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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 21 – 5th November 2016 Written Update

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman says Swami made week interesting, he was sent to jail and then directly became king. Salman says what you think his life is in danger? tell me if girls can be friends in this house? Bani and Lopa’s fight is shown. Salman says i pray that they remain friends, we will see what happened. Monday Bigg boss will bring trick. There will immunity auction and bids will be placed so one inmate will get immunity.
Salman comes stage and welcomes everyone to show. Salman says whoever come in this house change his or her loyalty with time. Look at weird things in house.

Video plays,Bani says someone took my coffee cup and drank it, amazing. Manu says to Manveer that she is calling commoners as dogs and robbers, Manveer says its not her personal thing, coffee is for whole house. Manu says Bani has most problems.
Naveen says to Manu that Bani is saying we cant put flour in that utensil, she asked me to say sorry.
Manu and Naveen comes to Bani, Manu asks why you were asking for sorry?Bani says i knit flour for my food but when i came back my knit flour was gone,i was irritated, he didnt even take my permission before using it, i wont say it again, she asks Naveen to not glare her with anger, Naveen says you shouldnt put flour in commonly used utensil.

Salman says nominated inmates are MONA, BANI, LOPA,MANU, NITI, SWAMI and MANVEER.
Salman connects call to house, he greets everyone and says king couldnt control his heart, Swami dances. Salman says he is first king who was ready to bear punishment, in this house you couldnt see when punishment was coming for him and he saw it when it was not coming for him, your powers are not working in this house,this house is graveyard.Swami says i am follower of these inmates. Salman says Mona, Bani looking nice, Mona says finally i got compliment,Salman says i get shy to compliment you because it would feel like i am saying from heart,Mona acts like dying. Salman says Lopa is looking lovely, she says you are looking fabulous,i might get evicted so might as well look good, Salman says you are welcome in other house, Mona says lucky you Salman is calling you to his house,Salman says i am saying she is welcome in her house not mine, all laugh. PSwami says to Salman that you will get married next year, Salman says my life is going good, dont take away my peace, all laugh, Salman says Swami you celibate,, so you should know about not getting married,all laugh. Salman says Mona, Bani, Lopa, Manu, Manveer, Niti and Swami are nominated. Salman asks Swami who is going to leave house? what your powers are saying? Swami says i dont want to talk about it, all laugh. Salman says i feel like you think your guess will be wrong and people will think bad about you. Swami says i cant talk about it, i cant tell truth which will hurt someone, i am requesting you to not ask me. Salman asks Manu if he thinks Swami is scared to give wrong name? Manu says it will be problem. Salman says you dont have sportsmen spirit Swami, Swami says thats okay,i have plain life, Salman sings that my life is plain paper, Swami sings that it will remain plain paper, all laugh. Salman says you know songs and all? Swami says i learnt here. Salman says congrats Lopa you got immunity,Lopa says but i am nominated this week. Salman says LOPA YOU ARE SAFE. Salman asks who will sit on villain seat? Gaurav says Swami was villain,he got soul of king in task, Salman says he irritated you just as king? Gaurav says we see many shades of him in one day. Rahul, Karan and Rohan votes for Swami as villain, Bani says Naveen shows anger in his eyes, its unsettling to see him angry for just flour. Lopa says Bani got aggressive in immunity task, i didnt expect her like that so she is villain for me.Mona says Niti made us work a lot so she is villain. Swami says i accept that i am bad villain and person, Salman lies on floor and says dont make us sleep, Swami says elders should be respected but Manveer is always cursing me,Manveer touches his feet, Swami says this is fake. Niti says Gaurav was villain as he assisted his team. Manu and Manveer says Villain was Gaurav. Lokesh says Gaurav for me too,Salman asks where were you Lokesh? why Gaurav? Lokesh says he was chief minister but was acting like king. Naveen says Gaurav was villain. Salman says Gaurav got 5votes and Swami got 4votes. Gaurav sits on villain seat, Salman ends call.

