OMG! This can’t be true

Bigg Boss 10 witnessed not a single, but 4 wild card entries past evening. Sahil Anand, Jason Shah, Elena Kazan and ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga have set their foot In the glass walled household. However, these four do not need complete use of your home as they have to earn a undertaking to generate their spot. Very last evening, host Salman Khan requested the wild card contestants to call a single human being from the nominated contestants, who they might want to replace in the home. Even though Jason selected Gaurav Chopra, Elena picked Nitibha Kaul, Sahil picked Rahul Dev and And finally Priyanka picked Bani J. And Manveer is Secure from nominations for the reason that nobody picked him with the problem.

Bigg Boss introduced the task, Dome, wherein all the eight contestants had to be in a transparent dome for the longest time. There were four domes kept in the garden area and both the challenger and nominated contestant would have to be in the same dome. Yep, can you imagine Priyanka and Bani, who hated each other stayed in a same dome. Anyway, the rules were simple. Whichever contestant steps out of the dome first will lose. And now a source close to the show has revealed to us that Priyanka has managed to beat Bani in the task. So does that mean Bani has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 10?

VJ Andy, the former Bigg Boss contestant, who has been following the show very diligently was also shocked when he came to know about Priyanka’s victory.

Now, before you start panicking like Andy, let us clear the confusion and tell you that she is NOT eliminated, but she is just nominated for the evictions this week. So you can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

What about the others? Who lost and who won? Well, we’ll come to know everything on that front real soon. Keep watching this space as we bring you all the behind-the-scene deets from the Bigg Boss house.


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