Bigg Boss 10 Episode 16 – 31st October 2016 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 16 - 31st October 2016 Written Update


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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 16 – 31st October 2016 Written Update

Manveer says to Swami that we will go to pool today, Swami says no i wont go, Lokesh says he doesnt want his powers to dissolve in water. Manu and Manveer sees Mona going in pool in her sports bikini and shorts. Lokesh says to Manu we will go too, Manu says i am going out to garden soon, Lokesh laughs.
Mona is calmly lying on pool. Manu comes out with grin on his face. Lokesh enters pool too.Lokesh says its cold water. Swami comes there with towel, Mona says oh no. Swami jumps in pool and says some holy lines. He swims in water, ,,

Manu says i can do my work, why you were starting fight with me? Swami says i was waiting for you to start eating, Manveer says to manu that Swami said things infront of Naveen, he start making couples here, Manu says if Bani gets to know this thing, what she will feel? Swami says she will nominate me, commoners are getting evicted, Manu says we are not nominating ourselves, its not our fault, Swami says we are not getting votes, let me get peace, i dont want to talk to you people. Manu says we waste our day pacifying one team member.
Niti says to Manu that i thought you were joking with him, Manu says he is weaker, we are just messing.
Swami says to Naveen that i can fight with them if they want, i wanted unity but they dont want it, Naveen says this is not politics that you will get unity. Manu and Manveer listens this, hiding behind door. Manu says this Swami is snake in our sleeves, he is instigating Naveen against us.
Swami comes to Lopa and says from now on, give me food before or after serving commoners, i dont want to eat with them, Lopa asks what happened? Gaurav says eat with us from now on, Lopa says yes, join us from now on, Swami says yes, i will join you guys, they dont even let me eat medicine.
Manu asks Naveen what he was saying to Swami? Naveen says nothing, i just asked him to calm down, Manu says we listened your talk, Naveen says nothing to worry.
Swami says in camera that Bigg boss i request you to ask Manu and Manveer to never talk to me. Manveer says we request you bigg boss that this man should talk nicely about lady for once. Swami says i didnt say ill words again any girl. Manu says we are witness to everything, Swami says i called them(manveer and Bani) brother and sister. Manveer says to Bani that i cant tell you what he said about you and me. Swami says why they instigate us? Manveer says why are you even making us brother and sister? who are you to make relations? Swami says dont talk to me, Manveer says give us poison, Naveen says listen Swami.. Swami says i dont care about you people, i have nothing with commoners now. Manu says you ill-mannered man, you should put umbrella in your mouth, Swami says you will get nominated and you will see report of audience against you. Manu says tell us who is sleeper cell? you called her, Swami says i dont want to talk. Celebs are laughing, Manveer says dont take this in funny way. Manu says we didnt tell you till now but he says that Gaurav is sleeper cell who got in acting just so he can kill Swami, then you became Prince in Swami’s eyes in one day, celebs are laughing now. Manu says if God hit you once on head for one mistake then your head would be swellon till now, swear on your mother that you didnt call him sleeper cell? Lokesh says you did say it, Swami says dont talk about me, shut up, Manveer says why she cant talk about you? you can anything but she cant? Swami says you are doing this for footage, Manu says we dont need you to take footage, you are tail of like this sipper, you are nothing. Swami says dont talk about me anymore, Manu says he becomes lawyer, actor anything anytime he wants. Manveer says then on Bigg boss orders, he go to jail like puppy. Rahul says to Swami that just bless them, Swami says public will bless them in nominations.

Niti says to her team that Swami said about Bani in funny way, infact Manveer was laughing, you said to Bani as if Swami said something very bad, Swami says didnt say much, he just said in joking way that is Bani your girlfriend Manveer? Manveer says not everything is joke.
Swami says to celebs that they are instigating Bani and Gaurav against me so you people nominate me, Rohan says we know who is culprit here, you are angel for us, dont worry.
Manu says Swami starts buttering celebs on sunday so he doesnt get nominated on monday, celebs take him too in their team, Manveer says they are cheap for taking Swami in their team, i told them clearly that he ill talks about girls of their team, Niti says you shouldnt have made such big issue out of Swami’s words, you should have taken him to corner and scolded him to not say those words again and he would have shut up, there was no need to fight.