In Bigg boss house:
Lopa says to Manu and Mona that Manu’s team should die in little water,you people are wrong, Manu says you are angry that we didnt take Bani’s name? naveen says we wanted to take Bani’s name but we changed. Manu says Gaurav told Karan that Bani’s name should not come for villain then they did meeting. They asked Manveer to take Lopa’s name for villain but good thing happened that she voted against Gaurav, Lokesh says i said name which i thought was villain, its not like go against team. Manu says i am just saying you have individual thinking.

Salman says lets call them. Call is connected.Salman says Bani four people nominated you from your team, Bani says i didnt expect from Gaurav to nominate me. Salman says i liked when you said you would want to compete with stronger than weakest. Salman asks what you think will go? weak or strong?Bani says i knew they would target girls, Salman says you think boys have good bonding in your team than girls? Bani says they like to show it like that but its not true, Salman says but your and Lopa’s bonding is going good too,Bani says its on next level but i dont nominate her like she does, its not like everyone will bond on same level, relations change in this house. Manu says i agree with Bani that celebs want girls to get evicted in house. Salman asks who would want Lopa and Bani to leave their house?i would never want them to leave my house,infact girls should evict guys they dont like, all laugh. Salman says boys are playing well, Manu and Manveer have bond, Gaurav-Karan-Rahul-Rohan have bonding so not much inmates are left. Gaurav says ivoted against Bani because she is strong contender, Salman says what idf Bani get evicted because of your vote? Bani says then what Gaurav? say. Salman says what will you feel? Gaurav says i wont be happy, Salman says then why you did it?Gaurav says game is different from emotions, Gaurav says i nominated people who were strong in my eyes because these things will happen a lot where we will have to say things against each other regardless of our friendship which is getting stronger day by day but i would say that i shouldnt think like that at this stage. Salman says choice is yours, Bani thinks that she should play with strong contenders but you think that its good to evict strong contenders and spend week with weak contenders, all clap, Gaurav says commoners are clapping on this thing but they were one who nominated me last week just because they think i am strong contender, Salman says correct.
Salman says Mona you thought whole celeb team would nominate you but they didnt, Mona says i dont expect anything from anyone but i am happy i got 4votes not 6. Salman says Manu you did hattrick for getting nominated, Manu says i am getting nominated from both sides, i dont know which team i belong to, i dont know what is going on,my photo is fixed for nominations. Salman asks whose nomination shocked you? Manu says i think Manveer is not playing game with me but i think he will be provoked and we can go against each other. Manu says i was little hurt that my sister Lokesh nominated me, Lokesh says i think Manu takes me as weak so i nominated him, Salman asksif she thinks she is weak? Lokesh says they keep calling me sweet and cute,i am not..i mean i am cute but why they love me like i am kid? Manu says we will. Salman asks Naveen his thoughts, Naveen says we cant have relations here and if we make it then it will hurt in nominations. Salman says i am shocked, you guys have responsibility, then how did you guys nominate Swami? all laugh, naveen says you are great actor sir, Salman says its not your fault, it was Swami’s idea and he sent ideas to your minds, you guys didnt but Swami nominated himself. Salman asks Swami if he is singing ye kiya hua? Swami sings it, Salman says he knows all songs. Salman says mistake was Swami tried to butter celebs when he didnt know his own team would be nominating him, Swami says its my habit, Salman says and bigg boss tricked you, this storm was coming, it was slowly coming then how come your powers couldnt see it? all laugh, Swami says i could see it, i requested bigg boss to let me vote against Manu and Manveer. Manveer says he is loyal to us in weekdays and loyal to celebs on weekends so he doesnt get nominated, Salman says no one should nominate him, he is playing solo, Rahul says true, he is honor and life of show. Salman says celebs fooled Swami in king task, Swami says i was not allowing them to come closer but my team didnt listen to me. Salman says you can see unseeable things but you