are doing this? Manu says if its man’s game then give your name as Salman pointed you as boring, Rohan says why you are denying your words only? this is not manly too, Manveer says dont teach me what man is. Gaurav says who are confirming names i gave to Bigg boss. Only Mona, Manu and Manveer doesnt agree with Gaurav, Swami agrees with them, Manu says Manveer will take decision in end, Swami says Manveer is nobody to decide, Manveer says who are you to tell that? keep silent, you dont know anything. Manu asks Manveer if we should take first voting results? Manveer says we should give four names of celebs only, Manu says they wont agree. Lopa says first voting had Manveer in it with Rahul, Karan and Lokesh and in second voting Mona got voted out instead of Manveer, you people decide which voting you want to select, Rahul says you people can change between these results, Lopa says they can decide if they want to nominate Mona or Manveer, Gaurav says i dont agree with it. Lokesh tries to say something but Manveer says shut up creative team, Lokesh says why you keep calling me that? Niti says what? let all say what they want, Lokesh says i can say what i want, Niti says yell at his face, i will see who is going to stop you, Lokesh says i can talk while sitting on my position. bigg boss asks Manveer to announce four names. Manveer says Karan, Rahul, Lokesh and Mona.

Bigg boss says nominations are done. KARAN, RAHUL, MONA and LOKESH are nominated for this week.

Manu says to Manveer that all celebs nominated Lokesh but she is fascinated by them and wont see it, Manveer says they are from different world.
(during nomination, Lopa took Manu and Manveer’s side and Bani is taunting her now about it). Lopa says dont tell me what i get to do, i can vote for anyone i want, Bani says this is funny, Lopa says you dont tell me who i should support, if i want then i will support them Miss. Bani, you are no one to tell me, i will take stand whenever and however i want, Bani says so much english infront of me? go to swimming pool, Lopa says shut up, you are my servant to bring food for me, Bani says i am still captain and you are breaking rule infront of me, Lopa says even if you are captain, you cant tell me whom i should support, i can support whoever i want. Bani says do that, Lopa says you dont try to be nice person infront of me, shut up. Bani says you have to get punishment. Lopa says bring food for me you 24hours servant, you better know your duties.

Manu says to Mona that we cant satisfy everyone, Mona says Niti and Lopa have otherside too, Naveen left too, so are we wrong? Manu says our ship is sinking, all passengers are drowning, Akansha left when we were commoners but we are nothing now. Lokesh is trying to to go their side, she is trying to make friends so that she doesnt get evicted, she is like Swami only, you came to our side as you tried to talk to us and see if we are good people or not then we became friends, Lokesh comes there too. Manu says if you get to nominate between me or Manveer, you would think and would nominate Manveer but people will think that you nominated him to save me, but if you nominate me then people will say you are just show off but you have interest in me, thats what i am saying, we cant keep all satisfied.

Manveer asks Lokesh if she wants to become celeb? she asks you want? he says yes, she says i want to become too, Manveer says then stop running behind celebs, she says i am not running behind them, you keep shouting when i try to talk to you, Manu says this is bad Manveer, Manveer tries to touch Lokesh’s feet, she says dont do, Manveer hus her, Manu says if Manver will touch anyone’s feet except you? Lokesh says everyone pamper me in this house, even Rahul too. Manveer says people know us now, but you are seeing that they are celebs, they are not, they are equal to us, dont run behind them, they should run behind you. Lokesh says then you will say i am fighting them? i am cute, Manu says just be yourself.

Day 29
Manu says last day was hectic. Lokesh says you should have seen Gaurav’s face when Manveer took four celebs name, Mona laughs. Lokesh says we will leave one day as they are popular, Manu says you will see two, three celebs will leave whil you are in house, Lokesh says this bigg boss name maybe not important for them but our lives are stuck with it, Manveer says they dont care. Lokesh says Rahul doesnt care at all, i told Rohan that he has battery low all the time, you will get cutie boy roles only. Manveer says they are image conscious. Manu says i want to tell you about one contestant only, that is Rohan, he is not loyal to anyone, he is snake who is not helpful to anyone, we can see it but you dont, you shouldnt have talked to him after pool scene, you know game now, Rohan is getting attention so he thinks he is playing well, we should confuse him that he is not playing good so he make some mistake.

Mona tells Bani that sweeping didnt happen in restroom, Karan says it was not dirty so we didnt do it, Mona says its daily duty, Bani says if its not dirty then he doesnt need to do it, Mona says you are ordering us since morning to do this or that, Bani says you think its easy to be captain? trust me, i am doing what i can. Mona says we are doing our work. Rohan says this bed i am sitting on is not clean, who did it? Mona says you want me to sweep on bed? Rohan says this is not clean, Mona says which broom i should use on bed? is Rohan vice captain now? Mona comes to Manu and says they are pointing us for all work, he is saying bed is not clean. Manu comes to Rohan and says we slept on this bed, this was clean. Mona says nobody swept dining area too, Bani says i was asking that only, Mona says i am saying you are not assigning duties equally. Bani says you think its easy to be captain, i am doing what i can, i am listening to you but then others point fingers at me, i talked with Manveer what problem you, Mona says i am just telling you what is not done, Manu says let her decide who should clean it Mona, Mona leaves. Bani says to Manveer that i know you people think that i am partial towards my team but thats not case, its not task but i am captain now. Mona says to Manu that she is not giving work to her people. Bani says to inmates that whoever has duty, go and clean dining space, go now and work, Rohan says you should have asked me earlier for that work, i would have done it, Rahul says lets go and clean.

Manu says Mona that Bani made Rohan cook for her and wash dishes too, she irritated him too, she is crazy, she was telling to rotate roti two degrees more, Manveer and Lokesh laugh. She was excited to see roti being cooked, she is crazy, she was asking Gaurav if he remember when she cooked roti? he says yes it was last thursday, then Rahul came and looked at roti with concentration and said this roti must be of Gaurav, they were discussing about roti’s shape, Manu, Manveer and Mona laughs at this, Manu says i ws standing close and thought if they came from pluto? Bani was so happy to see roties like she won some Frisbee game, Mona and Manveer cant stop laughing at this.

PRECAP- In task, Bigg boss house has draught, all things of inmates are being confiscated by bigg boss. Inmates are cooking on wood stove, they are drinking water from pans. Swami is trying to snatch food, he says bigg boss they are not giving me food, you people want me to die? Manveer says if you come in jail then i will lock you up.
Swami says i am going to washroom, he is going to washroom of jail but Manveer overruns him and goes in washroom first. Swami says see Bigg boss i was trying to use washroom but Manveer has gone inside and closed it, Manveer answers from otherside that i am doing natural, you can see two sh*ts i have left, Swami says i can see your mischief, i am caught inbetween devils, all are laughing.
Manveer says to Rohan that you are like chamak challo and talk about being a man, Rohan says you think you are a man? you call people as brother and then backstab them, you hide behind girls, Manveer charges at him, Rohan says play like a man, all try to stop Manveer, Manveer says you will tell me how to play like a man? Rohan yells yes i will, you bark like dog.

Written Update by Atiba

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