Swami brings things to celebs for them to eat, Rohan asks him to eat with them, he says no you people enjoy, he leaves. Rahul says he has changed. Rohan says he changes before nominations every week, all laugh. Karan says he changed last week too, Lopa says we acted innocent infront of him like we dont know his act, Rahul says so its all to get saved from nominations? Karan says yes.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are about to start. Naveen won immunity task so no one will nominated him. Bigg boss asks Mona to come to confession room. Swami says i will nominate my team members this time.

MONA: Bigg boss says to Mona in confession room that today you will have to nominate two contestants from your own team. Mona nominates BANI and says we were friends but after that, i feel she tries to dominat. She nominates LOPA and says she cooks but she doesnt get involved in other things.
RAHUL: He nominates MONA and says she doesnt contribute in tasks much. He nominates KARAN and says he is least aggressive in tasks.
BANI: She nominates MONA and says she tries to be part of team but there is some gap. She nominates LOPA and says team will be able to survive without these two.
GAURAV: He says this is difficult and says i dont have enmity with them but they are competitors. He nominates RAHUL and says he seems like he made some decisions before coming in house. He nominates BANI and says she is strong and winning candidate.
LOPA: She says its difficult but i dont have bonding with Bani. She nominates BANI. Lopa says Bani is trying to separate me from my team, she is misleading people about me and Niti nominated me last week because of her, she nominates KARAN and says i try to explain things to him but he takes Bani’s side more.
KARAN: He says this is difficult, he nominates MONA and says she misunderstood us. He nominates LOPA and says she becomes impulsive.
ROHAN: He nominates MONA and says she slow for this game, she is good at heart. He nominates BANI and says she didnt give 100% in horse task.

NAVEEN: He nominates SWAMI OM and says i dont see his clear stand. He nominates MANU and says i feel he is feeding things in others minds.
LOKESH: She nominates SWAMI OM and says he say weird things. She nominates MANU and says i take him as brother but i know he will throw me out when time comes.
MANU: He nominates SWAMI OM and says there will be peace if he leaves. He nominates NITI and says her brain doesnt work as i want, she is not uniting team.
NITI: She nominates MANU and says he is loud which eventually turns into fighting. She nominates MANVEER and says i dont connect with him much.
SWAMI: He nominates MANU and MANVEER and says they curse a lot, they lie and they swear at each other, they insult me so much, they are sending wrong message to people. Swami starts weeping and says i didnt come here for this, i didnt want to teach to curse out your elders but i am tired of making them understand to give good message to people, he breakdowns and cries, he says they just swear at me, they can curse me and beat in washroom but they should not do it infront of public.
MANVEER: He nominates SWAMI OM and says he is against us. He nominates NITI and says she doesnt connect to us, she sees things from her point of view.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominated inmates are MONA(4votes), BANI(4votes), LOPA(3votes), SWAMI OM(4votes), MANU(4votes) and NITI(3votes), MANVEER(3votes). Mona says to Gaurav that thumbs up, you didnt get nominated, all laugh.

Manu says to Mona that all nominated me in my team. Bani asks who nominated him? he says all nominated me. Manu says Manver is nominated too.
Lopa cries fake and says 3people nominated me, i will put extra salt in food now.
Manu says to Manveer that Naveen nominated me too. Lokesh says i nominated you too, Manu says very well.

Niti says to Swami that Manu and Manveer nominated me, they know i will get evicted this time as nobody from celebs will go, do some mantras so we get saved, Swami says dont worry, we will be saved.
Manveer says to Rahul that our team wanted to end 15weeks in 3days.