couldnt see camera with celebs? you can see future but cant see whats infront of him? one first day in house, he said he can see future but he banged into glass door, all laugh. Salman says why did he sit on throne whole night? he was sitting lie puppy on throne, all laugh, Swami says bigg boss asked us to keep playing at night too, Salman says Bigg boss never asked you to keep sitting on throne whole night, all laugh. Manu says if this task went on for one more day then our king would have gone to ICU, all laugh. Salman asks Manveer why task went wrong for them? Manveer says we got different things, we all got in character too much, what king should have done, that my wife Niti did, she was like i am from strong family too, girls are watching show so behave, it was like our own family was not fine, chief minister Gaurav played well. Salman asks who is breaking unity of his team? Manveer says Swami because he change his colors everytime and then i have doubt on Niti, she thinks we dont listen to her, she wants everyone to listen to her, during task there is no unity. Niti says Manu and Manveer are dominating, they have good bond and they are strong physically, volume, they put across their point of view strongly and when i try to give my opinion, they take it on ego and crash it. Swami says Manu and Manveer keep provoking us against celebs, i love everyone but they use abusive langauge to provoke us, they dominate with their voice and strength, they want me to not talk to celebs, team is one thing but they are humans and i will keep talking to them, all are equal to me, i will love all, if they stop provoking then there would be unity. Manu says Swami is crazy, i cant say anything against him, all clap, Swami says see this man, Manu says all are clapping for me, all laugh, Manu says this man has eaten brains, i would get mad trying to explain things to me, he just keep backbiting about us, he is always talking behind our backs, Swami says nothing is hidden from Bigg boss and greatest hero, Salman snikcers, Manu says sir do something about him, Swami says i went to jail everytime. Salman asks Manveer, Manveer says they said everything, just copy paste, all laugh, Manveer says this man is weird, he is talking to bigg boss, talking about missiles and all and he doesnt know a thing in task. Swami says i want to learn things from homely people like them but not by using abusive language. Manu says i want to know if its celebs vs. commoners vs. Swami, all clap, Swami says all are brothers, i am slave of all, Manveer says what kind of slave are you? Salman says Manu and Manveer you are saying Swami is crazy but what about Niti? Manu says whenever i talked to Niti, i listened to her, i never raised my voice on her, ask her, we listen everything she says, in task we ate what she wanted to eat, we do what she wants, i know my voice is loud but i keep unity. Salman says MANU AND MANVEER ARE SAFE, indians are voting for you. Manu says it seems like i am not doing wrong.
Salman says caller will call now. Call is connected to caller Nikesh, Nikesh says i want to ask Niti that i feel you have double standards, when Manveer said something against you, you said Manveer doesnt have manners to talk with women but when Manveer misbehaved with Lopa, you supported Manveer and ignored his misbehavior, Niti says i got this in my mind, i saw he asked Lopa to move on only, i dont think it was disrespect of woman, i took Manveer’s side which shows i dont keep personal grudge as i had argument with Manveer earlier, call ends. Salman says to Niti that you reacted when Manveer misbehaved with you and then Manveer misbehaved with Lopa in exact manner, it was exactly same, and i didnt like what he did with Lopa, the way he pointed her to mvoe away was disrespectful, Manveer has to keep this in mind, these topics are touchy, it goes on like how he talks with women, when it is shown on TV, its get caught, remember what gestures you are making, Manveer says yes. Salman asks Lopa if she thought Niti didnt support her? Lopa says first thing i am self sufficient, i dont need support of anyone, i raise my voice when i find things wrong, i saw Niti getting angry when Manveer misbehaved with her but she was giving me advise that Manveer was in character, she does differentiate between her and others but maybe she was supporting as team member, but i wouldnt have done it.
Salman asks Bani who will not be evicted? Bani says Mona will be safe. Salman says BANI YOU ARE SAFE, Bani thanks him, Salman says MONA, SWAMI and NITI are nominated now, he ends call.

In bigg boss house:
Mona hugs Manu, she says i am happy for you, he says i am happy for you, i know you will be saved. Mona saysto Gaurav that i was expecting my whole team to vote against me, Gaurav says why were you expecting that? you keep thinking we are wrong with you, we are tired to explaining, we call you and explain everything with respect but you dont listen and think that we dont like you, we cant do anything. Mona says i am friendly, if you had that nature then i would be friends you, Gaurav says you take things wrong way, Mona says i cant raise voice like you, Manu says sometime people dont connect, Gaurav says its not bad thing.

Lopa says to Manu that my team’s girls voted out for me and Karan voted out me in nominations. Naveen says Lopa and Mona talk fairly, Manu says Bani is playing safe, we are not players like her, they need double faced people too, Manu says people who talk straight are me and Lopa, Manveer and Gaurav are trying to polish their talks, Lopa says Manveer too? Manu says if i think you are wrong then i will say you are wrong but Manveer will say that you are going wrong a little, Manveer is my brother but let me tell you that i get irritated with him sometimes, i can do anything for Lokesh, i have called her sister so i cant sacrifice her now as i have to face my family and public.

Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor will go in house. Inmates greet them, Farhan hugs Swami, Swami says your father is my good friend, i meet your mother usually, Manveer is jumping seeing Farhan, Farhan says let me meet others. Swami says to Shraddha that you are looking nice, can i hold your hand? she holds her hand and offers prayer, he gives her red cloth and says keep it with you.

Farhan says to inmates that we are giving you task. Shraddha says we will tell you name of film and you have to dedicate it to inmate whom you think is suitable for it. Manu brigns clapboards which have names of films. Mona gets first clapboard, Shraddha asks her to put it around someone neck. “Kaminey(jerk)” is written on clapboard, Mona gives it to Gaurav, Farhan says dont take is personally, all sequal seeing Mona giving it to Gaurav. Gaurav says i am not that bad. Shraddha asks Mona to tell reason, Mona says we keep fighting, Gaurav scold me in loud voice, he is scolding me even now. Gaurav says thank you. Shraddha calls Manu, movie name is “behja fry”(brain fry), Swami points to give it to him, Manu says its for Swami, i dont like him at all, Shraddha says he is calling for it too. Swami says i am feeling good because truth always fry brain and i will always say truth, Manu asks him to sit. Farhan calls Lopa, she has got film name “naagin(female snake)”, she says i dont think i should give it to anyone, Bani says i wonder who will get it. Lopa says i want to give it to Niti as she dances well and she is flexible, Bani says oh i am surprised, she gives it to Niti. Swami comes on stage, he has got film name “ek thi Dayan(once a witch)”, he says Bani is against indian rituals, she didnt even take part in diwali pooja, Bani says just give it to me, Farhan says live and let live, Swami says but they should follow traditions, Bani says i didnt stop pooja, thank you, Swami gives it to her. Karan comes on stage, he has got film name “kaamchor(lazy)”, Karan says i would want to give it to Gaurav, he makes Gaurav wear it, all laugh. Farhan says Manveer was excited to get it, Farhan says Gaurav has got two ‘K’ words which is superstitious in this industry. Gaurav comes on stage, he has got film name “Mr. India”, Farhan says Gaurav whom you think is not present in this house. Gaurav says soft spoken is Karan, he gives it to him. Bani comes stage, she has got “ek villain”, Bani says i want to give it to Lopa because she has called me aggressive. Niti comes on stage, she has got film name “Gunde(goon)”, Niti says Manveer has that kind of built, she gives it to him. Lokesh comes on stage, she has got “kuch Kuch hota hota hai”, She says most are brothers for me, she gives it to Rohan, all say sweet, Farhan says Rohan is blushing. Manveer comes stage, he has got film name “Nikkama(useless)”, he asks Gaurav if he will take it? all laugh, Gaurav says i am getting so much love today, Manveer gives it to him. Farhan says Gaurav is popular.

On stage, Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Mona says to Gaurav that your voice is loud, Garuav says this is ridiculous, you will call someone kaminey(jerk) just because his voice gets loud talking to you? Mona says i might get evicted, its okay, Gaurav says i keep respect of people but if someone crosses line with me then i will push them back in line, Mona starts crying listening his harsh words.
Salman tells inmates that you can see immunity metallian, this will give one of you immunity. Farhan and Shraddha comes on stage, Farhan and Salman joke. Shraddha sings. Arjun Rampal asks Salman when he is getting married? Salman jokes go away from my eyesight.
Manveer is tied with belts and hanging over dirty mud, he has to anwer questions and if they are not correct then he will thrown into mud, Salman asks Manveer if Manu gives priority to Mona over him? Manveer says yes, Manu says i dont think i give less priority to my friend. Manveer is thrown in dirty mud because of Manu’s lie. Salman says one will get evicted.

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