Gaurav says to Bani that in this game, relations have nothing to do with nominations. When i nominated people, i praised them, Bani says ofcourse you are like that. Gaurav says i believe in it, it has nothing to do with my relation with you, Bani says i dont have that thinking, the people i like, i wont nominate them even if they are my toughest competetor, why would i keep people in house whom i cant connect? i want to play with people i like not to live with people whom i dont get along. Gaurav says if i nominate person i will tell him or her in person. Bani asks if he nominated her? He says yes but i am feeling like shit, Bani says you should, i didnt epect this from you at all.

Swami says to camera that Manu and Manveer nominated out of animty, i want to request all to give me votes as they are enemies and i lover of this country.

Day 15
Swami says to Lopa that you should keep your mouth shut, it will be betteer for you. (Swami told inmates that he wants to leave house but infront of camera, he appealed to save him and Lopa told this to inmates so Swami is miffed). Lopa says what will you do? Swami says you should not backbite about me, Lopa says you are fake, dont tell me what is good or bad for me, Swami says show your good side to people, Lopa says what i want to show, i will show, i have only one side to show to everyone, i dont have many fake sides of personality like you, go and see mirror.

Bani says to Karan that my game is simple, i want to take people forward whom i get along with.
Gaurav says to Rohan that Karan voted against her too but she is feeling bad about me.
Bani says if his actions are contradicting his words then i cant believe him. Gaurav comes there and says i have my opinion, dont take me wrong, its not about taking personally. Karan says Bani didnt expect this from you. Bani says if we are making you understand so much then its useless, Gaurav says i told you that you are right, Bani says i know i am right, Gaurav says i agree, Bani says i dont wanna talk to you anymore, he says thats fine and leaves.

Naveen says to Mona that you talk nicely so i talk to you but i dont cling to other unlike Manu, he tries to get friendly with all, he tried to be friendly with Bani too, he wants to get close to celeb who is famous he rise in eyes of their fans too. Mona says all have their thinking, they can do anything they find right, Naveen says human can do wrong. Manu and Manveer comes there. Swami starts leaving from here, Mona asks him to sit, he says no, Swami starts leaving. Manu holds Mona’s hand and sing song.

Manveer says see target(lokesh) is infront of us. Rahul says she is tough bowler, Manu says you thought she is useless but she isnt. Rahul says she dance well, Manveer says she bowled us in nominations too. Rahul says she bowled me laado game, she made me eat bitter laado, Lokesh says question was the person whose existance doesnt matter in house, you are not seen anywhere in house, Rahul and Manu are laughing hysterically in house, Rahul says we will talk tomorrow, Manveer says whom you will talk? you are not seen.

PRECAP- In task, Swami is made as king of house. Swami sits on throne and orders his servant(Bani) to lock Gaurav in jail. Naveen says to Swami that Manveer will do task behind Swami, he has to listen to Manveer. Swami says why should i give my footage to Manveer? Manu says you will get killed if you dont listen. Manveer says bodyguard will live and king will be murdered. Manu says he get will get killed on puranmasi night or we can lock him in jail. Lokesh says to Swami that give chance to others too, Swami says i have become like this because of giving chances to others. Swami says to Manveer(Prince) that wife should follow orders of her husband. Niti(Princess) says who said this? these are your s*xist views, daughter in law can do anything what she wants. Naveen shouts on Niti that dont try to lessen the importance of king, all are shocked to see Naveen yelling on top of his lungs at Niti. Rahul tries to change turban of Swami. Swami says this is part of plan to kill me. Rahul says you cant keep saying anything on Tv that we are trying to kill you. Swami says you came here with intention to kill me. Rahul says i am standing here, lets see who will put me in jail. Mona is servant, Manu says she is my thing, nobody should look at her, Mona hugs him from behind and says i am your thing, you can order me anything, Manu aww.. love you. Mona gives kiss to Manu on cheek and says i like this man, all cheer for them.

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